A Play by Tito S.

Performance: October, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: 2:00pm in the afternoon
Place: Inside a Bible. It is a large Bible, and the pages are delicate. It’s hella dark, but light enough to see the page number. Paper and Playa are stuck together at page 240.
At Rise: The Bible is on a shelf underneath the television. Paper and Playa hear somebody in the house. They hear somebody watching T.V. – something funny – they can hear Bart Simpson. Somebody’s laughing. The window curtain is open a little and some light comes in. It is a little cold in the room.


I like business – to do something for people – they need it. They need help – like somebody don’t have money, I can help them – they can use me for something good – like some food, some clothes – maybe I drop on the floor – that hurts – I feel homeless – someone could step on me. I feel scared ‘cause I don’t want anyone stepping on me. I want the person to pick me up – the right person, the person who really needs help. I can feel this is the right person, and that person can go buy something because that person is hungry, they can go buy food – some eggs, some milk, juice – orange juice, maybe cookies – Oreo cookies, some apples – red apples. He go to the cashier and he take me out of his pocket and pay, and I go into the drawer and then I can feel happy and I can do a little party with my friends in there – Chino, Quarter and Penny.
When somebody takes me out of the drawer, I feel someone put me in a envelope and I hear somebody. I want to be used again – for the workers in the market. It is pay-day. Somebody take me. I feel a sweet hand take me out of the envelope and I see a lot of paper on the walls, on the tables and lots of drawings on the paper on the tables. The paper on the walls is clean. And then I see one piece of paper, new and clean, on a little table in the corner, and I see the paper and he’s looking at me too. And he’s my father. He say, “Son – Is you?” And I say, “Yeah, is me.”


How come you’re coming here?

Playa: Because today is the paycheck – the girl, this is her house, and somebody paid her and that pay was me!

It’s a surprise for me to see you again!


Yes, I want to be with you all the time. I thought I never going to see you again – You know what? I going to put me some glue and I going to stick with you, and we can never separate again!
And the girl she see me sticking to the paper, and I hear her say, “I never put this money on this paper!” The girl’s mom says, “Give it to me! Don’t rip it! I’m going to put it in my Bible, to mark the place where we are.”
So that is where I, Playa, and my father, Paper, live together all the time. And me and my father – we never going to separate again. I never going nowhere, because me and my father stick together inside the Bible. We have a good place in the Bible – like our house. That is where I live today, and I am happy, and my father too, ‘cause I am with him all the time.

Paper: I am Paper. I have 20 years old. I like to do different things – I like to make money – because I’m paper. If they don’t got me, they can’t make money, books, magazines – and they can’t make the newspapers, because I am different kinds of paper and I like people use me for something good – like education – and make me into money and they can use me for books – school books – some social studies books, some math books, some different kind of books for school. But I like somebody make me into books of poetry like Tupac’s books. And I like to be like some storybook, something about education – for school. And I LOVE somebody write me like books with drawings inside, and beautiful letters. And I like when some guys write some beautiful poems. Sometimes I feel like – feel like . . . – the girls love me, because when they see the poems – they kiss me and I feel LOVE! But sometimes the girls hella mad with their boyfriend, and they rip me and I go in the garbage. Sometimes the girls pick me out again, because they got love for their boyfriend – and they go and transform me – piece for piece. I feel like I am in the hospital. But sometimes I feel sad because so many guys and girls been locked up and the people on the outside write on me and I go into jail. And when they got released, I feel happy because I go out too – and I feel happy –
Playa and Paper
(P & P):
(Playa and Paper can feel The Girl’s Mom coming – she’s going to the store. Sound of Mom’s steps.)
Oh, no! She’s coming! Oh, no! She going to get us right now! She gonna read the Bible right now.
Don’t worry about it – we are stuck together.

Don’t worry about it – we are stuck together.
(Mom picks up the Bible.)

Playa: I feel like – movement!
Paper: I feel it too.
Playa: Oh, no! This is the moment she is going to open the Bible! She opening the Bible – I can see the glaring, bright light- Oh, no! She is going to grab us!
Paper: Calm down! We gonna drop on the floor! When I count three, we jump together. Here we go – One, Two, Three!
Playa: (They jump and land on the floor, sliding underneath the bed.)
I can’t see nothing.
Paper: Is hella dark in here. (Laughing) We escaped! I told you – We escaped!

Wait a minute – We not escaped yet!

Paper: For the moment . . . I’m here Girl’s Mom! Don’t trip!
Playa: (Laughs) I don’t wanna keep buying something like ice cream.

That’s true – She think she can play with us – Wait a minute – somebody’s coming! She’s looking under the bed!


Oh, no!


Oh, no! Oh, no! She find us!


Oh, no, this dumb lady find us –

Playa: Look, look! She’s trying to rip us!
Paper: Calm down! Don’t cry like a little girl! I got your back-
Playa: But my back is hella stuck –!
Paper: I told you I got your back.
Paper: (Mom takes Paper and Playa, and puts them on the windowsill. Air blows on them.)
I don’t wanna drop on the floor again!
Playa: Oh, no!
Paper: Son! We going to be free!
Playa: Oh, no Father! Here we are . . .
Paper: Don’t be scared! We going somewhere !
Playa: Where you wanna go?
Paper: I wanna go to the library!
Playa: I wanna go to the bank!
Paper: We going first to the library – You are my son. You gotta follow me!
Playa: What you going to do in the library?
Paper: I going to need something –
Playa: What you going to need?
Paper: I going to need some letters! And see some girls in there –
Playa: What kind of girls?
Paper: Some beautiful girls – Don’t trip! You’re a playa-
Playa: I wanna go to the bank.
Paper: You can’t – We are stuck! And I can go where I want!
Playa: I can take you to the bank – We go for a couple hours and then we can go live in the library.
Paper: Lets go to the library first! Listen to me. You come with me. To the library. Period. Don’t say nothing – don’t say nothing. You want to stay with me all the time? I’m here with you. Because I am your father. And you are my son. And I like you stay with me. Doesn’t matter. Listen – be careful! I got some papers. they can work with me.
Playa: I got three friends, too. They can do something for me –
Paper: Oh, that’s a good idea! You can ask your friends help you in something.
Playa: Like what?
Paper: You asking? What is important? Why you need to go to the bank?
Playa: I need to go grab something that I have in there. I need some more money. The money I wanna grab is for help people, and I can’t go nowhere.
Paper: Your friends can go grab for you. Your friends can go to the bank and get what you need.
Playa: I wanna stay with you – I don’t wanna go nowhere. I can help you make books.
Paper: I have some paper – they can work with me, and you and me can stay in the library and you can do your business – your money can work for you. And I can make books, too – The library is our new house.
Playa: I like that, because you give me what I want.
Paper: And you give me what I want. Because you stay with me in the library.
The End.