Lovers of Friends


                                    Written By: Travis J.

Mentored By: Javier R.

Program: Each One Reach One

Dates: September 10th-22nd, 2012

                                    Description: Is this Love that I’m feeling?


                                    By Travis J.
CHARACTERS:      Fresh the Track Rat, Male, age 19 years old
                             Twinkle the Mouse, Female, age 18 years old (Fresh Best friend)


SETTING:             An abandoned NYC Subway tracks on the 7th platform.  Fresh lives next to the third light on the right and Twinkle lives up the tracks in an abandoned birdhouse.  You                                     inhale a lot of cat piss grass; it’s really grimy, full of snakes and thugged out hamsters, with a few jay cats.  You see young rats shooting rocks. You hear loud skates riding                             around on big shinny wheels. You see dim, yellow lights coming from the top of the ceiling.  On the tracks, you see slumped out track rats from taking too much white rat                               poison.
TIME:                  2:00 am on a summer night
AT RISE:              You see Fresh with an all white hat coughing from Cat piss grass outside of Twinkles house. He has a lime green sweater on with lime green and white shoes.  He enters                               Twinkle’s House



What’s up Twink?


Nothing; where have you been at?


On the track with hamsters and the gophers

You hungry?

Naw, I’m finna go meet up with Candy


Psssss; why are you always with her?


(Funny) Don’t worry about it. I run this!


I can’t believe you.  You know I am leaving in the morning

right?  Are you coming with me?


I can’t just up and leave everything around me like that


I know you are talking about Candy.  You know she just

wants you for your cheese


Ain’t no one thinking about her


So can we talk about this?


There’s nothing to talk about


Twinkle breaks down



I can’t hold back my feelings anymore.  For all of these

years we have been friends, you can’t tell that I really

love you?



Are you sure?  How long?  Why?



You couldn’t tell since I was 13 years old?  Why do you

think I stood by you all of this time?


I thought we were supposed to be friends. Plus, I need a

mouse who loves me for me and not my cheese



Well, sorry to tell you this but I stick by no track rat. 

Why you think I get jealous when I see you with those hood

rats?  Don’t you want to live a better life than this? 

Don’t you want to see beyond the track?  There’s more to

life than selling poison & wearing flashy jewelry while

driving foreign skates on big shinny rims

Fresh gets quiet


You know I do. But how do you think I will feel just

leaving everything?


Don’t you get it? Life is too short


To keep it real, I like you a lot too.  But I just never

wanted to mess up our friendship.  Why you think you’re the

only mouse that got a leaf to my house? 


Well, why you didn’t say nothing?



Because; look how long we’ve known each other for



Well, could we start now by keeping it real?  I’m leaving

in the morning and I think you should come with me. I don’t

want to see you floating in the gutter with your snout two

feet away from you like my brother.  It’s nothing but bad

memories here



All this just happened all of a sudden.  I need time to

think about this



I don’t want to have to leave without you Fresh



We don’t have cheese like that to make this move



Well, I’ve been stacking my cheddar for a minute now


Well, I got a few blocks of cheese



Why don’t we put that together and get a spot overlooking

central park inside this tree I seen that Keke the Squirrel

told me about.



If your love is willing to be as strong as mine, then we

could make this happen



So lets leave in the morning and take everything



Wait, I’m going to get the rest of my clothes on the track

and I’ll be back in an hour



I don’t think you should.  It doesn’t feel right. There’s a

lot going over there right now



Ain’t nothing going to happen too me. I’m taking my mouse

trap with me!


Fresh begins to leave



I love you


Love you too boo!


Fresh exits and heads over to the track.  He pulls up and

sees Geezy the Gopher.  Fresh hops out of his skate and

goes into his house.  When he comes out, someone pulls a

mouse trap on him.  Next day, Twinkle hears over the “rat-

i-o” that “a young rodent by the name of Frankie, aka

“Fresh” was found by the gutter with his skates on crates

and tongue on the dashboard.  There are no Suspects.” 

Twinkle cries and takes her cheese and the cheese Fresh

left her and moves to San Francisco to marry a lab rat. 

But she never forgets her true love Fresh, RESTING IN