A Play by Marcus Green

Performance: July, 2002
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Time: Sunrise
Top of the Hill in the Jungle.  There are birds chirping, rain falling, wet soggy mud, the smell of mildew.
At Rise:
Kinsy the Black Panther is looking for a girl and goes into a cave.  Earthquake, his younger brother, sees Kinsy walk into the cave and follows him in.  Kinsy hears the flapping wings of a bat and comes out running!




Roarrr!  What’s the problem?

Kinsy: All those freakin bats that are in the cave!  You know my vision is bad from when I got scratched in the eye by bats last time.

If only you weren’t scared of animals that are smaller than you.  And besides, that’s the cave that I wanted to move into.  Well, we have no other place to live since we got evicted from our last cave.


That bat-infested place?

Earthquake: Well, it’s bigger than the other cave that we live in.  So what about it?  Is the cave all right to move into?  Man, you need to face your fear of bats!  My greatest wish was to get into this cave – so we could have more room and more of a family environment
Kinsy: Well, I have my greatest wish too!

Which is . . .?

Kinsy: To have my own family.
Earthquake: Well, what about me?  I am your family.
Kinsy: Well, you’re old enough to hunt now.  You should be able to face your fear of elephants, too – so I can move on with my life.
Earthquake: Well, I thought I was part of your life.
Kinsy: Well, it’s time.  You’re old enough to hunt and maybe you’ll start your own family too – before you’re too old like me and you only have 72 hours to find your match.
Earthquake: (shocked)
What are you talking about?
Kinsy: Well, my greatest wish is to start my own family because mating season is almost over in 72 hours and this is my last chance cause I’m getting too old.
Earthquake: And leave me and your sister behind to die?
Kinsy: I won’t let you guys die.  I will bring you some food then – everyday.  Therefore, you can move into the more spacious cave for you and our sister.
Earthquake: Well, why don’t you just stay?  And you can move your mate and your family in with us.  There’s enough room.
Kinsy: Well, I kind of wanted to be on my own and be an independent and dominant panther.

Well, it would be hard to live without you, since you have been there for me all my life.  It’s not that easy just to pick up and leave.


Well, I really want to start my own family, which is really important to me.


Well, I thought I was important to you too.

Kinsy: You are.  That’s why I have to do this for you.  So you can become your own man too.
Earthquake: Well, I need you to teach me how to be a man.
Kinsy: No brother, that’s something you have to learn on your own.  Ever since mom died, I played the mother role.  Now that you’re old enough, it’s time to take Dad’s place and let you be a man.
Earthquake: I can understand the love you gave me.  You tried to raise me right, but instead I’ve done nothing right.
Kinsy: Don’t try to play me.  That’s the oldest game in the book, beating up on yourself to get sympathy.
Earthquake: What are you talking about?  I’m not trying to get no sympathy – especially from you.
Kinsy: Man, you wouldn’t be where you at if it wasn’t for me
Earthquake: Man, you aint nothin’ but a sucker.  Wanna leave me and your sister behind, but I could take on the responsibilities better than you could.
Kinsy: You wish.  But I need to go find my pretty lady to start a family.
Earthquake: Man who cares about you and your stupid family.
(Kinsy starts to leave and freezes on Earthquake’s aside)
Earthquake: (aside)
Man, all this time he’s been babying me and I thought he was preparing me to be a man.  Well, I love my brother to death.  He just got me so pumped up that I have to be on my own and take full responsibility of myself and my little sister.  Well, I guess I’m gonna have to go out and do it on my own like a sav.  And face my fears of being killed by an elephant ever since I witnessed my parents being trampled by elephants in a stampede.  I always wanted to be on my own and bring home the food.
(Kinsy unfreezes and starts to exit)
Earthquake: Well, I have made the decision to be my own man and bring home the food.  Well, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I’m at and I would still be afraid to hunt on my own.  We don’t need you to come over everyday.  Just drop by and let me know you’re doing okay.
Kinsy: Well, I’m glad you think so.
    The End.