Me (2008)


A Play by Ron F.


ROGUE, a Rotweiler, male, age 17




Dorm 2, in the Dog Pound



TIME: 10:00pm, Spring, Friday


AT RISE: ROGUE is on his bunk bed.






I’m back in place for the second time.

All for committing a new crime.

So all I’m trying to do is complete my time.

But when I lay down on my bed

I ask myself why-

Why do some dogs

Say that my goal is to go

To the dog pen?

Just ‘cause I have a couple of felonies

I get treated like a criminal.

Other dogs read my paper work, so now

In their eyes I’m a shady individual.

No one knows my life.

No one knows all that I’ve sacrificed.

Dogs only know me by what they see in paper.

Yeah, I got felonies!

Yeah, I’m a bone dealer!

Yeah, I’m locked up!

Yeah, I’m in a dog-click

And got caught up!

Yeah, I live in the ghettos of East Palo Alto!

In which I call “home”

While other dogs

are making a living off our misery,

Sitting on their throne!

This whole world is havoc!

I’ve done had it!

I’m furious and upset

So I express my anger in poems.

But some dogs consider them threats.

Honestly, I don’t feel that I write threats;

I just write from the heart

So I have no regrets.

But of course, I get sent to court,

And all the judge says is that

I’m evil and have no remorse.

Remorse?  Remorse for what?!

I feel what I do is right.

I let out my anger in paper,

Instead of getting into a fight.

But I have no one to blame

‘Cause I chose to play this game.

I ain’t the toughest dog

But I ain’t no snitch,

And I ain’t no punk.

I’ll never switch up my homies,

So consider me stuck.

But you can’t blame me

‘Cause this is how I was raised.

I grew up with these dogs,

Stuck in this maze.

It’s loyalty above all laws

And that’s all I’m a say,

Before some dogs take it the wrong way.

I know I live a life of sin,

But does that mean that my goal

Is to go to the pen?

I’m a dog-being just like you,

I want to make it in life.

To have a beautiful home

And support my kids and wife.

So you can’t blame me for hustling.

I know it ain’t the best way,

But my mom is broke

And my dad got his home tooken away.

And my lil-nephew needs me,

So by any means necessary I’ma slide

But I ain’t gonna slip.

And I’m willing to take that risk,

‘Cause I’m always going to be there for my lil nephew

To give him a life full of bliss.

‘Cause Family comes first

Regardless of the fact.

So remember, Doesha, if you ever need me

I’ll always have yo back.

‘Cause I’ma fight for what’s right

And that’s for my family

And my life.

And I’m not ashamed

Or scared to say all this

In front of anybody.

That’s what I want you to know,

‘Cause I am who I am

Anywhere I go.

And I can care less how dogs feel about me,

As long as I know 

What I got going for me.

So I’ma let dogs say what they want

‘Cause dogs don’t know the real me.

Dogs don’t know what I want,

I’ma let dogs believe what they want to believe

‘Cause I got a positive goal

And a dream.

So I can’t wait ‘til the day I’m free,

So I can start off fresh

And try to be the best I can be.

But what you have to understand and see

Is that it’s hard for me,

How can I abandon the people

Who always looked for me?

I try to do good

And that’s all that matters.

I try to climb to the top

But I’m climbing on a broken ladder.

So know that I’m trying to reach my goal

But every mission gots its obstacle.

I don’t have rich parents

Or a lot of money to pay my way into college,

So that’s why I appreciate for what I have

And thank my parents for my knowledge.

I’m not asking dogs to forgive me for my actions

Or to feel sorry for me.

I just want dogs to realize

That there’s another side of me.

I’m not just this dog

Who lives a life of blasphemy,

A life full of insanity,

Who takes orders from the beast they call “Satan”,

Who takes penitentiary chances

With no hesitation.

I’m also a dog with a hope,

And I know one day this dream

I will cope.

And I will no longer be sorrow,

But I’ma live life like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s just me being honest,

‘Cause tomorrow is never promised

Every dog has its day

And when my time comes

I know I will have to pay.

So while I’m still here

And until my wheels fall off

I’ma ride,

Ride to keep my dreams alive

‘Cause in this world,