A Play by Goodie Foster

Performance: July, 2002
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Characters: SLIMIE, the lizard, 21 years old
GREENA, his twin sister, older by a few minutes
Time: 2 pm
Place: Their apartment.  Outside, you hear talking, arguing, other noise, cars burning rubber, the ice cream man’s truck, a car window being busted.  You smell fresh roses, cookies baking at the nearby factory, fresh apple pie, hot dogs cooking, and burning rubber.
At Rise:
GREENA’s doing her hair in her room and SLIMIE walks in. 



Hey, what up Sis? You can’t believe what just happened.  You know how I have been trying to get a music deal… well a couple of days ago, my folks hooked me up with an A&R guy from Liza Records.


From who?

Slimie: Liza Records.  One of the most popular record companies in the world. 
Anyway, he told me to meet him at an audition in San Francisco in about 15 minutes and I need a big favor from Sis.

What now?


I need you to take me, pleeeeeeeeease……

Greena: No.  Why are you trying to move things too fast?  You haven’t even finished school yet and you trying to get a deal.  All that A&R guy is trying to do is get your hopes up.
Slimie: But…

Listen.  First you don;t understand you don’t need to push these too far.  I know you forgot about what is important.  You need your education.  What if you get a deal?  You will forget about school.  Aren’t ya?  Aren’t ya?

Slimie: Man, you don’t understand nothing, do ya?  It’s not that I’m trying to forget about it.  I have 10 minutes ti accomplish my biggest dream.  That’s not important to me right now.  I need this to move us on up to the West side. 
Greena: What you mean your education’s not important?  You won’t make it nowhere in life without education! You don’t understand that I’m trying to be your big sister and care about you, and all you do is don’t care!
Slimie: What you mean I don’t care?  I must DO care if I’m trying to move us on up and trying to get us out of this little apartment and into a mansion!
Greena: You know what?  All you do is think about yourself.
Slimie: Why’s it such a big deal about me getting a contract?  Why?  Are you hating on me?  You’re supposed to be my twin sister.  We supposed to be so close, but it seems like we so far away from each other. 
Greena: It’s not that I’m hating on you — I just want you to do better in life.  I’m not trying to put you down.  I just want to see you be successful in your business.  Someday, you’ll thank me for it.
Slimie: Thank you for it? If I don’t get to my play, I’m never gonna thank you at all.  I’m never gonna forgive you!  You just sitting here worrying about my education, but that’s not the problem right now.  Ya heard me?  I’m trying to do what I gotta do right not.  So, you gonna take me or what?
Greena: No, I’m not gonna take you, and if you get smart right now, you gonna be out of the house and walking to your audition!  First things first — I don’t have to take you.  How do you know if I don’t have to be no where right now?  You just thinking about yourself.
Slimie: What is this that I’m thinking about myself?  How I’m thinking about myself? This has been my dream since I was a little kid, to be a music entertainer.
Greena: I didn’t want to tell you this, but I have to be somewhere in 45 minutes.  That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to take you. This dance audition is really important to me, too!  I know you didn’t wanna listen to me because you have minutes ticking down to where you need to be, but I wanna let you know I have somewhere to be, too.
That’s what I mean — I hate when you’re trying to make me feel bad.  But it’s not always me to blame.  Look, you have somewhere to be in 7 minutes and I have somewhere to be.  Both of us can’t go.
Slimie: Okay, do what your heart’s telling you to do.  Just remember — I’m tired of begging you — I’m tired of rushing you.  I knew this argument was gonna get down to this point, so make your decision.

[aside]  Oh no, what am I going to do?  Should I take my brother and forget about what’s really important to me?  Remember to self: this is the last chance I’ll get to audition.  They only come to the city once every blue moon.  I mean, I love my brother, but this is my career, my dream, too.  I don’t know what to do.


Look, Greena, I love you and understand your feeling about me going to school, and about you and your dance future.  I know how since you were little you had your dance dreams.  Both of our dreams are on the line.  I understand how that’s really big to you.  It’s really big to me, but only one of us will get that, at least right now.


Hey, you know what, Slimie?  I been thinking and your dream really is important to you.  You know my dream is really important to me, as your dream is to you.  You have 5 minutes to get to where you have to be.  All I’m saying is, if I get you down there in time and you make it to the big world, will you not forget about going to school?

Slimie: You know I’m not going to forget about it.  You know if I get this deal and everything get settled down, I’ll go to college for two years.  You know I’m not gonna let you down.  If I get this deal, we both gonna be happy.  Trust me.
Greena: [aside]  Yeah, I gave in.  I let my brother accomplish his dream.  I hope it turns out well, like I planned it.  Maybe my dream will come back around one day.
[to Slimie]  I never thought I would do this, but brother, I love you and I’m gonna take you.  Because I really care about your dream and you and your future, and I know I probably have been a little hating on you.  But I know you’re getting older and you have your own choices in life.  I just hope for the best for you and hope you don’t make any mistakes in your life you’ll probably regret.  Good luck on your audition!
Slimie: Great!  Thank you!  I love you so much.  You don’t know what this means to me giving up your dream for mine.  I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say, but I’m gonna tell you, if things go right, we both will be happy.  Trust me.
[they hug]
Greena: We have 4 minutes.  Let’s go!  We have to hurry up and get down there!
[SLIMIE gets to the place in time and he turns out to be really good, and gets a deal.  He does really well and gets his own company.  Then, he gets his own dance instruction team for his sister.]
    The End.