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Family Drama







Characters:      SUNNY the Sun,  Female,  21 Star Years

                        DRIA the Twinkling Star,  Female, 13 Star Years

                        Rocko the Shining Star,  Male,  12 Star Years



Setting:            New York Skies – Bunch of other stars and planets orbiting around.  Sounds of wind from a huge gas cloud.  Smells stuffy, like flaming fire from meteors.



At Rise:           Rocko is in space shining and polishing himself up

                        DRIA is in the sky, twinkling and getting ready to meet Rocko to go to DRIA party.







Hey Starla pass me a drink of sky and some of them appetizers over there,

who’s knockin at my door like they ain’t got no sense?




Where the hell my son at?




He in the back cutting up having fun.




Ain’t no time to be having fun partying when he supposed to be getting

ready for the Shiney Star Pagant tomorrow.




How you know that’s what he wants and not what you want for him?




I know what my son wants and it ain’t to be stuck with you.




Is that right, then why is he at my party?




Is that my son over there?  Get out he way so I can speak to him.




(Anger) No.  Hold up.  You ain’t bout to be coming up in here

trying to take my supernova from me.




Girl, is you out yo rabbit ass mind tellin me I can’t see my son.




We had a talk the other day and he don’t really want to follow in

your star steps.




My son do want to follow in my star steps.  I know because I raised

him and he wants to be acknowledged and loved like I am.  When he

was a lil spark he watched his mom shine and he said one day he wanted

to take my place and be the center of attention.




That’s when he was a lil spark.  Rocko ain’t lil no more, Sunny.

You need to get that threw your head.




Do you think he really loves you more than he love me?




Yea he loves me and he love you, but he wants to be with me

and not you.




What makes you say such a stupid thing like that?




Cuuuuuuus, I’m…………



Cus you what?




(crying) I’m pregnant by your son but I ain’t told him yet because

I don’t want him to disown my baby.




(flustered)  How you know that’s my son’s baby.  You probably collided

with other stars.




(mad) How can you say that.  I been with your son for 2 years

and I ain’t been seeing noone else.



Can you prove this?



Rocko comes to the door.




Son, did you know you got this girl pregnant?  Is she the only

twinklin star you been seeing?



Rocko looks at DRIA shocked with no words to say




I was gone tell you Rocko, but I been going threw some thangs

with your mom trying to take you away from me.




This can’t be happening when we got this pagant going on tomorrow.




(sad) Look at you.  You selfish only thinkin about yourself.  What

about our future and this baby.




Son is this what you want to do be with her instead of winning

that pagant?


Rocko nods his head in disbelief of what his mom is really saying




(aggressively) Son you gone have to choose today. Either you gone love Dria and

take care of that baby or you gone leave with me and get ready

for your big day. I thought this is what you wanted since you was

little, to follow in moma’s star steps.  (begging)  Member when

you was a kid you used to stand in front of the mirror tryin to shine

your self all up and be popular and act like you already one the pagant?

Remember I used to show you how to show off your talent?



Rocko looks at Dria and shakes his head and turns away feeling upset.





See he obviously don’t want to pursue your dream no more.  He’s grown up.




Maybe I never really knew how much my son has grown.



Rocko turns back around and faces his mother.




Son. Is this what you really want?  I was so used to you

being my lil boy I never realized how much you grown.



Rocko nods his head and hugs his girl Dria




I really want to be with your son, I love him so much and it would be

nice if you let us start our own family.




If you really love my son how much you say you do, well I guess

I’m ready to let him start a family with you and miss the pagant.


Rocko hugs his mom with tears in his eyes.