A Play by Jon Jon (Jonathan S.)

Performance: September, 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: 9:00 Am, summertime
Place: The San Francisco Zoo, Monkey Section in the tree house. You see monkey bars, tire swings, a twenty foot waterfall leads into a pool of water. See palm trees left over fruit peels on the floor.
At Rise: Shanky, a gorilla, and Johnny his younger brother, a gorilla, are packing and getting ready to go back to their homeland, the jungle. Their departure from the zoo is 30 minutes from now, which is 9:30.


(Johnny is packing his lovey-dovey teddy bear and while he is doing that, he thinks of Janet.)


(Shanky climbs up the tree house.)
Little brother you almost ready to go?

Johnny: Yeah, but I got something to ask you?

(Shanky climbs into the tree house.)
What’s on your mind little bro?
I hope I’m not thinking you’re trying to take Janet along?


Are you psychic or something?

Shanky: Yeah, I read your mind. How are we supposed to take Janet along with us on the bus?
Johnny: (Thinks to himself)
We could put her in the suitcase or in a backpack.

(Has a look on his face like….)
I don’t know? You think that’s a good idea?

Johnny: (Starts whining.)
Please can’t she, can’t she? I think she’ll be a little sister for us to look after her and live a family of three. Janet has a right to be loved by her same kind.
Shanky: Johnny, why do you have to put me in this position? I already have you to look after? We’re boys and Janet might feel left out cause she’s a female. What if we get caught sneakin’ Janet back to the wild with us?
Johnny: So is that a yes or no?
Shanky: (Shanky looks out the tree house windows and sees a flock of flamingos)
(Aside to Audience)

Should we take Janet along with us?
(To Johnny)
Johnny, I’m going to really have to think hard about this?
(Shanky leaves the tree house and wonders off for a minute.)
Johnny: (Aside to Audience)
Man, I really want to take Janet with us, but Shanky is really trippin’. I bet you if my big brother was in my shoes and really liked this girl, he would of just took her along with us. I feel that I have the right to bring a friend along with us to keep to keep us company. I just don’t understand why Shanky is upset.
(Johnny throws his backpack down the ladder and it hits Shanky in the head.)
Shanky: What’s that for?

Ooops, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know you were down there.

Shanky: Johnny come down here we need to talk.
Johnny: (Johnny climbs down the ladder)

(Shanky puts his arm around Johnny’s shoulder and walks towards the waterfall, they both sit down.)


Have you thought about Janet coming along?


Yeah I have been thinking long and hard, but is that girl named Janet, worth taking the risk for?


(Johnny looks Shanky in the eyes for a long minute.)
Well, yeah she is. You just don’t know her how I know her. Shanky, she’s a nice girl, I promise, she won’t give you no problems when we get back to the jungle.

Shanky: Have you asked her if she wants to go or not?
Johnny: Yeah, I asked her last night and she said it was up to you.
Shanky: Damn, why me , why me? I just wanted me and you, mano y mano, to go back with no problems. Janet can get in the way of our brother relationship. She can also get in the way of our companionship. She might get us caught by poachers cause she’s a little girl and she might not know better.
Johnny: But I’m really happy that I found a new friend and I’m really surprised that she’s a girl cause all my friends are dudes. She can relate to my past because she doesn’t have a Momma or a Daddy. I think she needs a family and company basically to look after her.
Shanky: I want to be released because I don’t want me and you to be locked up for the rest of our lives. Can you find it in your heart to leave with me and not stay with the girl. I’m going to need you in the long run. I’m really looking forward to being released back into the wild and I really need you to be by my side. To look after you and make sure you grow up right because we ain’t got no Mommie & Daddy so we should not separate no matter what.
Johnny: I hear where you’re comin from and what you’re saying. So I think Janet should just stay and maybe one day I might see her in the blue moon.(While Johnny and Shanky finish packing there’s a knock at the door, it’s Janet.)
Shanky: Hurry up, let’s go, I’ll meet you on the bus.
(Shanky pounds his chest and waves goodbye to Janet.)
    The End.