A Play by Rene P.

Performance: November, 2002
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

THE GREAT ONE , the eagle, 40 years old
CAIN, his 20 year old son

Time:After dark. It’s storming — the beginning of the storm, with thunder and lightning.
Place:The GREAT ONE’s throne room. It’s lit up by candles — dark and spooky. You only see what the candles are lighting. You see the entrance, but only part of the walls. Someone could be standing next to the wall and you wouldn’t see them. You hear the storm — the thunder and the sound of the rain.
At Rise: The GREAT ONE is sitting in thought in his throne. One of his
guards stands a couple feet from him.
[CAIN steps in from the darkness.]



[to guard] Leave us alone.
[The GREAT ONE nods to the guard to leave.]
It didn’t have to come down to this. You put me in this situation.

Great One:

Someone attempted to take my life. But as you can see, they have failed. That someone happened to be the young, beautiful woman that you take as your lover. Naomi, your wife to be, is no longer breathing and now I know your wicked plans.
[CAIN has an expression of mixed anger and confusion.]

Great One: I’m glad you came on your own, instead of my guards bringing you, for you are a dead man walking.

Dead man walking? Who’s to tell? You never gave me anything, and now you’re taking my lover. So you’re the dead man walking.

Great One:

I’m sorry it has to come to this. But since you tried to take my life and take over, it has become business, not personal. You tried to use Naomi as a pawn, but the king took it. She tried to take my life, so I took hers. You crossed a thin line between your father and your enemy. You didn’t want your father, so now you get your enemy.

Cain: What’s a father any good to me now? I’m a man and you’re old and weak and you’re losing the respect from everyone. So now it’s my turn and you will pay for the death of Naomi. You have taken my love and I shall take what’s yours.
Great One: No Cain, I’m the Don — I pull the strings here. The only thing that could save you from your death is the fact of you being my son and me showing sympathy.
But why have you betrayed me? You had everything you needed and even more, but why… why did you deceive me?

Why? Can’t you see you’re week and blind? You didn’t give me everything. I wanted to be close to you and be in the family business, be your son. After Mother died, you forgot all about me. You left me on my own to raise. All those years of being lonely… you not paying any attention to me only built up hate and anger toward you.

Great One: Cain, what do you mean? I love you, Cain. You’re my only son. All of this would have been yours, but your evil ways got in the way. I love you, Cain. I really do, but its hard for me to show love, compassion towards you. After your mother died, my heart died with her. I needed to get away from those hurt feelings that she left, so I kept myself busy with the family business.
But you betrayed me Cain. I no longer know you — you tried to kill me. 
Cain: I’m not the only one that tried to kill you, father. That’s how blind you are. After some of your so-called associates came and talked to me, saying how weak you have become and how you are losing the power, I found a way to get even to you for all those years of never giving me what I wanted.
Great One: What are you talking about, Cain? No one dare to betray me Cain. But yet you have. I built this empire all on my own….
Cain: [in anger] Did you forget how you got this? You didn’t earn it — you stole it from someone… someone who was greater than you and you took from them. I hate you Father, or should I say the “Great One”? You neglected me. That’s why I tried to take your life.
Great One: [disappointed, puts his head down.] You’re no longer my son — you have brought pain to my heart. You have deceived me — you will be put to death for…..
Cain: [interrupts him and throws him on the ground]
[the Guard comes in… says “Great One?”] NO!! I’m the Great One now. The end has come for you.
Great One: [still on the ground] Leave us alone!
[the Guard leaves.]
Great One: I can’t believe this. Don’t you know who I am?
[raising his voice] I will rule forever!
[grabs the knife from the table and tries to stab Cain. Cain holds him and throws him back on the ground and begins to laugh. Cain take the knife and holds it.]
Cain: See? It’s over for you, your time is up…..
[he reaches back to stab the Great One.]
Great One: Cain, no! Don’t do this to me! I’m your father.
[Cain stops as he realizes something.]
Great One: [scared voice] You don’t want to to this. You don’t have it in your heart to do this to me.
[gets up from the ground.]
Tell me what do you want? I will give it to you. Just name it and it will be yours.

You’re right, I can’t do this. You shall die by the sword of a stranger, but not your son.

Great One:

Please, Cain, open your eyes — I’m your father. You could be dead right now, but you’re not for I love you and for you are my son.


[this softens Cain’s heart… he drops the knife.] Father………………

Great One: I will forgive you my son, for you are my seed and my seed shall grow old and my seed shall bury me.
[Cain turns away and puts his head down.]
I will continue to rule all of power and rule my kingdom till my death and you……
Cain: [Cain turns around and suddenly explodes in anger.] No!!!! No father, you won’t. I can’t go through this… the water’s too deep and one of us shall die.
Great One: [tries to calm him. talks softly.] No one has to die. I forgive you. But we’ll turn around and forget all about this. You are my son and I’m your father. Therefore, like father like son. We shall rule together.
Cain: Together???
Great One: Yes, together.
Cain: We can’t forget about this. We’ve gone too much ahead for this to stop. One of us has to get to the finish line.
Great One: Cain, listen to yourself. Have you gone insane? I can’t believe the words that are coming out of your mouth. I don’t believe none of this.
My own son tried to kill me — not only once but twice! I’m so confused… and anger has built up in my heart. You have become my enemy.
All of my foes have fell to the ground, but I don’t know if you shall fall to the ground as well.
Cain: I’m no longer your enemy. I’m your new king! I will conquer and own everything that’s yours and even more. I will be the Great One of all time!
Great One: No Cain, you won’t. I will put an end to this. You will never conquer as long as I live. I will rule till I fall. But you… you will never see it — you will never feel it. You will die before you will ever get to rule.
Cain: [turns his back on his father, laughing] How will this be done, you old fool? You couldn’t even kill a fly if you wanted to! I’m tired of this. The end has finally come for you.
[Before he turns around, the Great One grabs the knife from the ground and stabs him in the back.]
Great One: [whispers in Cain’s ear] Yes Cain, it is the end.
[takes the knife out of his back and Cain falls to the ground dead. Great One steps away from Cain.]
Please forgive me!
[He stabs himself and they both die.]
    The End.