A Play by Michael T.

Performance: September, 2001
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time: 10 am
In the speaker of a sound system
At Rise:
Mike the Rap music is practicing his music
(Lil Dribbles the Beat comes in)



Why you been gone so long?

Lil Dribbles:

That’s what I came to tell you. I’m goin’ solo.

Mike: (Mike stuck for a minute)
Why? I thought we were in this together.

I don’t like what’s been goin on, cause I haven’t been able to do the work
That I wanna do without you complainin’ and cancelling out my decisions


Why haven’t you told me this before? We could have worked things out. I
Didn’t know that’s how you felt.

LD:   That’s what I’m talkin about, you are too stuck on yourself to realize what
you been doin’. Lately, it’s been all about you.
Mike:   What do you mean by stuck on myself? We both made decisions on what we gonna do.

What I mean is that you basically did what you wanna do, but decided my work was or wasn’t good enough. I haven’t been able to do my work that been workin hard to do.

Mike:   I mean we both decided on what was good enough and half of that was your
LD:   If that’s the case I wouldn’t have a reason to leave. (Frontin’) I know
sombody who can help me go platinum without things goin that way they been goin.
Mike:   Well, we can do that together. I mean, what’s really? Why do you have to
leave? The only reason I’m like that cause I’m tryin 100% to accomplish my goals and get the album out on time. We don’t have any time to waste.
LD:   You mean you don’t have any time to waste. I have plenty of time cause I’m leavin for real for real.
Mike:   If you do that we can’t accomplish our goal
without each other’s help, cause I know for a fact that I’m the best help
you have and your the best help I have. We’d be better off stayin together.
LD:   I know, but how can we stay together if it’s gonna be the same way it’s
been, are you sayin your gonna change a little bit just for me to stay,
because I’d loved to stay, but right now I’m feelin a little different
because lately I’ve basically haven’t had any say so.

If’s that’s what you wanna hear, yes, I’ll change. To keep it real wit you
I’d rather get my shine on with you as a clost friend than by myself or with
a stranger.

LD::   Well, you ain’t really been actin like it and how do I know that your gonna
change. If you are, than we can get started now.
Mike:   I’m a put it like this your the closest homie I ever had and I’ll do
anything to get you to stay.

Are you sayin that because you just want me to stay or do you mean it?
Because if I’m going to stay I want to have half of the responsibility and
not have you on my back all the time.


What are you talkin about? I’m just really dedicated to my goal, I’m not on
your back and that’s real.


The problem is that I don’t feel trusted by you because of the way you been actin. Feel me?

Mike:   Check this out. I feel you, but you ain’t been feelin me. What I mean is I
trust you alot, I also wanna get this album out.
LD:   It’s always been that way with you but what about me? I wanna get this album out too, you haven’t given me any credit.
Mike:   Tha’t not true, I’ve always asked you your decisions on our work. I was
just checkin over it to see if the work is alright. It’s not like I was
cancelling you out.
LD:   That’s how I felt about it. You have always been cancelling my decisions out and acting like a j-cat all along and I don’t wanna be stuck in thatposition with you.
Mike:   So you callin me a j-cat. That’s how you feel about me?
LD:   I never said you was a —
Mike:   I thought we were better than that. Now it’s like you don’t even care no
more. after all we been through I’ve had the best relationship with you than
anybody else. We was cool like that. I don’t appreciate how you just come in here and disrespect me cause off top I can’t be stopped from anything I do. You feel me? So why I gotta be a j-cat? I just tryin to do what I gotta do.
LD:   Well if off top you can’t be stopped why do you need me, you’re doin too
much now, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna change or are you gonna watch me leave
Mike:   Look bra, don’t leave. If you want me to change, I’ll change, but please
lets get started now. It’s not helping none of us just sitting here arguing
all day.
LD:   Well let’s do it, let me see what you bout. But I mean, no more of what
You’ve been doin or I’m gone, alright? Cause I ain’t got no time for no
suckas. (laughing)
Mike:   Alright you square, you L7 weenie, let’s get to work.
    The End.