Oscar C.



Blue: 3 years old in dog years (German Shepard)

Flame: 36 years old, he’s orange and blue when lit up, and Flame is the older brother

Beauty: She’s a portable Beats Radio, rectangular shape, black and silver with enormous bass and is their little sister.



2 story white house, in a calm nice neighborhood, owned by a Mexican drug-lord couple, mostly takes place in a big fancy kitchen while a loud party is going on that night.



Early, warm summer night, Friday around 9pm          


At Rise: 

In the kitchen, Flame is on and choppin’ it up with Blue, talking to each other about their dreams, while Beauty is aside on kitchen counter asleep. When a party in living room goes on.


Flame: You know what Blue I’m getting irritated by the owners we have.


Blue: What do you mean? They have always taken care of us and given us food and a place to stay at, instead of being mad and tired of them you should be thankful.


Flame: Yea I know, but don’t you ever feel trapped of being here, living with these people knowing what they do. And even what they’re doing right now, in the living room.


Blue: Not really, that may be you, but I’m fine where I’m at the same with beauty, and you should be too. Well you know my dream, to always protect our habitat from any kind of danger.


Flame: Well you know my dream as well, for me to grow and be an enormous fire that never ends.


Blue: I know but knowing your dream and its possibilities, you’re going to put Beauty, I, and our habitat in danger. Why do you want this so bad?


Flame: Because I’m desperate, desperate to grow and see the world instead of being here feeling little, weak and horrified that I’ll stay like this forever.


Blue: So you don’t like the way you are with us right now, all of us being close together, isn’t that what we all want?


Flame: I do. I love being close to both of you, but you’re not seeing my point of view Blue, you have to know that everyone deserves to grow and move on in their lives…same with you and Beauty.


Blue: Alright, if I were to be you, I would say to myself that I’m not thinking about my 2 lil brothers. I’m just thinking on what I want and best suits me. So now you’re just being selfish.


Flame: See it however you want, but know that I’ll reach my goal, with your help or without it.


Blue: Why all of a sudden do you start wanting to harm us all? Flame I know how you were, you would always be here to protect us and make us great Mexican food and would want for all of us to stay forever strong and united. Now everything’s changed from one day to another?


Flame: I don’t know Blue, it’s just all of a sudden I started feeling worthless and unwanted because early in the morning today, during breakfast, while you and Beauty were still asleep, I heard the owners talking about they want to replace me with a high-tech stove by tomorrow first thing, early in the morning around 9. So I don’t have much time now, you feel me?


Blue: Yea…


Flame: Blue you gotta help me reach my goal before it’s too late. I’m really gonna need your help in every way. First, I m going to need you to keep me lit. Next I’ma need you to bring me lots and lots of paper or cardboard all around the house as much as you can find. And I’ll do the rest. You just get yourself and Beauty in a safe spot.


Blue: I feel you and I would do anything for you, you’re my brother and you always will be but I’m sorry Flame, I just can’t help you knowing the fact that if I do I’ll put everyone at risk.


Flame: But Blue, why are you willing to risk your life to protect this house and the owners when you know that this house was built on drug money.


Blue: Because Flame, even though the stuff they do, they’ve always showed love, and have always provided food and shelter.


Flame: You got a point there, but your still not convincing me enough Blue. Reaching my dream is just something I really, really want and it’s something very strong that I’ll not be able to give up so I don’t think there’s anything that’s gonna stop me from being enormous.


Blue: You know what? I think your just trying to use me and when you reach your goal, you’re just going to throw us aside like nothing. You’re trying to play me and I ain’t gonna fall for your tricks, Flame. And anyways how is that all you want? Eventually you’re going to be where you are right now. So do you really think it’s worth it?


Flame: Use you? Why would I use you, Blue? You’re my brother. I’ll never do that. And it’s all I want because it’s all I ever dreamed of.


Blue: I don’t know, Flame. Maybe dreams change because sometimes we just realize that the dream we always wanted isn’t really what we want no more. We want something bigger and better. And what could be for you Flame, you should change your dream. You’re just being stubborn.


Flame: Blue the more you try to convince me, the more I’ma try to reach my dream. That’s it! Got it, get it, good.


Blue: Alright if you gonna be like this, I’ma be the same way. And Im’a tell you some, I got a secret. Something that’ll stop you for good, you’ll see.


Flame: Oh really? C’mon now. A dog like you could really stop me? Keep thinking that and do whatever you please because in the end all the effort will be worthless.


Blue: We’ll see…but I’ll tell you right now, don’t count on me! And you know what? I’ma just tell you my secret, I’m the one with the idea of replacing you with a new stove by tomorrow.


Flame: What?…Why, Blue?…Why are you doing this?


Blue: Because Flame, it’s about you realize that your being selfish, your not thinking about me or Beauty, you’re not thinking that your dream will destroy the place where I live, where I grew up in and that place I will risk my life for.


Flame: You know what, Blue? I think you’re right. And you know why? Because I now realize that my dream really is to take care of you two and protect you and have our family together. My bad, Blue. I really was being selfish.


Blue: Well, it’s cool. And you know what? That secret of mine? I just made it up to stop you, Flame. That was the only thing I could do but something I’ll never really allow ever because you’re like a father to us, Flame, and we need you.


Flame: There’s nothing to worry about. I’ma always be here for ya because a united family is what most matters to me now.