A Play by Padilla A.

Performance: July 2002
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time: The afternnon
A room with furniture,  like a living room.  The house of a family in a villiage
At Rise: We see Amigo the Cage, and he’s very angry.  Triste the Dove and Amigo the Cage are arguing.  Amigo the Cage is moving violently from side to side.  Triste the Dove is making a lot of noise.


I just heard I’m going to be free!  I’m going to leave here really soon.  I am so happy!


It’s make me sad, and pretty angry.

TRISTE: Amigo, I love you and I’ve never wanted to separate from you.  But I have to do this, this is my opportunity to be free!

Tell me that what you just said about you being free, tell me it’s a joke, and that you’re only playing with me.  You shouldn’t joke like that, it makes me mad. 


I’m sorry.  You are my best friend, and I know that this is painful for you.  But, it’s not a joke.  It’s the truth.  I’m going to be free.

AMIGO: I’m really getting mad.  How is it that your going to be free?  And how can you leave me all alone?
TRISTE: You’re not going to be alone.  I’m going to be free because the people who live here in this house are going to bring another bird here, one just like me.

But it won’t ever be the same, not like with you.  I’ll never have the same friendship and confidence I have with you.  Because you’re my family.  The one I’ve lived with all this time.

TRISTE: I am so sorry that you feel this way,   but I want to have my freedom.  And in the same way you got accustomed to being with me, you’re gonna get accustomed to the new bird they bring.
AMIGO: I already told you!  For me, you are my only family, and you will not be leaving!!
(Amigo angrily moves from side to side)

You will never leave.  You’ll die before you can go.
TRISTE: (very startled)
I don’t know what to do.  Hey, hey, hey—calm down!  What’s the matter with you? Why are you like this?  I’ve never seen you this way.
AMIGO: Well I never imagined you would leave me.  And now you tell me, whether you think you’re gonna leave or stay here with me.   Because I think it’s in your best interest to stay.  If not, you should already understand what may happen to you.
TRISTE: What’s going to happen to me?  Are you going to kill me?
AMIGO: I’m not going to tell you what I’m going to do to you, but I will ask you if you think you going to go, or stay here with me.

I’m going to think about it.

AMIGO: Listen to me, you are my best friend.  It is not that I don’t want you to be free or to be happy. But you know that if you leave me, my life will end.  I really want you to be happy, but I never want you to seperate from me—please, don’t go.  Look at the pain your causing me.  I’m turning into someone I don’t even recognize.
TRISTE: I’m sorry.  But I want to be free.  I know that you are in pain, and I’m truly sorry about that.  But I have got to have my freedom to look for my family.  The family I’ve never met and to do all the things I’ve never been able to do.

I do understand.  I thought that you thought of me as your family.  Because I think of you as my family. This makes me doubt everything.  I guess for you, I’m just an acquaintance.


You are not an acquaintance to me.  You are definitely my family. But I don’t know any of my real family – and I told you that the reason I want to be free is so that I can find them. Right now I don’t have all of my    family, my only family is you.


Tell me that you’ll stay?


You’re not understanding me.  If I tell you that I’ll stay, no one benefits  Because if even I tried to stay, I couldn’t.  It’s not really only my decision to go.  They are going to seperate us anyway, and then we won’t have anything.  Neither one of us.   
I promise and I sware to you that you are my family, and when I am free – and this is a promise  –– that I will come back to visit you every day.  I’ll stop on the window sill – and I’ll whistle to you – and if I find my family, I’ll bring them back here with me so you can meet each other.  And I’ll tell them that you are also my true family, the one I have spent all this time with.  What do you say?

AMIGO: O.K.  But sware to me that you’re not lying to me and that you will come back to see me.
TRISTE: I promise you, I’m going to be back.
    The End.