A Play by Leonardo S.

Performance: March 2005
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Character #1: Snapper, an 18 y.o. Worker Bird, Male
Character #2: Tweety, a 17 y.o. Worker Bird, Female
Setting: The Jungle, in front of Tweety’s house
Time: 8:30PM
At Rise: Tweety and Snapper are standing in front of Tweety’s house. Tweety turns her back to Snapper


(gesturing with his wings)
We have to deal with this problem, NOW!


(turns around with a mad look)
But why you don’t want to do what I want? We can end up this if you just listen to me right now!

Snapper: I know that you want to marry me and want my son Snaps to go live with your mom, but I cant just let go of my son like this. He means so much to me. But if I let him go like this, I will feel devastated! And you know better than that…

Yes, I know, but I love you and I want me and you to be together…but I guess your son is in the way…Do you know that my wish is to marry you? I have been dreaming with this these past two years we’ve been together.


Yes, I know that your wish is to marry me, and I feel grateful. But tonight, I came here for a resolution. You know that I love you with all my heart, but I also love Snaps….
(as they keep arguing, the trees and the wind start whispering rumors. It is getting darker and colder)

Tweety: (looks snapper right in the eyes, with a mad look, and raises her voice)
How the hell we gonna deal with this? You know I don’t like your son. I love you, but I don’t want that kid to live with us! When we are together, you always pay more attention to him, and I feel….worthless!
Snapper: (irritated)
Oh! So that’s how you feel around my son? To me, that is jealousy! It makes me feel offended!
(he turns around, furious, puts his head down and starts talking to himself. Tweety is shocked. Snapper turns around slowly)

You have to love my son or else we have to walk away and leave each other’s lives forever!

Tweety: (runs to hug snapper, and starts crying)
NO! Snapper! I can’t let you go! You are the only one in my life, and without you, I don’t wanna live no more. You have to understand my problem..
Snapper: And you have to understand mine, too. If you really love me you need to deal with this spiteful jealousy!
Tweety: Oh, yeah? And what about you? I think you don’t wanna marry me because you are going out with other girls. In these last few days, you’ve been coming late to visit me…how do you explain that?
Snapper: I don’t need to ‘splain anything! I already told you that these last few days I was with some friends. But I guess your jealousy doesn’t let you see that. You’re blowing this out of proportion! And I am not falling for this….’cause this is not the point. I am going to tell you something: I want you to decide right now, or I am gonna decide what is best for us!
Tweety: (screaming and beating her wings)
NO! I’m not gonna decide anything. I guess you’re just playing with me…and I am starting to hate you!
(as the minutes pass by, the wind carries the eavesdropping leaves past Tweety’s house)
Snapper: Oh, yeah? I am starting to feel the same way about you! And that empties me from the inside!
(gestures from heart)

I guess I don’t feel the same way as you ‘cause you’re making this more dramatic!

Snapper: (screaming)
Dramatic?!!? You think this is dramatic?!!
(calms himself)
Okay. Tweety….I am walking away. I feel like you broke my heart. That’s the last thing in this relationship that I wanted to happen. I’m sorry.
(Tweety collapses, shocked. Snapper starts walking away. Tweety watches him disappear into the shadows of the jungle. As he walks through the crunching leaves, he picks a beautiful flower. Not paying attention to the road. Next thing he knows, he’s fallen in quicksand. He’s struggling to save his life. He’s thinking about Snaps.)
Snapper: Oh, no! I have to get with my son! I can’t just let go of him like that. I can’t give up! I don’t want to abandon him!
(finally he grabs a stick with his beak. He gets out. He flys home and gets with his son. One more time he had his wish come true…)