From the bottom to the Top

By Aroldo R.


Written By: Aroldo.

Mentored By: Javier R.

Program: Each One Reach One

Date: April 9th-21st, 2012

Description: Friends; how many of us have them?



Broken the Great White Shark, Male 15 shark years old(1500 human years)

Aggressive the Blizzard, Male (Broken’s Best friend)


SETTING: At the bottom of the ocean where it’s dark.  You hear creatures crying and you feel the presence of death.  You smell the fear of other animals and you taste the blood   of other creatures

TIME: 6:00 pm on the last day of spring



AT RISE: Broken is looking for dinner. Aggressive shows up to hang out and talk to his friend




Hey, what’s up dawg?  I didn’t know you were around




Uumm, well you know me.  I’m everywhere even when people ain’t expecting me. What’s up with you?  How you’ve been?




Well, I’ve been all right down here. Just been wondering

how it is to have a family




Well you know; I don’t mind you having my family.  Imagine how it is to have the rain as a mom and lightening as a brother




Ooh well. Naw, I’m good.  I want my own family you feel me?



Ooh that’s koo. Well hope you find them some day




Yeah, perhaps you can help me reunite with them


Aggressive looks at Broken with confusion on his face and





And how would I do that?




Well remember last time you were here and you helped me get

to the surface???




Yea…what does that have to do with reuniting with your





Well, I have a feeling in my heart that tomorrow morning, which is the first day of summer, that my family is gonna swim up on the surface.  And you’re the only one that can get me up there. I don’t have the strength to swim up there by myself. Your wind makes the ocean more shallow.  So would you be so kind and check your schedule and tell me if you’re here tomorrow?




Uuum well I will check, but how do you know it’s really your family that’s coming?  What if it’s not your family?  And you remember what happened last time I went out my way to take you to the surface?  All the seasons were thrown off.  Ooh and I just remembered; I’m not around here on the summer especially the first day. Plus, I plan on retiring on that exact day.




(ASIDE) I feel enraged of living in the darkest part of ocean. I belong up on the surface with all the better food, the bright sun and maybe try some human flesh. I got my best friend Aggressive that can help me be up on the surface. But he only comes when he feels like it and I really need him to come tomorrow. And when Agressive has to leave, I can stay up on the surface and make a better new life for myself.  I want to find other great whites to make friends with and along the way meet a female great white to share my life with 




Your basically asking me to give up on my dream which is retiring and becoming a human for your dream?  Come on man (ASIDE) I have this problem. I got this friend whose a great white shark and he wants me to do this big favor for him.  And in order to do that, I have to give up on my dream that I’ve been waiting on for 1,000 years.  I’m finally going to get what I want, but at the same time I feel bad for my friend because if I don’t help him no one else will.  But I got my own dream and I just got to do this one last job to get what I want.




(TO AGGRESSIVE)What do you mean you wanna become a human?  If you do become human, I’m gonna find you and eat you.  I don’t know if it is or isn’t my family, but I believe in my heart that it is them.  And even if it’s not my family, I could probably make friends with them instead of being lonely down here. (ASIDE) I used to belong to a group of great whites that only swam by this area very 1500 years.  As a baby shark, I sank to the bottom part of the ocean when a ship hit our group and I got separated from them. I know it’s my family that’s coming because I can recognize their current from miles away. (BACK TO AGGRESSIVE) And yes, I remember the disaster that happened the last time you took me up to the surface…What do you mean you are retiring? That’s impossible; you’re a blizzard




Look, you’re my friend and I care about you and everything, but I can’t put my dream aside. You have to understand me. I’ve been working for 1,000 years and tomorrow is my only chance to get what I want. So I don’t give a flying cat if

you will look for me to eat me when I become human.  I’ll just make sure I stay away from the water




Come one dawg; you know I was just joking about eating you.  I’ll just bite your legs off and let you live…  Look, think about it. Put yourself in my fins and think how your life would be without your family.  I’ve been living 1500 years without them. I at least want to know if they still are around you feel me.  Stop being so cold blooded. Can you make this sacrifice for me?





Look man, I’m sorry but I can’t help you.  I understand how you feel, but my dream is more important than anything in the whole world.  Sorry Man, I really am


Aggressive leaves…It’s the next morning, the 1st day of

summer. Broken is getting ready to swim straight up from

the bottom of the ocean to the surface. He doesn’t think he

has enough strength to make it, but feels the risk is worth

it.  Broken starts swimming at full speed.  He’s half way

from the surface and then begins to get real tired and

passes out