A Play by Aristotle

Performance: September, 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Jo Mar, a Kangaroo
Jo Mar’s Mom, also a Kangaroo
Time: 3pm on a Summer afternoon
Place: Front door of Aris’ (a friend) apartment in Daly City. Nice apartment, lots of room, 2 bedrooms and a big living room – everything in there – TV, radio, DVD.
At Rise: Jo Mar, the kangaroo, is at Aris, his friend the tiger’s apartment.

Knock-knock. Jo Mar answers the door. Jo Mar’s Mom is at the door.

Jo Mar:

You go home right now.

Jo Mar’s Mom: OK. I’m gonna go home right now. Don’t be mad. Please come home. I want you back, you’re my son.
Jo Mar:

I’ll probably go home with you next time cuz I’ll be fightin’ with you at the house. I’ll probably stay with my homeboy Aris. I’ll keep it down, then think about it.

Jo Mar’s Mom:

If you don’t go home today, I’m gonna call cop on you. Probably you and Aris gonna get locked up.

Jo Mar: Go ahead. Call the cops on me. I’m gonna stay here first. I don’t wanna go home. I’m at Aris house. We can do whatever – chillin’, laughin’ we havin’ fun. Party.
Jo Mar’s Mom: Your Dad is sick. He’s waiting for you. He’s in the hospital. We have to go. You have to go with me and come with me to bring him home. He’s in a wheelchair.
Jo Mar:

I’ll probably come home and take care of him, it’s my Dad. I feel not good, Dad is sick. You take care of him.

Jo Mar’s Mom: How come you don’t be home all the time?
Jo Mar: You be fightin’, arguing cuz I don’t be home. I feel hella mad. You fightin’ all the time. I put it in my brain, I got mad, then I bounced.
Jo Mar’s Mom: I’m scared you gonna run away again. I don’t want to lose you again. I scared police gonna look for you and they gonna lock you up. I feel good when you’re home and we have a good happy family when you’re home.
Jo Mar: But sometimes I’m not happy at home because we have arguing. Sometimes I mad at you and that’s the reason I run away. Part of me wants to go home because I want to be with my family. I like watch comedy TV, talk funny, be together at house. I know you care about me but at home there is arguing.
Jo Mar’s Mom: I’m not gonna argue with you no more. I love you. You’re my son.
Jo Mar: I’m sorry for not being home but I want to go to Aris to kick it, but I sleep at home but kick it every day with my homeboy Aris.
Jo Mar’s Mom:

You’re my son. I care about you. I made you so I care about you. I feel not good. I’m worried about you. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m walking back and forth at the house thinking where’s he at?

Jo Mar: Don’t worry about me. I feel safe at Aris house. Laughin’ we havin’ fun here. I’m always here.
Jo Mar’s Mom: Okay. Do whatever you want. Just go home. Sleep there.
Jo Mar:

I like sleep at home with family because it’s a house. You protect me. I like you watchin’ me because you protect me.

Jo Mar’s Mom:

Please go home right now. I’m begging you. I want you to come home because it’s your birthday. I want a good family to have fun together.

Jo Mar:

Thank you for letting me go to Aris house. I’m glad we’re not fighting no more and it’s over.
Jo Mar leaves with Mom, they hug.

    The End.