A Play by Nelson







Whoosh the Tornado (dad)
Sandy the Dustdevil (mom- deceased)
Tongue Flicker the Lizard (friend)
Closest Relationship: Whoosh the Tornado
Objective: To change his dad from his debris-picking ways, thus being able to travel the world.
Motivation: He doesn’t have anyone to depend on, and he wants his dad’s love.
Obstacle: His dad always being filled with Debris; his dad is in his daily artificial coma, always forgets about everyone and everything.

Character Profile #2
Name: Whoosh the Tornado
Age: 37 hurricane seasons
Drizzle the Whirlwind (son)
Sandy the Dustdevil (wife – deceased half a hurricane season ago)
Debris (his invisible friend)
Closest Relationship: Debris
Objective: To figure out a way to deal with his pain.
Motivation: His depression is getting in the way of him and his son going places.

Obstacle: He can’t get past Debris because it is taking over his body. He sees invisible bunnies that turn into horrible mutations.

Monologue #1

I’m getting tired of this…Dad just keeps on ignoring me and I work so hard to please him. I’m still hurt by Mom vanishing and he must feel the same, but everyday he goes to pick up Debris and its infuriating not being acknowledged!

When Mom was here we were all happy and she took care of me and him, making everything well. I used to think of my Dad as a super strong wind…but now…now its’…he is just pathetic. He and I used to be close with Mom as well; after Mom vanished we got even closer because we only had each other. Now he met Debris and he can’t get rid of it. He is way deep in and now all he wants is to live, breath and eat with Debris by his side.

I see him when he stops feeling great and the side effects hit him. He shrinks into a little gust and starts getting anguished, freaking out about everything around him. It makes me feel furious with myself because I can’t help him and it devastates me when I hear his tormented screams.

I’m feeling tired of just standing around, tired of taking care of him when he can take care of himself. Why doesn’t he just stop with Debris, get away from it? I wish it vanished and Mom would come back. I need to step up and help him, I do love him, and for his own good I’ll change him.

Monologue #2

Sigh, I need to get away from this heaviness that veils my soul. I miss Sandy so much; her caresses made everything right. Why did the Wind God take her from me? I hate Debris but it’s the only thing that ranks right next to feeling that Sandy is still with me. Everyday I fight a losing battle against Debris but it always comes out victorious. I try so hard to get away for Drizzle’s sake and my own. I love my son, I really do and I owe him, but in this state I can’t be of any use to him. He’ll only be trapped in this abyss that entangles me.