A Play by Cedric M.

Performance: September 2005
Instructor: Dave Garret
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

The Characters :Beast the Gorilla – He’s 6’3″, Black, Furry.   Blood in his mouth, warm and wet.

Stub the Gorilla – He’s black, ugly, big lips, furry, 6’2″ and looks happy but sad at the same time.

Setting :Around the dirty stinky swamp at the bottom of the little hill that it sits on, across from a little village where everyone gets along.

Time :September 24 th , 2005                         7pm

At Rise :Beast, eating 2 raw catfish while sitting in a tall tree with Stub his brother.


(Aside) Man this Fish is good, it’s been a long day and it took about an hour for me to get these two Fish, but man it was worth the wait cause now I’m feeling good.   I just want to know one thing and that’s why my younger brother Stub isn’t with me to get those stupid monkeys.   Damn, those things just get on my last nerve and my Best friend, my only friend is beginning to be some of the best friends with them.   Just the thought of them things give me a rush to break something and my own Flesh and blood s Friends with them knowing how I feel about them.  

(The monkeys come and take Beast’s Fish out of his hands.   And keep on Running.)

Oh!   Speaking of the devil, give me my Fish Back you ugly Stinky monkey, right when my meal was getting good and hitting the spot you little things just had to come and ruin the good moment.   But now someone’s going to Pay and Boy have I been waiting for this day!!



NO!   NO!   NO!   Don’t hurt them beast, they’re my Friends.   They don’t mean no harm toward you.   All they want is someone to play with.   Don’t hurt them!


What do you mean they’re your friends?   You don’t even know those little ugly things when it comes to me Stub.   What is going on with you, we have the same blood running through our veins and from my Point of View, we should be on the same page.   This Swamp belongs to us, no one else, this is ours and nobody is going to intrude.  

(Stub is holding Beast back from attacking the monkeys)

So let me go because those little things are intruding.


Beast, we don’t own anything around here and those little ugly things, no matter how much you like it are my Friends, So you might as well get over it, leave them Be.   Do you see anyone bothering you while you’re around the Swamp Hogging on all the fish and everything else that has to do with it?   No, so pay them no mind and if not, play back because that’s all they want is someone to play with.


Well, I got something for them to play with, right when you give me my Spears Back, Because I’m not changing my mind.   You could be friends, I don’t care, I just want to know why you’re not with me, we could both Run this swamp and you know Dad would be Proud to see us in charge of this swamp, mom would be proud too.   You should think about them while you’re trying to be friends with those monkeys you don’t know.


No Beast.   Mom and dad would be proud of us to see us all together as one.   Being the positive leaders we were made to be.   Mom and Dad would probably drop dead because this here is not order.   Beast you have turned down near everyone around here against each other and think that’s how things should be.   If anything we should be helping everyone around here to get along because we are all family when it comes down to it.   Look, we’re all gorillas around the swamp and we’re divided all up like we’re enemies, me, you, wigga, and our friends are on the bottom side of the swamp, a few are on the other side, and the rest is all the way at the top and we all don’t get along.   WHY?   I don’t think anyone would be proud of us right about now.


Yeah.   I here you, but man.   It’s like every time I think about that day when mom and dad was taken away I just flip out.   Stub you weren’t there, but man.   The look mom had in her eyes when that tranquilizer went inside of her, when they took them to the zoo, and with all of this going on.   These monkeys come along and are just making my life more jacked up.   Stub I really wanna do the right thing the right way.   Deep down inside I’m trying to change.   But it’s this Bad reputation that I have.   All of the negative things I’ve done don’t no one around this swamp trust me and only a few like me.   There is no love around this swamp.   We been struggling day by day just to eat, trying to walk up to the top and having to fight.   I’ve been holding it all in all this time though.

(Stub is crying)


Man.   Why haven’t you said something Beast?   You got everyone around here thinking that you’re crazy.   You even had me thinking that you were.   But I know you and you’re not that mean vicious person you pretend to be.   And I said that because you just showed it.   Before mom and dad left to go and get food for us, and were taken by the Hunters, they told us to watch out for each other and we are letting them down because LOOK everything is all wrong.   I love you Beast and no mater what road you choose to take that’s never going to change.   Back to the monkeys, why do you want to hurt them so Bad, there good people.   I wanted the same thing and now look, so why can’t you give it a chance and take this as your first step at going about things in a positive way.


OK.   I’ll take that first step and try to squash this little Beef with those little monkeys but really I don’t think it’s necessary because if their your friends, why don’t you tell them how I feel because their a little too friendly for me and I still have those negative thoughts And if one of them things jump on me I swear, I’m going to hurt one of them.   Hey Stub, maybe we should really do this for our parents.   Me and you come together because that’s what will make them proud and really I feel like I owe it to mom because I haven’t really made her proud since I was a Baby.   This is for all of us, forget the monkeys, let’s be the positive leaders w were made to be.


I feel you beast.   Maybe we should try to start all over and do it for mom and dad.   I’m proud of you; I knew you could do right.   And I know you probably feel like you’ve lost but really, you won because you’re being the bigger person and you are taking responsibility by walking away from the problem.   I know you still want to kill the monkeys but just think.   When you were younger you would get on everyone’s nerves around the swamp and a few people felt the same way you feel about them monkeys.   Come on let’s go.   I Love you big Bro.


I Love you too Lil’ Bro.

(They walk off Hugging)

The End.