It’s a Struggle




                                          Description: Drugs or Love?



By Nish A.



CHARACTERS: Spark the Merman, Male, age 170 years old

                                    Sparkle the Mermaid, Female, age 171 years old

                                    (Spark’s Girlfriend)


            SETTING:      At Sparkle’s Castle in the city of Atlantis where there is trees and flowers all around.  In the warm blue water you see an enormous amount of fish.  Everyone is friendly, even a few of the sharks


                    TIME:      10:00 am on a summer day



              AT RISE:      Spark is in front of Sparkle’s Castle ready to have a serious conversation about their future.  Sparkle is very happy to see him




(Head Down, kinda shy) Hey babe




(Smiling and happy) Hey baby




We gotta talk babe…




(Curious & Confused) What’s wrong?




I gotta confide to you. Something bad happened yesterday




OMG Babe. What did you do??????




Whatchu mean what did I do…  Alright, well it really wasn’t


my fault first of all. So we found this sparkling amazing


bottle and we got curious of what it was.  So we drank it.


I started feeling a way I never felt before.  It was crazy. 


Next thing you know, I was with my friends as they were


robbing a whale for his blubber.  There were 7 of us total. 


All of a sudden, the dolphins came and chased us.  Four got


away and three of us got caught.  I was one of the three. 


(Head Down looking ashamed) They took us to the water tank


Babe!  It was crazy.  I was so scared.  Then my pops came


and picked me up. It was all-bad    



OMG Babe; YOU ARE SO STUPID! Why do you keep getting into


trouble????  You were hanging around Flipper huh?  I told


you about him… (Frustrated) Why don’t you listen?




I know, I know. I should’ve stayed on the ship. I shouldn’t


have even been with them, but it’s hard sometimes because I


grew up with them




I worry about you Spark.  I’m deeply in love with you; you


know that right? I want to start my new life with you.  I


feel depressed when I’m not with you.  You are always here


for me. You always encourage me with my problems and what


not.  Do you know why I love you so much?  Because you make


me feel like no other.  I see big things with us, but I


fear I might loose you if you keep getting into trouble. 


And I can’t afford loosing you.  I’d feel emotionally torn


if you weren’t in my life




(ASIDE) I feel horrible.  Sparkle means the world to me. 


Without her, I can’t really even be me.  I feel like I’m


not being all the way truthful with her.  What I want to do


is show her that I can be a noble, good deed making merman. 


I want to spend the rest of my life with her. (CLOSE ASIDE)


Being with you keeps me in check.  I don’t know what I


would do without you Sparkle. I’m so glad that I have you




You do have me, all the way!




I hope I do after I tell you this…




What do you mean?




So when my pops came and picked me up from the tank, we had


a loooong talk.  He said that I’ve become a menace to the


aquatic society.  He said that he’s very disappointed in me


and he can’t take me getting into trouble no more.  My pops


said he’s sending me back home to the coast of Tikki Tikki


until I can be the son that he wants me to be. I gotta


leave today 




Are you serious? You’re leaving me…



Na, I’m not leaving you like that. I’ll be back.  It’s just

going to be a while



How long will you be gone for?





Until I become a good son to my father and stop taking kelp




YOU’RE STILL TAKING KELP! You promised me that you would


stop taking kelp!  You know what it does to you.  (Shaking


her head)  I can’t believe you broke your promise to me




It’s a struggle you know.  I’ve been taking too much kelp


lately and it’s been causing me to get into a lot of


trouble. I just don’t know how to stop.  I think I’m


addicted now.  Maybe my pops is really trying to help me. 


But I need your support Sparkle.  You know you’re my


motivation right; to come back clean and start a family


with you




You always say that you’re going to stop.  What makes you


think you’re going to stop this time?




Because I can’t stand the thought of being away from you.


So I’m trying to be back ASAP!




Babe, can I tell you something now?




Of course, but it has to be fast because my pops is


expecting me soon




I’m going to tell you something that’s going to change our


lives forever.  We’re expecting a baby merboy in 25 days. 


I wanted to tell you when the time was right, but since


you’re going away and all I needed to tell you now. I plan


on moving out of my parent’s castle and being independent. 


I can’t take living under their roof with all of their


rules and not being able to do anything.  I want to get my


own castle and live with you while raising our family.  But


that’s not going to happen Spark if you don’t change your






Whatchu saying you gonna leave me?  And take my baby with






I hate to say this, but as much as I love you, I will if


you keep taking kelp and hanging around your stupid


friends. My greatest fear is that one day I will get a call


that you’re in the water tank and can’t come back home.  I


really don’t want this to happen Babe.  I love you so much


and I can’t see you not being in my life.  But I won’t


allow me or our merbaby to see the type of merman you’re


becoming right now.  So I’m giving you 20 days to get

you’re act straight.  So you better straighten up.  




Ok Babe, I know I’ve lied to you in the past.  I never


really meant too, but it’s a struggle.  Now that we’re


expecting a merbaby, everything has changed.  I put my fin


up and swear on our relationship that when I come back I’ll


be a more responsible, noble, good deed merman.  Kelp


and trouble free, including not hanging around my stupid


“fish” friends.  I’m going to be a better son to my father


and an even greater father to my son. And more importantly,


I will be a better boyfriend to you.  And get back to the


Merman that you first fell in love with.  And if these


things don’t change, then don’t be with me.  BUT they are


going to change because I want to be with you forever.  So


are you going to wait for me?




You got 20 days. Show me and I’ll stay with you




Alright babe. I gotta go. I’ll see you in 20 days.  I love


you Sparkle!  




I love you to Spark.  Take care of yourself so that you can


take care of us



Spark goes off to Tikki Tikki.  Although Spark is


struggling to quit his ways, he keeps in mind Sparkle is


they’re waiting for him to change.  He actually keeps his


promise and comes back home in 20 days.  He apologizes to


everybody for what he did and begins a new relationship


with his pops.  As for Sparkle, Spark comes back right in


time for their Merbaby’s birth. Sparkle realizes how


serious Spark is about everything.  They begin to start


their own lives together. Sparkle is amazed and happy. They


live happily ever after