A Play by Lizandra

Performance: May, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Mikey the Star – Made of blue cloth. He’s a six-pointed star. He’s about nine inches big. Mikey is 77 in star years, but he’s 10 years old in human years.
Sherly Curly the Phone Cord – Made of wires, her cords are curly and her jacket is black. She’s 3 years old in phone years. She is 9 years old in human years.

Time:September 15th, 2008. Sunset, 6:15
Place: A hidden room, in a castle in Hershey Land. There is a bed, king size with gold sheets and fluffy puffy pillows. The sound of the closet opening and squeaking closing. Barely able to hear the sound of someone crying under the bed. The smell of fresh pine trees and chocolate.
At Rise:Mikey the Star is exploring the room. Mikey hides under the bed because he thinks someone or something is coming. Mikey hears footstep noises. Mikey sees Sherly Curly the Phone Cord. Gets scared. Both jump out from the bottom of the bed.


What are you? What are you doin’ here? Who are you? Do you eat wire?


Hold up. You are asking too many questions and I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Sherly: Sorry, I’m scared. Answer my questions. Please.

I am a free star that has a lot of goals to reach. I’m trying to be known. I was just exploring this beautiful room. No, I’m a vegetarian. I’m very nice, I think I am. Who are you?


I’m Sherly.

Mikey: What are you doing here all messed up? Look at you. Your wires are pulled out. Some parts look scraped as if you fell.
Sherly: It’s a long story.

I want to hear it.

Sherly: NO! You’re a stranger. Your are a weird looking thing. A star, if that’s what you say you are.
Mikey: You got an attitude.

NO. I don’t. Stop being nosy.

Mikey: I can help if you want
Sherly: No I don’t need any help.
Mikey: You look like you do. You’re all beaten up.
Sherly: I can take care of myself.

It doesn’t look like it.

Sherly: Well guess what, you don’t know me to tell me anything.
Mikey: Look, I’m here trying to be nice and you’re having a fit.
Sherly: How are you trying to be nice? You’re butting in my business.
Mikey: Wait, do you hear that?
Sherly: (wiggles to Mikey)
What is it?
Mikey: The closet doors are opening
Sherly: What’s behind it?
Mikey: Oh it was just the wind.
Sherly: Jerk. You scared me half to death.
Mikey: You’re rude. I would leave but I don’t want to leave you alone.
Sherly: Go ahead leave. See if I care.
Mikey: It’s all in your face you’re scared. But I don’t care what you say, I’m not leaving.
Sherly: Why do you care so much?
Mikey: I don’t. I just don’t want to leave you alone. Why don’t you leave?
Sherly: I’m scared of those dark corridors and the open windows. Something might creep up and eat me or hurt me. Plus I can’t leave. This place is my new home.
Mikey: How did you end up here?
Sherly: It’s a weird story you won’t understand. Well, my dad brought me here. The rest is too complicated for you to understand.e verge of crying)
Mikey: I’m not stupid, even if I do look stupid.
Sherly: I didn’t say you were stupid. You’re retarded. Just kidding.
Mikey: Nice joke. Ha Ha Ha.
Sherly: What’s your name?
Mikey: Sorry I didn’t tell you. It’s Mikey. (sadly) Just Mikey.
Sherly: What do you mean just Mikey?
Mikey: Why do you care?
Sherly: Dang. What’s wrong with you?
Mikey: What do you mean what’s wrong with me?
Sherly: You just had a mood swing.
Mikey: No I didn’t. I just wanted to show you how you were acting.
Sherly: Oh. Sorry.
Mikey: No problem dude.
Sherly: Why did you say your name is just Mikey?
Mikey: Because I want to be known. Not just Mikey the unknown star. I want to be “Mikey the Ball player” or “Mikey the Great.”
Sherly: What makes you want to be known?
Mikey: Before I used to live on a pole. I belonged to a flag. But I didn’t know what I was. I was tired of seeing the same old things. I wanted to become someone big so I left.
Sherly: Did you like the flag?
Mikey: Yes. I liked it but not loved it enough to be there forever. I was proud to represent. But something was missing.
Sherly: What was missing?
Mikey: Happiness, and fame.
Sherly: What do you mean happiness? I would love to be in your place. You had a good life.
Mikey: But not the life I wanted.
Sherly: You’re nuts. I never had to represent anything. No one knows me, or seen me. I’m an outcast. I have not been proud of anything
Mikey: My life was not so great. I saw the same things every day.
Sherly: Don’t some things change? Things don’t stay the same forever. And you see different faces.
Mikey: Some things do stay the same.
Sherly: But not all. You see new things. People look up to you, respect you, salute you, and what else. You’re living like a king compared to me.
Mikey: Like I said, it’s not what I wanted.
Sherly: What is there not to want? You are spoiled. Things like you don’t see what they have. Me, I never had anything that belonged to me. Look at me! Look how messed up I look. Look how clean you are.
Mikey: You don’t look too bad.
Sherly: Yes I do! Stop lying. Be real. I hate fake things. I’ve been hurt sooo many ways. How have you been hurt? I doubt anything has harmed you.
Mikey: Guess what, I didn’t grow up with a mom or dad. No one besides my Grandma. It hurts seeing things with a family.
Sherly: At least no one’s hurting you. Beating you up. Being a tool to hurt someone else. Being around an alcoholic. Doesn’t care about me. Says it does but doesn’t act like it.
Mikey: You act like you’ve been the only one that’s hurt.
Sherly: Guess what, I’m not acting like I’m the only hurt one. I know people have been hurt worse. But you didn’t get beat almost every other day or been close to death.
Mikey: No, I haven’t.
Sherly: My dad hated me. He tried to do anything to kill me. But still wanted me to suffer. It didn’t hurt on the outside but it hurt on the inside.
Mikey: You are right. I did have a good life.
Sherly: No. You had a great life.
Mikey: You know I was scared to leave. I didn’t want to leave my Grandma.
Sherly: Wow. I didn’t want to leave but I was forced to. I was unconscious when I got here.
Mikey: Sorry.
Sherly: You ain’t sorry. You don’t even know what happened.
Mikey: My feelings are confused. I feel horrible for the way you look and the things that happened to you. I didn’t know what else to say. I now see that I did have a good life.
Sherly: You don’t have to say anything. I’m tired of people always saying they feel bad. I’ve been lied to, too many times. It hurts. Compare my life to yours.
Mikey: I’ve been hurt, even if it’s in simple ways. I’ve still been hurt.
Sherly: There has been a lot of things in my life.
Mikey: Why were you so closed at first then you just busted and opened up?
Sherly: Because I wanted to prove a point. Things like you don’t appreciate what you have. It got me annoyed because you bragged about wanting to leave when I wanted to stay.
Mikey: Why did you want to stay?
Sherly: Because I was with my lil brother Sam. I didn’t want to leave him. I felt safe at home. A weird safe. The only thing that could hurt me was my dad. Other than that, I had what I wanted. Even if they were little things.
Mikey: How did you feel safe when you were getting beaten up?
Sherly: I had a roof over my head. I knew where everything was. I saw any new thing that came into my house. I had food brought to me. Here I’m scared, I don’t know anything or anyone. I don’t have any food or even Sam, the one person I confided in.
Mikey: I thought you would be tired of the way you were being treated. And how the anger of a person could be taken out on you.
Sherly: Guess what, I might have been fed up with the way I was being treated but I had a family. Most of all I had my brother. I don’t really care about the rest. Beaten or not.
Mikey: I wouldn’t think you would want to be around so much violence just to be with one person.
Sherly: Well that one person is very important to me. I would do anything for him.
Mikey: All my life I’ve wanted to be someone big. But things were holding me back. I wanted everything for myself. I left my Grandma just thinking about me! Now I feel angry and selfish for only thinking about myself.
Sherly: Why were you thinking only about yourself?
Mikey: I thought no one cared about me. But now that I look at it, my Grandma really cared and only wanted me to be happy. She didn’t care if she was left alone.
Sherly: Why else would she let you leave? Because she was tired of you, or had no faith?
Mikey: I never saw it that way. My Grandma wants me to succeed. She didn’t want me to have the same lifestyle she had. And wanted me to be happy.
Sherly: How were things holding you back? You had lots of support. I wanted to be a singer but now that I’m here I realized that’s not what I truly want.
Mikey: I’m still trying to become someone big, and famous. At first I just wanted to be free. But now that I’m free I want to make it big.
Sherly: I really believe in you and I’m happy that you got what you wanted.
(Sherly starts crying)
I really want to go home. I’m tired of this place. I don’t know anything around here.
Mikey: Don’t worry.
Sherly: (crying)
What do you mean don’t worry? I don’t know how my brother is, or if he’s getting hurt. Maybe something really bad happened to him. It’s driving me crazy not knowing how he is
Mikey: I think you should find a way to go home.
Sherly: What do you mean go home? I can’t go home. This is my home now. Whether I like it or not.
Mikey: You can go home. Ask your dad to give you another chance. Even though you didn’t do anything.
Sherly: It’ll be hard to go home. My dad beat me up and left me here. He was drunk and said he didn’t want to see me again.
Mikey: Don’t think about your dad. Think about your brother.
Sherly: I do. But my dad keeps coming in my head.
Mikey: Your dad is not the main thing here, it’s you getting back with your brother.
Sherly: That is true. My dad is not so important. I can make a deal with him or something.
Mikey: So do you want to go home and ask your dad for another chance?
Sherly: Yes. I really want to see Sam.
Mikey: We need to make a plan.
Sherly: What kind of plan?
Mikey: How to get to your house and for you to talk to your dad. You know what I’m saying?
Sherly: Kinda. My house is not too far from here. I live in a small cabin in a small town. We can get there in a day or so.
Mikey: First we need sleep.
Sherly: Why sleep?
Mikey: We need to rest.
Sherly: Wait I can’t sleep. I really want to leave this place. I’ve been here way too long. Can we please start going? I need to see Sam. Plus I really don’t trust sleeping here.
Mikey: This place is nice. It smells good. And it’s beautiful. Everything is calm.
Sherly: There’s something freaky about it. Stop the chit-chatting. Let’s start leaving. Please.
Mikey: Okay. Are we going to walk?
Sherly: Yes. How else can we get there?
Mikey: Okay. Let’s go.
Sherly: Thank you very much for standing by my side. You have been very helpful. Sorry I’ve been such a brat.
Mikey: Don’t worry about it. Thank you for helping me realize the things I had. You made me see things much clearer.
Sherly: You’ve been helping me since we first met. I really appreciate you staying. You are someone important.
Mikey: No I’m not.
Sherly: I think you are. You’re “Mikey the Great Helping Star.” What else do you want?
Mikey: Finally I’m someone. I don’t need anything else. (talking to himself) Mikey the Great Helping Star. Sounds good.
Sherly: Ok, let’s go.
(They start leaving)
    The End.