A Play by Mo
Name: Bic the Lighter Flame
Age: 1 month
Habitat: inside a lighter inside several people’s pockets
Family: Bic jr. the mini bic, his son: Fire, Bic’s Girlfriend: Torch the match, his best friend: Zippo the Zippo Lighter, hero


Greatest Wish:  To be like zippo so he can become refillable and never run out of lighter fluid so he doesn’t get disposed of

Greatest Fear: runs out of lighter fluid and gets disposed like several of his friends who live in the matchbook…

Closest relationship: Torch, because they were both purchased at the same store

Secret: Zippo is his father but he can’t reveal this to anyone because his mother left him at the store because he was a defected lighter whose safety was removed.

Typical day:  He gets removed from the sock drawer along with Torch, Fire, & Zippo.  Feels excited.  He is used to light the first Newport of his owner’s day.  Feels happy & scared.

Finally, we get to come out.  Here we go again…every morning he takes us all out and makes us watch as he uses Zippo to light his cigarette.  If only I could be like my father I would be welcomed back and I would be used instead of my so-called father.  But I swear I would never let my son Bic jr. grow up like I did in that store waiting, for days and days.  Even though I am left with no choice either.  I have to become a zippo and raise my son.  “Zippo” doesn’t even allow me to call him ‘father’…sometimes I want to burn him to ashes!  But if I do that, he will never tell me the secret of how to become a zippo and unfortunately for me, I am running out of fluid…I only have enough to keep me going on so much longer.  I mean I was halfway empty 2 weeks after leaving the store.  If I run out of fluid, Fire will be left to raise Bic jr. by herself.  And all this is bad because my best friend Torch is the last match in the book…