A Play by Randy T.

Performance: May 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: 1800 hours. The sun just starts to go down and it’s slightly dark.
Place: A world of gas, everything is on fire.  In an alley, dumpsters on fire, and trash on fire and no one’s around but Cinder, a red fire and Blue a blue fire.
At Rise: Cinder and Blue are standing face to face. Blue is flashing on and off, faster than a strobe light.


Damn, man. Where have you been? Are you all right? Did they hurt you?


Man look at me! I’m scared. I’m going crazy. Why are my flames flashing so fast? I feel hateful. I feel like killing each one of them, and their family.

Cinder: Whoa – calm down turbo. You’ve been drinking cologne huh.  Your breath is humming like a bird. How deep are they?

They’re five deep. But big, strong and ugly, and they’re green fires.


Are you sure they’re real or are you still drinking?

Blue: No – real talk. They’re after me. They were chasing me with super soakers and all kinds of water guns. I was horrified! I thought they were going to take my life.  So I ran for my life and they started shooting at me.
Cinder: Well, what the hell do you think I’m going to do?

We can go kill ‘em right now. I feel offended, like killing someone.

Cinder: Kill ‘em – they’re crazy!  Now you know I don’t like killing other fires.
Blue: So you’re scared.
Cinder: I should smack you. That’s a dumb question.  Look at your parents. They’re, they’re gone.  You need to stop drinkin man, you’re messed up. Look at yourself.
Blue: I thought my family would be someone to help me with my problems. Do you remember when my mom and dad died? That you said, when we were kids, that whatever it is or whenever it is, I’ll be there to back you up.
Cinder: Now you know Blue, if your mom and dad were still alive none of this SHHH would have happened. We would’ve never thought about drinking cologne.  You would never be out with your friends trying to hurt fires! Now you have fires trying to kill you. What the hell did you do?
Blue: I got drunk with some of my friends and we just were having a little fun and started shooting in the air.

Can you see what the hell are you doing.  Sometimes I feel like you don’t wanna live. Stop bringing up the past.

Blue: Forget you! You ain’t my family. I’m gonna handle this by myself. I’m a kill ‘em all.
Cinder: Think about your life.  You know if they find us, they’ll kill us both. Not just us. Me, you, and Red. Do you even care about Red?

To me he’s like a little brother. I’m not gonna let him die. Red’s part of our family too.


So we’re going to the other side of the world.




So we can get away form all this drama and live in peace. Just me, you, and Red.

Blue: You’re just gonna let them get away with that?
Cinder: Get away with what?
Blue: They tried to kill me.  What if I died and you didn’t know?
Cinder: If you die I’ll lose everything. I’ll lose a big part of my family.  Without every part of my family I won’t live in peace.
Blue: We’ll still live in peace.
Cinder: I don’t kill!  It’s not right. No killing man!  I love you. (Cinder grabs him and gives him a big hug. At the same time, his flames start to shrink and flash like a mini strobe light.)
I’d rather die then see you die.
Blue: (Blue squeezes him with love as his flames flash on and off like a mine strobe light.)
Cinder: Come on man, let’s go and get Red and get the hell outta here.
    The End.