Losing a Friend

By Jose 



Characters:     Metal House–He is 18 yrs. old.

                            Ocean–He has been around since 1 B.C.


Setting:           On top of a mountain.  Around the mountain there are trees, flowers,

                           grass, and the Ocean.  It’s windy and hot.


Time:                Around sunset, when it starts getting dark and foggy.


At Rise:          Metal House is on top of the mountain, and Ocean is at the

                          bottom of the mountain.


Metal House

(To Audience)

I feel happy when I’m warm inside, because I know I’m still alive, to travel

and discover new places.  I also feel happy when I’m out wandering around.  When I start wandering around, I always end up in the same place I started at:  I end up on the same mountain I have been living for the past 18 years. 

When I look down from the mountain, I see a clear Blue Ocean, and it there’s beautiful grass, flowers, trees and animals.  When I hear the wind, I look at the Big Ocean and hear every time a wave crashes into a rock or sand. 

Then I start to wonder if I will ever meet my family or if I even had one. 

But I don’t get worried or sad, because I’m happy all by myself, and my heart is made out of Steel.  Today I was back in Mexico.  I was walking around in the city.  I came to a stop when I seen a match going on.  I entered the arena, and I seen people going crazy.  I didn’t know why but I knew they couldn’t wait to see the fight.  As I was sitting down, they said the two fighter’s names.  Their names where spider and gallo.  Gallo was winning the fight, but at the last minute spider jumped on top of gayo and bit him and knocking him out.Now I came back to where I’m standing, near the Ocean water,  it’s about to sunset.


(Ocean  enters on high tide.)


Que pasa, casa?


Metal House

I’m having a flashback to when I was in Mexico today.

(Ocean starts laughing).



And what happened in Mexico, mi amigo?


Metal House

I walked into this cool fight between spider and gallo.



Splash!  I wished I could of been there to see it.  But hey who won? 


Metal House

It was crazy man, the gallo was winning but in the last minute spider won by biting gallo and knocking him out.



(laughing.) Wow now that was a real fight there.


Metal House

(To audience.) But then I asked him a serious question I haven’t asked him since I met him.Are you following me?



No!  Why are you asking that?



Metal House

I keep on seeing you everywhere I go.





It wasn’t me it was probably my brother, Volcano,  or just someone else.


Metal House

(to audience) But I didn’t ask him anything else because It was getting dark.

(Metal House goes on top of the mountain.)       



(To audience.)  I can’t help it, but to follow Metal House.  I follow him because I have a secret that I need to tell him. 

If I don’t tell him the more hurt I feel and the scene keeps playing through my head. 

And if I tell him what happened, I think he will stop being my friend.

(Ocean and go to sleep.  It’s the next morning. Metal House wakes up.)


Listen casa, I got something to tell you.  I hope we could still be friends after I tell you this.  I have been following you because I knew your parents.  Your parents were my best friends too.  One day my brother Volcano made big waves and accidentally killed your parents.  The waves were up to 60 feet high and I swept your parents.  I tried to warn them but they had the music too loud.  I’m sorry that I killed your parents. 


(Metal House gets mad and starts walking and leaves Ocean on stage.)



I’ll give him some time to take it in.  I’ll end up finding him and ask him if he still wants to be my friend.

(Curtain goes down.)