a play by Zach W.

Performance: March 2005
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Character#1: Chimpy, the monkey AKA Chip
Character #2: Bonga, Chip’s older brother AKA Bo
Setting: Deserted Island, has gigantic volcano in the center full of all different kinds of animals especially monkeys. It has some beautiful beaches. The air smells fresh and very clean. The volcano has been dormant for centuries and is now beginning to erupt.Time: Present
At Rise: You see Chip sound asleep in his shack. He wakes up agitated.


(Alone in his tree shack. Chip Yawns.)
Today looks like it’s going to be a good day for me. Today is my day. I feel today those bananas are mine and nothing is going to stop me, not even my dim witted brother. I can’t believe I fell for Bo’s trick again yesterday. I was lost for hours in that jungle time is very valuable right now. It can’t just be wasted. Pretty soon the volcano is going to erupt and kill us all.


(Bo is on the beach working on his boat.)I need to finish this boat soon but it’s so hard working on it by myself. Why won’t my little brother help me out? It really frustrates me. Him and his outrageous story to find the magical bananas and wish his way off the island. It’s not that easy. He needs to be more realistic. All I need is him and his friends to help me and I could be done with this boat in no time.(Chip and his friends come running out towards Bo and his boat.)

Chip: Still working on that boat I see?

Of course it’s the only way we can get off the island.


Bo you know you’re never going to be able to build your boat. How do you know to build one in the first place? It’s never going to work.

Bo: You’re wrong my ideas going to work. I am older and much wiser than you are. So just trust me. I need your help to build it. The only reason I’m not close to finishing is because I’m working on it by myself. If you and your friends help me I could be done in a couple of days.
Chip: Bo even if you did build the boat with our help, how do you know it will make it all the way to Inland? How do you know it won’t fall apart?
What if we were to get stuck in the middle of the ocean? Then you would ruin it for everybody. It would be worse just dying on the island.

Because I will make sure it has enough strength where it can last for months, even years if we are out in the sea that long.

Chip: Sure whatever Bo that’s what you think, but you never know.
What I really need is your help to find the bananas.
Bo: Tsss…bananas you still think there’s such a thing as magical bananas? Come on Chip you’re smarter than that.
Chip: No, I can just believe. You don’t have an imagination. You only believe in stuff you see in front of your eyes. You’ve heard the stories Bo they’re somewhere out there on this island and it is my mission to find them and get us off this island before the volcano blows.
Bo: I can believe but not in such a ridiculous myth.
Maybe there is magical bananas, but you have no clue where they are.
It could take you forever and we don’t have a lot of time.
Chip: That’s why I need your help on my quest for the magical bananas.
Bo: Why do you need my help?

Because you know the island much better than I do.

Bo: You know the island just as much as me. I may know an easier way to get around, but this island is small. You can go on with your search without me. My help wouldn’t change anything.
Chip: I guess it’s going to have to be that way then. If you don’t help me then I definitely ain’t gonna help you. So I am out of here.

( Next day Chip wakes up and gets out of his bed to find something to eat.)


I’m out of food already. Damn, now I have to go find some food. That banana tree down there looks pretty good. So I am going to to go check it out.
( Chip starts torwards the tree and climbs to the very top of the tree.)


Wow these bananas look delicious.
(Chip grabs the bananas and starts eating them.)


These are some really good tasting bananas. In fact the sweetest best tasting banana I’ve ever had. Wow, I’m already full only after one banana. Their skin is like golden colored. I’ve never seen bananas like these before. They look…magical. No, could they be? Are these the magical bananas?
(Chip is thrilled starts jumping around in excitement.)

Chip: I can’t believe it. YES! YES!! I’m saved, my family, we are all saved. But there is only one way to find out.
(Chip runs torwards his family and shows them the bananas they are all thrilled except for one person which is Bo.)
Bo: You’re crazy those aren’t magical bananas. They’re normal looking bananas.
Chip: Just take a close look they’re golden don’t you see.
Bo: Golden? What are you talking about? Those bananas aren’t golden. Maybe they’re a little bit yellower than most, but doesn’t mean anything they could just be really ripe bananas.
Chip: Just take a bite. Taste how good they are. They’re marvelous.
(Bo grabs the bananas and takes a bite.)
Bo: Wow these are some pretty good tasting bananas.
Chip: See aren’t they the best tasting bananas you ever had?
Bo: Well they are pretty delicious. So what, it still doesn’t mean anything. You just found some perfectly ripe bananas.
Chip: They are not only perfect, they are magical.
Bo: You’re crazy. You know that. How could you believe those bananas are going to wisk you away off this island. You have such an imgination. Well I am going to get back to my boat.
Chip: Suit yourself this could be a one in a lifetime chance and your just going to walk away from that. Just don’t come crying to me when I prove you wrong.
(Bo leaves and heads torwards his boat.)
Chip: Man why is Bo so against whatever I have to say. He’s been doing this since we were kids. He needs to wise up. He could be missing out and how regretful he would be if he did. Well here goes lets see if these are so called magical bananas. Well we are going to find out right now.
(Chip and his family grab hold of the bananas. Then Chip wishes for him and his family to live where the rest of all the monkeys in the world live, on the Inland. They wait a few seconds starring at each other wondering what’s going to happen and all of a sudden the bananas start glittering and “POOF,” they all disapear and they end up in the amazon rainforest in Brazil.)
Chip: Oh my God! It worked they actually worked. We are off the God foraken island.
( Chip gives everyone in his family a hug and then remembers something very important.)
Chip: Bo where the hell is Bo?
(Chip begins running around frantically looking for Bo.)
Chip: Bo! Bo! Are you here? No this can’t be happening. Bo is stuck on the island all by himself. Why did he have to be so hostile? What am I going to do now? This was the last thing I wanted to happen to Bo. I know what to do I could just wish him back over here.
(Chip grabs the bananas and wishes.)
Chip: I wish that my brother Bonga will leave our island and come back here with me.
(Chip waits and waits, but nothing happines. He then wishes again,
but nothing.)
Chip: Bo, no Bo my brother. He’s stuck on the island. I can’t believe this. Stupid bananas.
(Chip throws the bananas and begins to cry.)
(Back on the island we see Bo working on his boat.)
Bo: Hmmmm, I wonder why it’s so quiet. That’s not like us monkeys. I’m going to go check out the village.
(Bo heads torward the village, but finds nobody.)
Bo: Where is everybody? This is weird.
( Bo runs all around the village and finds nobody. He then runs around the whole island looking for his family.)
(Chip is out in the middle of the ocean on a boat one he had stolen from a human in Brazil. He is sailing to rescue his brother. Three days later Chip arrives at the island. He begins to look for Bo.)
Chip: Bo! Bo! Where are you?
Bo: Is that you Chip?
Chip: Yes it’s me Bo!
(Bo and Chip start crying for joy they give each other a big hug.)
Bo: What happened to you? Where did you guys go?
Chip: I wished my way to Inland like I told you. You should have believed then we would have never been in this incident.
Bo: Thank God you’re here, the Volcano is about to blow soon.
Chip: Lets get out of here.
Bo: How?
Chip: I got a boat from the new land I was in.
Bo: Really you did, that’s amazing. Well lets get out of here right now.
(Bo and Chip running towards the boat and jump on and sail away. As they sail away they are watching the island and just like that the volcano blows. They were saved in the nick of time.)
    The End.