A Play by Helton Chavez

Performance: September, 2003
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Time: One warm, fresh morning
Place: Los Angeles, CA
A tranquil place, not much violence, where mostly Latinos live who always celebrate fiestas among their own kind, and if other kinds of people come, they are welcomed.
At rise: Payaso, a lowrider car, and La Diabla, a lowrider bike, are together in their workshop with friends and a few cousins, happily repairing some cars and bikes.


Look, right now I’m busy because I’m taking classes to bounce nice and high.

La Diabla:

Look, I understand how hard these classes must be for you, because it’s not easy for you to become what you want to be in your future. But everyone has things they must do if they want to succeed.

Payaso: Look… this…. right now, you’ve got me between a rock and a hard place about one thing. Here’s the thing… you want to come with me, but you’re a minor… you’re too young. If I risk this, I’ll be breaking the law and I could end up in a lot of trouble.
La Diabla:

Look, I’m 18!


Show me your ID, then… and we’ll go.

La Diabla: What time are you going to leave for the car show?
Payaso: In just a couple of minutes.
La Diabla:

Will there be a lot of our people there?

Payaso: Yeah, there will be some friends I know, who’ll also be showing themselves.
La Diabla: I hope there’s not going to be a problem with you. Because anyway, I’m never, ever coming back… to go with you to the car shows.
Payaso: Alright, alright, I’m going now!
La Diabla: Wait for me! I want to go too!
Payaso: I can’t take you. This is something urgent I have to do, because it’s my future and I’m going to become a star!
La Diabla: Here’s where I drop the Atom Bomb on you…. What do think of this?… I’m going to sue you!
Payaso: Well, you can do what you want, I have to go!
La Diabla: Well I’m taking it to court… and I’m going to tell them how you abused me… that you violated me even though I was an underaged bike!
Payaso: Look, sweetheart… as soon as I get back…I’m going to marry you.
    The End.