A Play by Jose A.

Performance: October 30, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: PRICKLE the GOLDFISH, he’s 7 months old
JELLY the JELLYFISH, Prickle’s Mom, age 5 years.
Time: 7:00am, Morning- Summer
Place: The River – A lot of little rocks at the bottom. They’re ugly, crooked, brown. People sit in chairs, tables where people eat, or go fishing. It looks like a lake- water runs sometimes slow, sometimes it’s normal. When it rains the water is dirty. When it doesn’t rain that much, the water is clean. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s hot on a sunny day. At Rise: Prickle the Goldfish is swimming, looking for his ex-girlfish.


Where is she at? (Beautiful) Probably she’s with another goldfish, or probably she’s moved to a different river. I’m sad because I cannot find her. This other girlfish (Ugly) is after me because she wants me to go swim with her. But I don’t want to, because she wants with me. I’m in love with my ex-girl and I don’t want to have no relationship with her. My Mom is telling me to have little goldfishes because she wants to be a grandmother, but I don’t want to have little goldfishes right now because I don’t have work or I’m not a responsible goldfish.
(Jelly enters)


Hi son. How are you doing?

Prickle: I am doing good, mom. How are you mom?

I am doing just great. But I need to tell you that I want you to have little grand goldfishes so I could take care of them. And make them happy like I did to my son. I want my little grand goldfishes to have fun with me.


I want to wait for my ex-girlfish and have little goldfishes. But I don’t want to have right now little goldfishes because I don’t have no responsibility of myself.

Jelly: Don’t worry. I tell you I’m going to take care of your little goldfishes.
Prickle: Nah! But I don’t want to have them with Ugly. ‘Cause I’m still in love with my ex-girl, Beautiful.

Nah! I don’t want you to wait for your ex-girl. I want you to take a chance on Ugly the Goldfish. ‘Cause I want you to be with her, ‘cause she’s nice too. She treats me with respect.

Prickle: All right Mom, you’re just begging me too much like you’re my wife!
Jelly: Hey Prickle, don’t tell me that I’m begging you like I was your wife. I am your Mom. And I can tell you what to do because I am given you everything that you want. But now you tell me something real stupid.
Prickle: I am sorry Mom. I won’t tell you something like that again. Mom, I need to take more months to forget my ex-girl goldfish.
Jelly: I could not wait for more months to pass by. Please son, I’m not begging you no more if you’re willing to take a chance on this Ugly goldfish next week.
Prickle: Why you want me to get little goldfishes with Ugly the Goldfish?
Jelly: You know why I want you to get in love with Ugly the Goldfish? ‘Cause I think you are going to get killed by the fishing men. ‘Cause fishermen are mean people and they like to kill fishes and eat them all.

How are the fishermen are going to kill me?

Jelly: ‘Cause the fishermen has hooks with worms. And the fishermen will kill you more easier because of the worms.
Prickle: I won’t get killed, Mom, because I am smart and could see the hooks with worms.

No. Listen to me. You will get killed because you love worms and they make you “happy”.


No Mom, you need to listen to me. I know what is good or bad for me. Mom, you just need to tell me what you want from me.
(JELLY turns right and ignores him.)


The worms make me “happy” ‘cause I always need to eat worms because it’s my favorite food.


Why do like worms a lot?

Prickle: Do you want to know why I like worms? Because I’m always mad. Because I don’t have a job or money to take my ex-girlfish for a swim.
Jelly: I am surprised of you Prickle, ‘cause you never tell me this before.
Prickle: ‘Cause I don’t tell nobody my problems.
Jelly: I am sad, because you never tell me about your problems. I love you, Prickle, a lot. You are my favorite son, and you don’t trust me. And I am your only Mom in this life.
Prickle: I know that you are my only Mom. And I’m going to tell you about the worms. The worms take away the mad and make me feel very good. And happy. And I like to play with my brother because the worms make me go like I was a clown in the circus.
Jelly: Now that you that you tell me about the worms, that it takes away the mad and makes you “happy”, eat more worms to take a chance on Ugly.
Prickle: You know what Mom? I’m going to take a chance on Ugly the Goldfish. Because you are my only Mom that I need to listen to.
Jelly: Okay son, I need to tell you the truth. That probably I’m going to die. That’s why I want to have little grand goldfishes.
Prickle: Okay Mom. That you tell me the truth, I’m willing to have little goldfishes with Ugly. Because I want you to know my little goldfishes with Ugly and make you happy.
    The End.