A Play by Tonette M.

Performance: February, 2002
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time: A snowy December day at 11:00am.
Place: Outside their mansion. Big forest trees with 4 vines hanging down. It smells like bananas when you walk by. You can hear ee oh ah ah ah.
At Rise: Bobo Jr., a monkey, and Bobo Sr., a monkey, are sitting in the banana hammock.


Bobo Jr.:

Dad I haft to ask you something.

Bobo Sr.: What do you want?  I’m in a bad mood right now.
Bobo Jr.: Well I was at Doctor School today and my teacher said that there’s a flight that leaves at 6:00pm today and I’m required to go so I can get my Doctor’s Degree.
Bobo Sr.: So what does that haft to do with me?
Bobo Jr.: Because everybody’s parents are spose to go so I’m asking you to come because this is the only flight that is leaving today or I will haft to wait until next year or I won’t be able to get my degree and you don’t want that do you?
Bobo Sr.:   Well I kinda do and I kinda don’t.
Bobo Jr.:   WHAT!
Bobo Sr.:  

Yes because I dread waking up in the morning.  There’s no point, I just see my youngest son get up and do the same thing I use to do when I was around his age.  I despise you because you wake up and you go and learn more & more about how to be a doctor, but on the other hand I’m delighted that you’re trying to be the first family member after my late father.  At least someone trying.

Bobo Jr.:   Well you could be trying to just like I am.  Just cause you failed doesn’t mean you can’t try again does it?
Bobo Sr.:   I remember when I use to try and try harder & harder every day to fill in my dad’s shoes but I failed and I’m really ashamed of that but I’m trying to overcome that fearness of wanting to work to show my family that their father and husband is not a failure. I feel like a failure more & more each day because my son’s doing better than his father.
Bobo Jr.:   (yelling)
But Dad that’s not my fault that’s yours.  I’m not to blame because you failed & I’m trying to go after your goal because you wanted me to at first & I didn’t want to  now I am liking what I’m doing and you’re downing me.  I don’t understand you’re my father you’re spose to be supporting aren’t you?
Bobo Sr.:   First of all who are you yelling at?  I’m your Dad you not! mine, don’t you know I’m spose to be supporting you  I’m not stupid I just said that I’m proud of you but I’m upset that I am not a doctor and you are!
Bobo Jr.:   Well what do you want me to do then?
Bobo Sr.:   (yelling)
You really want to know what I want you to do?
Bobo Jr.:   (raising his voice a little bit)
Bobo Sr.:   I don’t want you to fulfill my dream. Let me do that so I can show my family I’m not a failure.
Bobo Jr.:   Ok I won’t !  Wait, I don’t’ care I like this job and I am going to fulfill it whether you like it or not.
Bobo Sr.:   (yelling)
No you’re not if I say you’re not you’re not and I mean that. Anyways who are you going to go to Florida with if you’re so high and mighty then Bobo?
(it is silent for a moment)
Bobo Jr.:   (sad)
Well Daddy member whne I was around 10 and we use to wake up early in the morning and you use to take me to the bear clinic so I can learn what you do best. (smiling)
You use to tell me you want me to follow your footsteps and to show other monkeys that monkeys can do more than just swing around and eat bananas all day.  You see every day I wake up and go to the bear clinic, bookstore and come home and check the neighbors out.
Bobo Sr.:  

I do understand that you do all this, but I don’t care anymore.  I’m not doing it you are.

Bobo Jr.:  

Well you should care. You use to be a wonderful well almost wonderful doctor.

Bobo Sr.:  

Ok Bobo I see this is going nowhere so shut up.  I think you should go tell your teacher you won’t be getting you degree until next year!

Bobo Jr.:   Bu Daddy please, pretty please.  I haven’t asked you for alot and I’m asking you this small favor and you can’t come with me?
Bobo Sr.:   No and that’s that.
Bobo Jr.:   But Dad maybe when I get my degree I can help you to get yours.  Sometimes kids help their parents too.
Bobo Sr.:   Well that is true….
(silent for a moment)

But….I do want to try at being a doctor again because I really did not try as hard as you did. I never went t the bookstore or helped out neighbors. But….it’s not easy getting help from your child because it’s like I’ve tried and failed now you are trying and succeeding. That makes me feel ashamed that I haft to tell my family and friends that my son is helping me get my degree.
Bobo Jr.:   Well Dad if you don’t want me to go through with this degree I won’t and I sorry it makes you feel ashamed but I can’t help my dream.
Bobo Sr.:   Well son I’m a proud father you came and sat down like a grown monkey and talked to me about this…..well I am interested in getting my degree….can you help me?
Bobo Jr.:   Well of course I would love to do anything for you.
Bobo Sr.:   Ok well I think we have a plane to catch son.
Bobo Jr.:   What!! For real?
Bobo Sr.:   Yes we do….and son
Bobo Jr.:   Yes Dad
Bobo Sr.:   I’m proud of you and one more thing  Thanks.