A Play by Macias R.

Performance: October, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: One’o’clock in the afternoon
Place: A big Redwood tree in one of the biggest parks in the world, in Redwood City.
The park is all green, with lots of trees. There’s a little river, so it smells like
water, with dirt. It smells fresh. You can hear monkeys, wolves, and owls. The
air is warm, comfortable.
Boxer, an eagle, 2 years old
Nana, another eagle, five years old.
At rise: Boxer and Nana are sitting in their nest, high up in the tree. They see one female eagle, in another tree.


Let’s go talk to the female.


Let me go talk to her first.

Nana: Why you? I see her first!

I see her first, Nana!


I need to marry her, because I need a family. ‘Cause they passed out—they die. I want to be a father.

Boxer: Why you want to have a family? I want a family, too! I need to marry her!
Nana: Let’s fight for her.

You my best friend. Why we gonna fight for her?

Nana: You scared to fight, Boxer?
Boxer: I not scared to fight. And I don’t want to fight. Cause you my best friend and we like family. You like my brother.
Nana: You remember what happen to my little brother.
Boxer: I’m remember when we used to be the three of us playing tug ‘o’ war with the snakes.
Nana: Sorry, Boxer. Sorry for what I tell you—the fight thing.
Boxer: You can have the female. You can marry her, Nana.

What about you?

Boxer: I’m gonna go look for one female. So you can go back to the female, Nana. Go ahead.
Nana: Forget the female. Let’s be like brothers, the rest of the life.

Let’s share the female.


Why we sharing the female? All I want is a family. I’m remember when my family pass away, long time ago, when I was a baby. I say “So long.” I start growing up, and I start doing bad things, going crazy and fighting other eagles. I used to be so lonely doing bad things, looking for family, friends. So one day I was flying looking for a snake and I see another eagle in a tree. I think she was a female. Then I go talk to her, but it wasn’t a female. It was a male. And I said, “Who are you?”


(remembering) “I am Boxer. Who are you?”



Boxer: We start talking about our families. When I was 2 years old some hunters kill my Mom when she was in the nest. They killed my dad too. I was a baby when the thing happened. I was crying, crying. I was thinking about my Mom and Dad when they got shot. I never forgot that day. My dad, he used to take me in the afternoons to hunting, flying, and when we see the snake or squirrels or rats, we grab them and we take it back to the nest to eat. So that’s where I learned that from my father. And my Mom, she used to be all day in the nest, giving food to me. She made snake soup, squirrel tomales with rice, birds asado, fish… I learn all that from my parents. So then they die. So now I’m going to be the rest of my life with no family till I find a female and have a nice family with my wife and my son and daughter. We’ll be rich, because I will selling the snakes to get money to protect my family. I will fix my children snake soup, and rat tomales.
Nana: So you going have a nice life for your family.
Boxer: You gonna have same like me, or different.
Nana: My life is different than you, Boxer. Cause I don’t care.
Boxer: I know, Nana. You don’t care what happen to your family and your life change. You need to stop getting in trouble, to don’t get locked up in the cage. If you keep doing bad things you going to the cage, so it’s no joke, Nana.
Nana: No, I don’t wanna get in trouble, cause I don’t wanna be in the cage. I’ma try to change my life.
Boxer: Just do like me, don’t be in trouble. Cause I never get in trouble. Just keep it cool.
Nana: Only cause you told me I’ma do good to don’t be in problems, don’t get shot, killed.
Boxer: And my dreams one day is gonna be real.
Nana: Are you sure if your dreams is gonna be real, or are you just saying?
Boxer: What you mean, Nana? Everything I say is real, or is gonna be real. Are you saying that I’m a liar?
Nana: Damn, it’s a joke!
Boxer: I think what you was telling me that I was a liar. But I never lie!
Nana: (starts laughing)
Don’t get mad, Boxer!
Boxer: I’m not mad. But I’m going to get the female.
Nana: Okay, Boxer. Take a flight for me, too. And let’s go look for a female for me. And you—you get your female.
Boxer: Okay. I’ma take a flight with you for you to get your own female. And I can get my female. She’s waiting for me.
(They start to fly. They see a hunter and they fly higher and faster so they don’t get shot. The hunter see the two eagles going up and the hunter was running looking the two eagles. And he see the two eagles flying and he starts shooting. Nana and Boxer almost get shot. They get scared.)
Nana: (screaming)
Boxer: We’re gonna die!!!!
Nana: If we don’t fly faster, we’re gonna die!!
Boxer: Let’s turn to the right.
(They start flying faster.)
Nana: Let’s go to the top of the tree so we can lost the hunters.
Boxer: I’ll follow you, cause you know better than me.
Nana: Boxer, let’s kill the hunters.
Boxer: You crazy, Nana?!.
Nana: Yeah, I’m crazy. That’s why I want to kill the dang hunter.
Boxer: No, Nana, if you get close to the hunter you gonna get shot and you gonna die. And I don’t wanna be alone.
Nana: Let’s go, Boxer. Let’s kill the hunter to don’t be scared no more. Let’s kill him!
Boxer: No, forget the hunter. Look—there’s the female!
Nana: Hey! Hey, beautiful!
Boxer: Talk with respect. Don’t say stupid stuff.
Nana: Okay, Boxer. I’m gonna talk with more respect. (to female) Hi. What’s your name?
Boxer: Yeah, keep talking.
Nana: I don’t know what to say!
Boxer: Talk nice to her. Don’t get scared. Tell her if she wants some snakes, if she’s hungry, you will give her a snake.
Nana: I’ll be back. Ima tell the female what you told me.
Boxer: If you going to talk to the female, you can do it, you got a chance to see if she can be your wife.
Nana: Ima try to she can be on my side. I’m kind of nervous, cause I never talk to a female in my life.
Boxer: Just don’t get nervous. Just talk to the female like you would talk to me. Talk nicely.
Nana: Alright, Ima try to talk nicely, I’ma do my best to don’t mess it up, and make her my girlfriend.
The End.