By Parrisha B.




Love – A female Cheetah who’s age is “forever”.

Extraordinary – A male Leonberger who is 18 years old and the lover of Love, the Cheetah


New Zealand


7:37 p.m.  Summer

 At Rise: 

Love and Extraordinary are out by the lake in Tupo.



How much longer do you want to stay here at the lake?




Not long if you are ready to go, then we can leave now.




It’s not that. It’s just that my sister wants me to go out hunting tonight.




I know, I know, but my parents are going to Africa tomorrow night and I have


to watch the pups. Please just stay with me tonight. I’ll take all the blame


when I see her again. Faith actually likes me.




You’re right about one thing, she does like you. I guess it won’t hurt to stay


one night.




I love you so much Love. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your


face. You make me so happy. I am more than blessed to call you mine.




Dang. Enough with the sentimental stuff babe. Let’s go swimming.




Time:     8:37 a.m.  Next day


Setting:  Jungle


At Rise:  Love is walking around the jungle by herself.




I can smell her. I am so gonna pull her tail for not coming back home last


night. 12 year olds should not have this kind of freedom. I know when I was


that age, mom didn’t let me go out alone. I wonder why her scent is growing


stronger and stronger. It’s not like her to stay in one spot. I can see her. She’s still.






Faith! You are in big trouble. Mom is worried about you. You got 2 minutes


to get home…she’s not responding to me. I get closer to her. Her presence no


longer in her body. She’s darker than usual. She doesn’t move. I spot two


small holes on the side of her stomach. A snake. She’s dead. It killed her. My


beloved sister. I run back to the kingdom to talk to Extraordinary. I am angry


with him. If it wasn’t for him, Faith would be alive right now. (She goes to


to his hut).




Hey sweetness. Why you look so flustered? Like you’ve seen a ghost.




She’s gone. Because of my actions. She was my baby sister. I was supposed


to protect her.




                                  (Walks up to her, gently passing her)


What are you talking about?




I ran into the jungle this a.m. And she was just laying there lifeless. She didn’t


come home last night. What do I do? I can’t live without her. (She cries)




Bay…I am so, so, sorry. Please. (Love runs away back to her house)


                          (They are still together for the next 7 years)


Time:     3:17 Winter


Setting:  Kingdom in New Zealand


At Rise: Love and Extraordinary are laying down watching the waves crash onto the sand.




You know your fur is looking better and better every day. Why is that?




I’m not sure. Maybe because I am with the most beautiful cheetah in the





I want to ask you something.




Let it out.




How would you feel if I asked you to run away with me to Australia?




Very funny Love.




I’m serious. I’m tired of this living like this. Waking up to the same thing for


100 years. Pain, hurt, grief, and mourning.




I can’t believe you. How dare you test our culture?




I am not testing it. Simply questioning it. Why should we have to mourn for


Faith’s death for 100 years?  Especially when we both know it’s not what she


would have wanted. She would have wanted us to be happy. Celebrate and


embrace her time here on Earth.




Look, I know you love and miss her, but we cannot break the rules of the


Kingdom. Even if I wanted to, I would never do such a thing.







Oh don’t act innocent. We’ve broken rules. Hell, we were together even


though we are not supposed to be . No sin is greater than another. Sin is sin.




I love you. Okay. That’s all that matters. What are you gonna do? Leave the


kingdom refusing to believe in something that is in our blood? Is that your


plan? Do you even have a plan?




Please darling. I loved Faith. I am not saying she does not deserve to be


remembered. I am simply saying she wouldn’t have wanted mourning of our


people, sorrow, sadness, for 100 years. Don’t you get that?




I won’t leave with you. As a matter of fact, you won’t be leaving. Just drop it.




I can’t. I have played this over and over in my head, like a movie. We meet,


we fall in love, we are happy, Faith passes away, and we grieve, isolated for


100 years. Then it just stops. The movie just stopped. And I don’t know how


it ends. Doesn’t that frighten you? At least if we leave now, together, we’ll have a chance to be together.      




I get that. I truly do. However Love you should be ashamed of yourself. This


is absurd. Why do you insist on breaking the rules?




C’mon are you kidding me? You and I together in this moment is breaking the


rules. We are supposed to be in our own areas with our families apart!  For


the next 93 years seeing each other at the yearly ball.  But no. We decided


to break that rule. Why?  Because it is what’s right. What makes us happy


plus it’s not hurting anyone.



haha. I can’t believe this. You’ve lost the sense God gave you.



And that’s just it right there! God said himself to not be sad for those he takes


to heaven but to rejoice and celebrate when he calls a loved one home with


Him. Please, the ball is only 12 days away.  Just support me. Help me talk to


our people and get them to understand me. Please.



I won’t. In fact I am telling your mom. Maybe she can talk some sense into






You wouldn’t dare.


(He runs away from Love to her house and tells her mom everything she said)




Setting: Kingdom


Time: 2:07 a.m.


At Rise: Love is making her way to Extraordinary’s hut.




                                              Love (upset)

How dare you do such a thing? Do you realize what you’ve just done?




Calm down. She probably just hurt your feelings with the truth. Hope it got


through that thick skull of yours?




Ex! She kicked me out of the Kingdom!




Yea right.



                                              Love (She glares at him)

You think I would make that up?




Prove it.




What, you think?  I got a certificate or something?  She kicked me out of the


Kingdom. Do you know what this means?  She said she will send for me in


12 days. The day after the ball.




Refuse.  If you are out of the kingdom perimeter for 7days, your memory will


be wiped clean. Everything. Poof. Just gone.




She knows that and she still has forbidden me.




Well I guess you’re gonna have to apologize and and accept that we must


follow the rules.




I cant. I can’t make myself do something wrong, just to protect myself.  I


have to speak at that ball.   I must go to the ball and tell everyone what I


need to tell them.




I don’t understand. Where are you gonna go? To the forest?  That is our of the


Kingdom’s perimeter. The ball is 12 days away. Your memory will be wiped.


Just stay here. Just follow the rules.  Stop trying to fight a battle that you can’t


fight alone. (He touches her arm)




Goodbye E. I need to go. I need time to think. Alone.




Wait. Just listen for a minute. I get that you feel guilty for Faith’s death. I get


that you wish that you were with her that night.  Because somehow,


someway,  you could have saved her.  But love. You are going to destroy


yourself  trying to win this suicide mission.  You’ll accomplish nothing by


talking at that ball.  Believe me.




I won’t go through this with you. I don’t wanna drag you through this


anyway. I love you too much to do such a thing.  I will leave into the forest


and stay there for 7days.  I don’t care that my memory will be gone.  It’s


better that I don’t have to live in such a depressing place.




If you walk away from me Love Grace Deshay, never turn back. Never come


back to me.



                                              Love (appalled and sad)

You don’t know how much simpler you’ve just made my life.  Goodbye Ex.


You have loved me the best way you know how.  I wish you the best.



(Love leaves the hut. She goes out into the rainforest alone.) 



Setting:  Rainforest


Time:     10:37 a.m.


At Rise:  Love is strolling around the forest alone.


                                             Love (to herself)

It’s been 7 days since I’ve been here. My memory is slightly vague, but I


remember the tragic images.  I can’t wait until it’s over. I can’t wait until I get


a clean slate.  It’s nice here. Peaceful.  Calming. Soothing. I’m not lonely or


crowded.  It feels good to be alone.  Today is my last chance to decide what


to do.  I feel kinda weird. My head is starting to feel like it’s spinning.


(She Faints)  ( A little while later)



                                            Love (Continued)

Where am I?  I’ve never seen a place so beautiful.  At least I don’t think I


have.  I had a really weird dream I don’t know how long I’ve been sleeping


in this pile of leaves for. The dream was weird, but comforting. I met a lion


named Faith.  She was really pretty. Very kind and playful.  She told me that


she loved me. How weird is that?  I’ve never met her before in my life.  She


said something else that I hope sticks with me for the rest of my life,


“True love is greater than one’s mistake”.




                                                     THE END