(Mentored by Tessa for EORO at JJC August 15 – 27 2011)


The Characters:  RAMBO the young Lion. Male, 22 years old.

                              HUNGRY the Hippo, 40 years old, his Mother.

The Setting:        In Mexico, in the jungle around a Mayan Temple.

 Near a great big palm tree. Hot, humid, moist air. 1 p.m.

At Rise:                HUNGRY is at the Rich Springs (elegant Hippos only.)

Note:  “Rambo” is said with Spanish pronounciation.              


RAMBO (enters, roaring) OOROARALE!!!!!!

HUNGRY:  Rambo! What the palm trees are you roaring about!? Did the prey escape?                                            

RAMBO:  You know it has nothing to do with food Hungry…it’s more like what we’ve been talking about. You know like around last week. Joyeous is about to have my  cubs  and I need help!

(all the other Hippos go “ooooo”)

HUNGRY:  We need to talk about this somewhere else.  You think you can embarrass me in front of my friends over that conceited Peacock of yours?

RAMBO:  It’s more important than you think Hungry.  You need to go check it out. It’s serious. She’s giving birth right now back at the temple!

HUNGRY:  Well how am I gonna believe you? I need to go see for myself. Peacocks give birth quicker than Hippos? 

RAMBO (jittery, angry):  If I could ask Pops for some advice I would, but all I got is you! Lefty hasn’t been here my whole life and now I’m becoming a father. I got Joyeous, but not for long. The Zoo’s coming to pick her up any hour. I’m becoming a Father. I have no idea how to take care of three green-feathered lion cubs!

HUNGRY:  What in the world do you need from me?  I’ve been a mother for the longest…what can I do to help?

RAMBO:  I don’t know. Well I guess anything can help. I just want to know if you’re still goin to be around the temple you know well with Joyeous gone things are goin to be difficult for a Single Father Lion. I’m tryin to change my father’s legacy for the generations to come. Right now it’s either your goin to help me or I’m sorry if I gotta tell you straight up then I will: our relationship is strong as a mother Hippo and a young Lion can be but I will never forgive you if things go wrong.

HUNGRY:  Rambo I just offered to help. Did you hear what I said?

RAMBO:  I don’t know what it is. There’s something burnin inside of me. It’s about Lefty, my …

HUNGRY:  Don’t bring up that coward’s name around me, he left us to fend for ourselves.You think it doesn’t hurt me as much as it hurts you?

(HUNGRY speaks this monologue to the audience)

I’m enraged and furious with that little punk Lefty leavin Rambo and me to fend for ourselves. I’m tired of the whole Jungle knowing I had a cub by a coward. I want to end the gossip. What’s a better way than getting rid of Lefty? I’ll have a better chance at getting a bigger and wilder animal from the Jungle for a new mate and that will kill the gossip.    

RAMBO: (to the audience)

Dang, I never really met my Pops. Why hasn’t Moms ever talked about him? All I really know is that he’s Lefty and he’s a rabbit. Now Joyeous is having the cubs and after that Joyeous is going to the zoo. I gotta see Pops, he’s something that has been affecting me, if I’m goin to be there for my own kids. Mom doesn’t want me to leave. The talk I’m looking for, Moms can’t provide it, only Pops. Hungry has connections to where Lefty is and I need to convince her about why I need to talk to Lefty. No matter what Moms says I’m goin to find him! I’m feeling desperate for some answers. Lefty, why did you leave Moms and me?


Lefty’s a coward!

HUNGRY:  I know son. I know.

RAMBO:  I got one favor to ask before I get to start my adventure on Fatherhood.

HUNGRY:  What is it?

RAMBO:  I want you to take care of Joyeous’s  cubs while I go find Lefty.  (HUNGRY reacts)  I gotta do this!

HUNGRY:  NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! What are you talking about? I’ll stay with your cubs IF you DON’T leave!                       

RAMBO:  MOMS! I need to find something out!

HUNGRY:  What?

RAMBO:  How to be a Father.


RAMBO  (long pause): Alright then Moms.  I’m gonna go out and kill some elephants.  I need to put food on the table.

 (RAMBO and HUNGRY embrace).


                                                THE END