A Play by Jorge Renteria

Performance: July, 2002
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Time:10:30 A.M.
Place: Orphanage, court, white lines on pavement, 2 hoops, trees, grass, and a giant stone fence and lightpoles, once in a while we see some birds.
At rise:  Smokey the 2 year old Pit Bull is playing basketball with Scarface, the 2 year old Rotweiller.  Smokey’s about to shoot when a bird come in…


Hey Smokey!  Yo brother’s in town.  I seen him by the park.  He’s around there somewhere.


Really?  How does he look like?

Air: Like you, dummy.  (The bird leaves.)

Did ou hear that, Scarface?  Air the bird seen my twin borther!


Yeah, I heard what he said.

Smo: So, we gotta go now and go find him so I can be one step closer to findin’ my family.
Scar: No – I don’t care about your twin brother cause I know as soon as we find him you gonna leave me by myself with nobody to talk to, for a twin brother you never seen.

That’s not true, man.

Scar: Yes, it is. 
Smo: No. It aint’.  You know we’re tight.  I ain’t never gonna leave you – so, are you gunno help me, then?
Scar: I don’t know – no – I don’t wanna help.  You know what happened to me out there… how that dog started chasin’ me when I tried to get a little food – screamin’ at me – sayin’ bad things…
Smo: I know what happened to you.  That ain’t gonna happen cause you ain’t alone this time – you with me and I’m a great thief.
Scar: The answer is no, and that’s it. 
Smo: You shady – you ain’t tryin’ t help me?  You call yourself my friend?  You just a sucka –  a mark –  a square bear – man, you everything, everything but a dog.  You a pussy–cat.
Scar: You know what?  Why you gotta dis me like that?
Smo: ‘Cause I can.
Scar: No, you can’t.
Smo: You know what – you better help me or else I’m tellin’  – you stole your mom’s jewelry fro the safe in the office.
Scar: Why you gotta do that for?  You know that’s the only thing I got from my mom and they wouldn’t give it to me so I had to take it from them.

‘Cause you don’t wanna help me. 


You know what?  I’ll make a deal with you.  If you beat me in a fight, I’ll help you get out of here.  If you don’t, you gotta stay here with me where it’s safe and you’re safe from harm.  (He pushes Smokey).


Why you gotta push me for?  You call this a safe place?  Look at all the times when all dese dogs tryt o punk you for your food all the time.  This place ain’t safe.  (He pushes Scarface.)

Scar: It’s better than being out there.  You ain’t got no money, no food, no one to take care of you and in here you got everything.  You aint’ even gotta do nothin’.
Smo: But I really gotta find my family.  (Scarface pushes Smokey.)  Man, I ain’t gonna fight you.
Scar: Yes, you are – (pushes Smokey again) cause if you really wanna see your family you gotta fight me.
Smo: Man, there’s no other way you could help me?
Scar: (Confused.)  NO.  (He pushes Smokey again.)  The only reason I don’t wanna help you is cause I ain’t got family and you do and I be getting’ jealous when you be sittin’ there talkin’ about your family at night.
Smo: I thought you weren’t trippin’ off that cause you always be listenin’ to me when I talk about my family.
Scar: I do – I just don’t want nobody knowin’ that I miss my family that much.
Smo: Man, if you help me get out – I’ll help you find your family too.
Scar: I ain’t go family.  They got killed – don’t you remember?
Smo: (Confused.)  Sort of – no.
Scar: You know they got killed by a gang a dogs and all I did was get a scar on my face trying to help my family – I was mad and sad at the same time.  I was sad cause I was there seein’ my family get killed and I was mad cause I couldn’t do nothing about it.
Smo: Oh, that’s what happened to your family.
Scar: Year – that’s why I don’t wanna help you find your family cause I think you might get killed which I’ll be lonely.
Smo: Man, that’s why you don’t wanna help me?  I appreciate you feelin’ that but that ain’t gonna happen to me.
Scar: You amy be able to take care a yourself, but you can’t predict when someone’s gonna come out nowhere and kill you for no reason.
Smo: That’s tru but I still gotta find my family no matter what so I won’t have to be in this orphanage no more and so we could care for each other again like a family’s supposed to.  Man, no matter what, you know I’m gonna take you wit me even if we find my family or not – you still gonna be wit me and you gone be part of the family cause ever since I got here you had my back and I had your back.
Scar: You know what, Smokey?  You ain’t even go a fight me.  I’ll help you find your family.  You convinced me that family is more important and it means a lot to you and whatever’s important to you – is important to me.
Smo: Alright.  Thanks, Scarface.  We really oughta get goin’ cause then my brother might leave and I won’t be able to see him no more.
(They started walking together.)
    The End.