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A Play by Edgar R.


BLACKY the Quetzal, Age 15, KITTY the Cat, Age 15 (Blacky’s Girlfriend)


9:00am in a cold December.


A Dark Cage underground in a little corner of the big world. It’s cold as a dead body and sometimes hot as hell. It smells of sadness, but more important there is hope. The sound of Blacky’s voice singing like James Brown or Daddy Yankee.


Blacky and Kitty are holding hands in Blacky’s Cage and there’s a tension between both of them. Blacky suddenly breaks the tension.

Kitty we need to talk. You have to tell my mother to let me out of this hole. Please! Please you have to tell her.

Ummm…I understand what you’re going through, but I ain’t gonna tell your mother nothing. Just let it go.

 (In a angry voice)  How am I supposed to just let it go? You don’t understand. I’m tired of this. I feel like a slave and I miss my family. I want to be educated, I wanna be a nurse, I wanna help people, I wanna be available to change my life. I will feel better because the only thing I used to do is hurt someone back in the day. Please. Please! I know you can help me by telling my mother that.

(Kitty puts her arm on Blacky’s shoulder)

Yeah baby but you have to know that I care about you a lot and you have to stay here for a while. There’s violence going on outside and I don’t want you to get hurt. I wanna be with you. The thing I’m doing right now is for your good and mine too. I’m afraid that I will lose you forever and I don’t want that.

(Blacky sits on the floor)
 (in a sad way)  Amor. My Love. I’m getting hurt in my heart just by staying here by myself at night in a cold dark room. I want my freedom back. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a little dark hole in a little corner of the big world. Where there’s violence and pain. My soul is dying and I’m losing my hope.

(Kitty is walking one side to the other)

I’m afraid I may lose you if you go out right now. But you have to think about God. He just gave you another chance of life and you have to thank him for that. Think about if you were already dead or hospitalized. You have to stay here for good.

 (In a scary voice)  Kitty I’ve been thinking about something, a reason, but forget it its not important.

Please tell me. Everything you say is important.

O.K. here it goes. The reason is that, you a cat, and I’m a bird, and you know what’s the nature.  You may eat me and that’s why you don’t want me to go out.

(Suddenly surprised)What? You’re going crazy by saying all that stupid ness. I love you. I will never hurt you.

(There’s a silence between them for a while)

You know what, yeah, that’s the reason why. I’m afraid I may eat you. Just kidding. I will never do anything bad to you. My little parajito. My little birdie.

(Blacky is horrified for a while and then the silence breaks up)

Wow! I did believe you for an instance, and I was in shock from what you just said. But really you have to tell my mother to sign that release order. Please…Please… Please! I do whatever you want. My court gonna be in 10 minutes. You have to tell her.

                        (Kitty is avoiding what Blacky is pleading to her)

I have to tell you something really important that I haven’t told you! It’s that I already told my mother of me and you and guess what she thinks about it…

Please Kitty don’t come with that right now. My court is coming in minutes. You can tell me that later.

I was surprised what my mother told me about our relationship. She told me at first that I was joking but when I told her I that I was serious about what I just said she got really mad at me. You should have saw her. Ha ha ha ha.

You know what I don’t think you understand me. Please can you tell my mother about what my cousin Lil’ Speedy did 2 years ago.  He was doing wrong and got his freedom taken away. And then he got out and got all the way to the top and became a mouse cop. I want another chance like him and be a real man in the outside world helping my mother is some way that she can be happy.

O.K. Blacky I’ll think about…

(The door opens Blacky’s court time is up)

O.K. Kitty please tell my mother that! I’m exhausted being here in a dark cold hole. Bye. See you in court. I love you.

O.K. I’ma think about it. I love you too.

(Blacky starts walking from the long hallway to court.)

Damn. I’m tired of being in my little corner of the world. Where there’s violence and pain.
In a crowd, yet lonely.
Try to rise above, but held back by those who say they care.
My past haunts me, but not by my own choice.
My honesty is bad. My lies are believed.
I accept myself, my faults, my strengths, my weaknesses, my feelings.
But I’m expected to fail.
My loneliness is my best friend.
Dreaming is my past time.
Understanding is my desire.
My little corner of the world is priceless.

(20 minutes pass by) 

(in a happy way)  Thank you God. Thank you Mom. Thank you Kitty.

You don’t have to thank me baby. I didn’t tell anything to your mother. She decided by herself. I think she did it because she loves you. Keep that in mind.
(Blacky walks outside and kisses the ground in the street)

Wow. It feels wonderful outside.

Yeah. Finally you got some sun in your skin because you look all white like a mummy.