a play by Adrian A.

Performance: May 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: Nighttime
Place: El Restaurante Madera Roja
The restaurant has dim lighting, a romantic mood with yellow walls and black trim. Elephant tusks are playing the piano in the restaurant.
Menu includes: Different kinds of woods, herbs, plants, flowers and
At Rise: Red, a force of nature, “fire” 19 years old burning, and Heat, a force of nature, “heat” and 21 years old get taken to a secluded table. They sit down and look at the menu.


Look at this baby they have your favorite meal right here.


Oh my God, they have Redwood with Basil topping. I can’t believe this. It is so hard to find nowadays.

Red: You know I go out my way to please you. I do anything for my baby girl.

Thank You Thank You
(Waiter Comes)


Is this beautiful couple ready to order?

Heat: I would love to have the Redwood with Basil topping
Waiter: Would you like the bark or the arbole?

I’ll go with the Arbole
(She looks at Red.)
What would you like to burn up tonight baby?

Red: I’d love to have the same thing but with a side of red roses and two glasses of your finest lighter fluid.
Waiter: Thank you very much. Your meal will be here shortly.
(The waiter accidentally drops the menu as Red hands it to him.)
Dispensa, Dispensa.
Red: No hay problemo Bro’
(Waiter Exits.)
Red: So how was your day today?
Heat: It was fine I went out shopping with the girls.
Red: Oh yeah anything new?

Actually yeah, I got this new fire proof dress and Iron stiletto shoes.

Red: Yeah, I Thought that was a new dress and shoes you had on. I didn’t think it was possible
For you to become any more beautiful from the first day I met you?
Heat: Boy you know you bring out the best in me.

You know, you mean the world to me?


(Aside to audience, looks at audience)
Oh my God he’s going to ask me. 
(To Red)
Yes, and you know you mean more than the world to me.


And if someone offered me all the charcoal in the world they still couldn’t take you off my hands.


Red, what are you trying to tell me?

Red: Heat, I want us to be together forever. You know you’re the most beautiful fire I have ever seen.
Will you marry me? Will you burn in an eternal flame of passion for the rest of eternity?
(Red has his hands cupped and he begins to open them when he opens them a heart made of fire appears. He looks at heat deep into her eyes lost in love.)
Heat: Oh My God! I don’t, don’t, know? I mean this is all too fast. Are you sure you want this? Are you sure this is what you really want?
Red: (He sits back on the chair. He closes his hands and the flame disappears. He puts his hands back down on the chair.)
What do you mean, what if I want this? Of course I’m sure I want this. Why wouldn’t I want this? Don’t you?
Heat: I don’t know I mean I love you so much and I don’t want to let you go. Red you know you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. And..
Red: (Cuts her off)
Then what’s the problem? We never wasted our time fussing and fighting. We were always too busy being in love. And since you feel the same way about me then why is it such a problem for you to realize that we truly belong together? That we could burn together if we put our hearts to it.
Heat: I know, but what about my plans for the future? How am I going to continue them if we get married?
Red: Becoming a reporter on FlameTV? Becoming Rich and famous? You’re telling me charcoal and diamonds mean more to you than our love?
Heat: That is not what I am saying. You know that is not what I am saying. It’s just that I know we’re going to get married one day but in the dreams about us being together in marriage, by that time I had already completed my goals.
Red: What makes you think I would stand in the way of completing your goals? Why would I keep you away from what you really want in you life? Haven’t I always supported what you wanted? Haven’t I tried to help you make your dreams come true?
Waiter (Enters with their order)
Here’s your food. I hope you two have a beautiful evening together on this extremely beautiful night. And here’s your lighter fluid. This was imported straight from…
Red: (Cuts him off.)
Just leave the food and bounce!
(Red is mad.)
Waiter: (Just turns around and leaves.)
Heat: Baby don’t be mad. It’s just that…
Red: (Cuts her off, he’s mad, irritated)
It’s just that what? Just that what? This isn’t real enough for you?
Heat: Baby look,
(Red looks away.)
Heat: Red listens to me. I love you and want us to be together.
(Heat Pauses.)
I don’t want to lose you to anybody or for any reason. But I don’t feel that this is the right time for us to get married.
Red: Heat, what do you mean this ain’t the right time? You’re talking like you don’t even want this to happen. You’re…
Heat: (Cut’s him off)
Baby that’s..
Red: (Cuts her off)
No don’t do that to me don’t cut me off, like you’re trying to cut off our love.
Heat: Red, I’m not..
Red: (Cuts her off)
Don’t cut me off. Don’t even try to do it. Can’t you see I’m trying to explain myself to you? Can’t you see I’m trying to open your eyes make you realize what’s really going on? 
(Red is quiet he just looks at her and Heat looks back.)
Heat: (Aside, walks down and talks to the audience.)
Oh My God, what did I do to make him so angry? I didn’t know he cared for me this much. Red is the most beautiful and most passionate flame I have ever known. I just don’t know what to do.
(Sits back down with Red.)
Red: Heat, (Looking straight into her eyes.) Listen I love you. I love you more than words could possibly explain. You’re smart, beautiful, and obviously you want to make things happen. I just don’t want to lose you.
Heat: I love you baby. Red you don’t know how much you mean to me.
Red: Then why can’t we make this happen?
Heat: Because I’m afraid of being tied down before I get what I truly want.
Red: (Fed up standing up)
You know what? You don’t want this? This ain’t even watcha want?
Heat: (She’s worried he’s going to do something dumb.)
Red, sit down, please sit down, what are you going to do?
Red: What do you mean what I am doing? I’m ‘bout ta bounce.
Heat: Why are you talking to me like that? Why are you acting like this?
Red: Shut up! I ain’t talking to you like nothing!
Heat: Oh my God! You’ve never talked to me like this before.
Red: (Turns around to leave.)
You know what? I’m out.
Heat: No. Red no, sit down, please don’t leave. Let’s talk about this.
Heat: I’m begging you Red, don’t go!
Red: (Turns around and looks at her. Licks his lip and bites his lower lip and you can tell he’s holding back a lot of aggression. Then he sits down.)
Heat: (She holds his hand, playing with his hands massaging his hands on the table.)
Red, the reason I don’t want to get married right now is because I’m afraid that we are going to have children and that’s what going to hold me back from completing my dream. It’s not that you’re the one that’s going to hold me back baby you’re right you have helped me and you always have supported what I wanted. But I’m afraid that if I get pregnant and have your flamelet, I won’t be able to become what I want. I know becoming a reporter on FlameTV sounds funny, but it’s something I’ve always wanted.
Red: Why couldn’t you tell me this before?
Heat: You kept cutting me off!
Red: It’s not that any of it sounds funny. It’s just that Heat, I love you and you’re making this seem like I’m the one that’s going to hold you back. As if I was the one to blame if you didn’t get what you wanted.
Heat: Red, you know that’s not even the situation. I would never ever blame my misfortunes on you. You’re my man baby; you’re everything a woman wants. Red, can’t you understand that.
Red: Listen, you’re all I want and you’re all that I need, Heat, open your eyes, look at what you got and quit talking about it. I want everything you want, plus more because I want the best for us.
Heat: OK if we are going to do this then you have to promise me that we are not going to have flameletts until I accomplish my goals or I feel that it is time to give birth to the creation of are love.
Red: What? (Confused, yet excited.)
Heat: What do you mean what?
Red: What are you talking about? If we do this, what is “this?”
Heat: I mean taking another step into our love. Into binding our souls into an eternal flame of passion that you speak so much about.
Red: So you are talking about marriage?
Heat: Yes, you flaming fool! (She said with a smile.)
Red: I love you heat, will you burn with me forever and a day?
Heat: Yes, Red, Yes!
Red: So let’s stop beating around the bush baby and start our life together.
    The End.