A Play by Richard Unga

Performance: November, 2002
Gateway School, San Mateo

Time:Daytime 2050
Place:Yosemite, big, small, medium, mountains, big rocks, a waterfall coming out of the mountain, all kinds of animals, some are sleeping, some are mating.
At Rise: Anligina, the Lioness slaps her son King Psycho the Lion with her paw.



Mom! I apologize, stop slapping me.
(She won’t stop)


You want to play games. We’re gonna play games.

King: Why are you hitting me?
(Mom slaps him again)

You gotta get your mind right for college. Collect some knowledge, get your lazy behind up.


Mom, I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. You tell me to go to college – my most important goal – but you tell me what to get my degree in.

Mom: Cause I don’t want to lose you, see you hurt, down, or even dead.
King: Help me out, let’s talk about it. Mom, I know you’re dying and I know what you want from me, but then you used to tell me don’t let anything stand in my way. Do what I feel is right. And what I feel is right is getting a degree in what I want, to help out the family, and bring food, help us survive in the mountains. I want to get a degree in tactics and strategy. All I’m learning in territorial markings is how to scratch staff, pee everywhere. But I want to learn how to kill animals, survive, get a degree so I can teach other lions to feel good that I’m passing on my experiences.

Roarrr! No, just like I said before, I don’t want to lose you.

King: Well, mom you said get my lazy but up and this is what I want to do.
Mom: Well, I’m sick with cancer and I want to see you go to college for territorial markings before I pass away.
King: Wouldn’t you want me to get a degree in what I want? Man, that’s probably what you wanted – to go to college, but you couldn’t cause you had lions.
Mom: You want to get your degree in tactics and strategy, but your family will always provide for you – food and everything.
King: Man, if I get weak, my family will kick me out. Or how about if I’m ever stranded? I could use strategies and tactics to survive.
(Mom coughs)
Mom: Son.
King: Mom, are you ok? What’s wrong?
Mom: I want you to do what you really want son. I want to see you happy before I go. You’re my son, you’re my blood. Cause I love you, you’re like my best friend.
King: Mom, I’ve been stressing a lot lately, but I came up with an idea. I can get a degree in both tactics and strategy and territorial markings.
Mom: So you really want to do this? I guess I should agree with you, Me dieing, forcing my son to get a degree in what I wanted.
King: Yes, I do really want to get this and I think its going to really help me out in life. I love you Mom.

I love you too.
(They hug. Four years pass. At graduation, calling out random names, then “King Psycho the Lion, graduate of the class of 2050”. The Lions roarrr! King Psycho sees his mom happy, but in the clouds. He blows her a kiss.)


This is for you.

    The End.