A Play by Antoine F.

Performance: September 2001
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Sugabear – a friendly bear looking for the girl of his dream, and to start a new family. He is 33 now, but he is scared of an evil bear, Sting.
Sting – a very evil bear, he killed his family. Now Sting is just going around killing everything he can, even baby squirrels.
Time: Winter. This is before the wolves come back for Spring looking for Sting and have little pups with them, so they would do anything to get rid of Sting.
Place: At Sugabear’s favorite spot; that’s a tree where it’s peaceful and he has a little squirrel friend to warn him of danger.
At Rise: Sugabear is laying down at his favorite spot, where there is an old tree with a big hole in it, and brown grass on where the tree is. It smells like fresh pine tree in this area and you would always hear a squirrel chittering.



[standing up] I smell something strange, and I doesn’t hear my little friend squirrel. Something is just not right here. [he walks around the tree] I know that’s not a bear. It is another bear and he is eating something with a fuzzy tail! It’s my poor little friend Squirrel! He’s never did nothing to no one, and why a big bear like that would be eating on something that small? That’s a mean looking bear… oh my GOD… it’s… it’s… Sting! What am I supposed to do? I know what I should do, I should do what I wanted to do. I’m going to go over there and talk to him and tell him all the evil things he’s doing around here and that he needs to change before he gets killed by the wolf pack that’s coming in the Spring. I just want to get everything right, so I can be able to start my family. I’m going to be the one to stand up to him. I just hope he doesn’t try to kill me like the rest of them.
[He steps up to Sting]


What is that shadow above me? [he looks up] What are you doing here?
Do I know you?

Sugabear: No, but I would like to know you, if you don’t mind.

I do mind… but what you want to get to know me for? You must don’t know what you’re dealing with.


I know what I’m dealing with. That’s why I came over here to talk to you about things you are doing to everyone. So many animals are just hurt and terrified about the things you do, and everybody want to know, what is it? And I’m trying to start my family and I’m scared, too… you might try to kill my family. But I got feelings for you… what I mean is that I care about you.

Sting:   How you going to care about me when you hardly know me?
Sugabear:   That’s why we can sit down and get to know each other and try to become friends.

[turns around] He said ‘friends’… nobody never said they wanted to be a friend of mines. Maybe he really want to be a friend, but the last friend I had was my brother, and he got killed by the pack of wolves. Maybe this guy is somebody who wants me dead, too. 
[He turns back around]

How could I trust you? I don’t know if you’re one of them, who is trying to kill me.

Sugabear:   Trust me, I’m not that kind of bear. I’m the kind of bear that’s friendly. I like to have friends and to accomplish something that my father never did. He abandoned me and left us for dead, and that’s something I would never do to my family. I wouldn’t do such a thing to someone I really want to help.
Sting:   It feels like you’re telling the truth.
Sugabear:   It’s gonna take a while to get you to trust me, but we ain’t got that much time to get to trust each other.
Sting:   So when do we stop sitting here looking stupid and start talking?
Sugabear:   First of all, we got to do something.
Sting:   And what’s that?

We got to get the remains of my little friend Squirrel and bury them.

Sting:   That was you little friend? How a big bear like you going to hang around something that small?
Sugabear:   That’s not right what you just said, and you shouldn’t do things like eating little squirrels.

So what is it that you really got to talk to me about?


I want to talk to you about why you do the things you do.


[Sting’s really thinking to himself about this bear.] How you go ax me something like that?

Sugabear:   The reason I’m axing you is because you killed two other friends of mine and I’m really getting sick and tired of it… … and I would hate to see you die!
Sting:   What make you think I’m gonna die? I’ve never been defeated in this park.
Sugabear:   Because the word around the park is the whole wolf pack is out to get you.
Sting:   Where you hear this from?
Sugabear:   Well, I have a friend in the wolf pack.
Sting:   You have a what?!?
Sugabear:   He’s just my friend, like I would want you to be, Look, what I’m saying is, we can put an end to all of this stuff, before it gets even worser than what it is. I received a message that the wolves are coming back
sooner than they supposed to come back. I got the message from a friend of mine…. who’s laying there dead, now.
Sting:   [aside] Maybe this bear is trying to help me and be a friend. Why did I kill the little squirrel that’s his friend? And now the wolves are on the way?
Maybe I better tell him a little about myself, before it is too late and I might end up gettin’ killed. I never really thought about death. Maybe this is the time to be thinkin’ about that, and maybe it’s the time to bring a friend into my life and start all over.
Sugabear:   [has been watching Sting all the time Sting’s been thinking to himself]
It’s something that ticks you off or if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.
Sting:   I’m believing everything you’re saying – that’s why I’m not gonna hurt you in no kinda way. But I’m gonna tell you a little about myself. When I was growing up – I grew up in a nice family, but there was something wrong with my dad, something that wasn’t right about him. He used to beat me, but never beat the others in my family – and the messed up thing about it – my father was my uncle… [Sting drops a tear] …as you can see, I’m inbred and I have a little ill problem. But one day, I finally got fed up with it and that’s when I decided to kill myfather. When I killed my father, my sister and my mother seen it, so I had to kill them, too. The only one left was my little brother and he was out by the lake, caching some salmon. When I seen him on his way back, I ran towards him and that’s when I told my little brother our family has been murdered. My little brother couldn’t seem to understand what was going on, but he listened to me and we moved on with our life. Within a year, I was chillin’. That’s when I started killin’ – but my little brother didn’t know anything about it. At nighttime, I have these crazy nightmares of my father beating me and it’s hard for me to sleep. But one day, my little brother said he was going to the creek to take a swim and that’s when I never seen him again. When I went to the creek to look for him, I didn’t see nuthin’ but blood and wolf paw prints on the ground, but no signs of my little brother. As much anger as I had, I felt like I couldn’t stop killin’, especially when my brother died. That’s when I killed a few cubs of the wolf pack. I knew from there on that I was just a killing machine, but all I really wanted was a friend. So I left the park for end of the Summer, to make sure the wolf pack was gone, cuz I knew they was gonna come back. Now it’s Winter and I know they be back sometime soon, but I don’t know what I’m gonna do…
Sugabear:   What we gonna do is settle everything. Trust me on this one, too, that
nothing’s gonna happen to you. …. But I didn’t know you went through
all this as a youngster. [aside] I’m thinking I know how I feel for Sting and what he went through as a youngster. Even though I was abandoned and not abused, I knew he was going through something, and I’m glad I found out about it. I’m glad I did the right thing.
A lot of animals in this park woulda got killed or hurt… including Sting. Now that I got this taken care of, I gotta wait till the wolf pack comes back, so I can take care of that for Sting and get things back to normal.
Narrator:   Two months later, Sugabear finally finds the female he’s been looking for, and they start their family. Sting is not going to get killed by the wolf pack. They made an agreement he’ll stay away from their territory and won’t kill them.
    The End.