A Play by Nichole B.

SETTING: A very sunny and cheerful office in the White House.
TIME: 6:30pm in the evening

Joy, the magic talking pen, and Liberty, the eagle statue on President Bush’s desk in front of a window.  They are discussing President Bush’s speech.

Joy:  (Very snooty) So what am I going to get out of writing this speech for you?

Liberty:  Well, what would you like to get out of it?

Joy:  I want to be put in the Rotunda.

Liberty:  Well, that’s what I want too.

Joy:  Oh.  So you want all the credit.

Liberty:  I never said that.

Joy:  Well, if I write this for you, what makes you think you will share the credit with me?

Liberty:  Come on, Joy – I only have 20 minutes until President Bush goes on stage.       Please help me.

Joy:  Honestly, I don’t think it will be enough time.  I know I can write fast, but can you talk as fast as I can write?

Liberty:  Joy, remember that time that I let you come along with me when I went to visit my Mom and Dad?

Joy:  Yeah, what about it?

Liberty:  A week before that happened, I pushed you off the desk.  I remember how horrible I felt for that.  But I was jealous of you and your relationship with President Bush.

Joy:  (In a low voice) You really are jealous of me?

Liberty:  Well, kind of.  I mean, this one day, President Bush came in and smelled like cologne.  I was curious to why he smelt so good.

Joy:  Well, I have to admit I told him that you said he smelt funny. 

Liberty:  Why would you do something like that?

Joy:  Because I am trying to make history as a famous pen.

Liberty:  How is that going to make you famous?

Joy:  I don’t know.  I just thought it would make him like me more and he would see the real me. 

Liberty:  Showing the real you would be to help me with my speech.  Time’s getting
               short and it will take me 15 minutes to tell you my ideas.  So will you help me
               or not?

Joy:  I still don’t know.  How do I know that I can trust you?

Liberty:  Come on now.  I want love and peace for all.  You think I would be selfish and take all the credit?

Joy:  Well, do you think the media will get to your head?  Don’t you think you might forget about me?

Liberty:  I don’t know quite honestly. 

Joy:  See, there you go.  If you take all the credit, there goes my chance to be in the Rotunda.

Liberty:  What about you?  What makes you think I can trust you?  I mean, you told President Bush that I said he smelled funny.

Joy:  You could totally trust me.  I only want what’s fair.

Liberty:  But telling President Bush that I said he smelled wasn’t fair.  What was fair about that?

Joy:  Well, there was nothing fair about it.

Liberty:  See – so what would be fair about me taking full credit.  I’m telling my ideas to you, you’re writing them down and we worked as a team.  Right?

Joy:  Well, I guess you are right.  We were both unfair to each other, and I am sorry for being unfair to you.

Liberty:  Oh, Joy – I am sorry as well.  If you help me, I promise you will stand next to me in a display case at the Rotunda.

Joy:  (excitedly) Oh – really?  Thank you Liberty.  I will help you, and I will get your message out.

Liberty:  I won’t let you down.  I give you my word.

Joy:  (In shock) Oh, my!

Liberty:  (Worried) What?

Joy:  There is no paper in the desk.

Liberty:  Well, where is there some paper?

Joy:  I don’t know.  I know that there is some in the desk.  But I don’t know how to open it.  Why do you have to do this tonight anyway?

Liberty:  Because it’s President Bush’s last night, and the new president is going to throw me away.

Joy:  (Sadly) But he can’t throw you away.

Liberty:  Well, he feels that he can.

Joy:  I’m sorry Liberty.

Liberty:  Time’s getting short.  Enough talking.  Look for the paper.

Joy:  (Sarcastically) Yeah, like I know how to open the desk.

Liberty:  Well, use your magic and open the desk.

Joy:  God, why are you being so pushy?

Liberty:  Did you not understand that tonight is my last chance?

Joy:  I get it, but you’re acting as though I owe you this.

Liberty:  Honestly Joy, I am trying to do something for me and you.  If you don’t do this for me you will have to find a way into the Rotunda, and that might never happen.  It’s an easy way in.

Joy:  How do you know?

Liberty:  Come on, people don’t believe in magic pens.  You think you will be able to get in without me?

Joy:  Honestly, yes!

Liberty:  Well, then, don’t help me.  I will do it myself, and you will see me in the Rotunda.  So there.

(Joy is looking for paper.)

Liberty:  What are you doing?

Joy:  Looking for paper.

Liberty:  Why?
Joy:  Because, you think that you can do this on your own, and I want to be in the Rotunda.  Ah, (pushing paper up onto the desk) – I found paper.  Now, do you want me to write?

Liberty:  Well, I guess, but is the only reason you are helping me is because you want to be famous?  Do you even really care about me?

Joy:  See Liberty, I care about you, but I also don’t want to go out of my term without being known.

Liberty:  Well, I think we need to get started if we are going to get this to President Bush on time.

Joy:  Lets go!

Liberty:  OK.  So, why do people hate, commit crime and tease others?   I think that we all share the same heart created by god.

Joy:  Uh-huh.

Liberty:  Can’t we all just get along.  No matter what race, age or sex you are . . .

Joy:  Uh-oh!

Liberty:  What?  Why did you stop me?

Joy:  I ran out of ink.

Liberty:  You’re joking, right?

Joy:  Now, would I lie to you about this?

Liberty:  Well, I guess not.  How are we going to write now?

Joy:  I have an idea.  Why don’t we go to the speech area and do it ourselves?

Liberty:  Like people are going to listen to a statue and a pen.

Joy:  If I can help it, they will.

Liberty:  Well, what are we waiting for.  Let’s go!

Joy:  Alright.


(Joy is talking to President Bush.  She turns back to Liberty.)
Joy:  He is going to let us say your speech.  

Liberty:  Really?  Alright.

Joy:  Get onto the podium then. 

Liberty:  Alright then-

Joy:  (After Liberty gives her speech-) Great job.  I think you did it.

Liberty:  Thanks.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  You can share my display case with me.

Joy:  (Grateful) Thank you Liberty! 


Liberty’s Monologue

            My goodness, it always seems like everybody is fighting, creating crime or hating on other people.  I just swish that there could be love and peace.  We all share the same heart.  If I could some how spread a word of love and peace, I would do it in a heartbeat.  But how?  I mean, if I could just get these words out to my fellow Americans.  But what if they don’t listen to me.  What if they think what I am saying is dumb?  I want to try.  Maybe I could have Joy write down my ideas and tell her to give it to President Bush.  But wait – maybe she will take credit for it.  Oh, what am I thinking?  If I care about it enough, it’s worth a try.  But what if Joy steals my ideas like the time she told President bush that I said he smelled funny.  What if she takes what I say and uses it as her own?  Should I risk it for myself?  I want my word to get spread.  Maybe I can talk to President Bush, or maybe I can be put onto a podium and do it myself.  I’m just so scared that Joy will take the credit.  When Joy told President Bush that I said he smelled, President Bush started to wear cologne and stated spraying air freshener in the room.

Joy’s Monologue

            Wow – Liberty is really onto something here.  She has a lot of heart.  I can see it now.  “Joy, the Magic Writing Pen, who changed the world.”  I could totally have President Bush fooled.  He would have no idea that Liberty came up with this.  I mean, I like Liberty, but she thinks she knows it all.  Its kind of funny how she speaks all of this love and peace, but what happens if she gets it out.  What if she gives me no credit and tells President Bush she had no one to help her write it?  I would hate for that to happen, because I want to be in the Rotunda.  I could hear it now – “Joy, the Magic Self-Writing Pen makes history.”  But wait – I don’t want to do something cruel like that.  It would make me a hypocrite.  What to do, what to do?