A Play by Kishaun

Performance: September, 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: A Wind: Age 35
A Storm: Age 45
Time: Early in November, late at night
Setting: High up above the Bay Area. It’s dark, cloudy – a storm to come soon. A lot of trees bristling together back and forth. Not too windyish, but a little breeze on all the small cities – even on the other side of the bridges. It’s a little chilly. All the people are inside. A grayish color in the sky and all around. People that are driving are still able to see a storm coming.
At Rise: STORM is stage right. STORM is almost at the end of a job. Clearing up – packing up the lightning, the clouds and the rain.
WIND is stage left. WIND is blowing awkwardly. He is exhausted.


Hurry. I have some more work for you.
(STORM moves toward WIND)


How come you didn’t call me way before? This situation looks like it’s been getting out of hand.

Wind: Sorry. I been busy.

Well thanks anyway. I’ve got it under control.
(STORM throws out the lightning, the clouds and the rain.)


Well, I see that you have this situation mostly wrapped up. I’ll see you.
(WIND starts to leave)

Storm: Wait, wait, wait. What’s the rush? Seems like the past couple of days you’ve been blowing me off.
Wind: What do you mean?

Well, it looks like you haven’t been yourself lately. Ever since Fall started, you have been really behind. Usually you’re on top of things when our windy situation needs a good storming.

Wind: Well I told you before how I am just plainly exhausted. And how there was just a matter of time until I go out of control.
Storm: There you go again, talking about going out of control, turning into a hurricane. You know how we care for those people.
Wind: I know. But without rest, that’s what’s going to happen. I hate to say it, but if that happens, my life and those innocent people down there are in danger!
Storm: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not playing.
Wind: No, I’m dead serious.
Storm: But if you take the day off, you just won’t be behind, but that will put me on backtrack. And you know how bad I’m trying to honor my family’s name. I don’t see why you aren’t trying to honor yours.

I am. But without rest, I’m going to get pretty miserable.

Storm: I’m getting worried about you.
Wind: Don’t get worried. Help me. By giving me the “go” to take a day off.

Come on man, don’t go out like this. I know what you think you feel is exhaustion, but it’s not. Everybody goes through this phase. It’ll go away sooner…


(cuts him off)
It’s not a phase! And if I don’t take care of this soon…. Man! You just don’t know! If whatever happens, happens to those people down in the Bay Area, you should blame yourself.


Don’t think you’ll only be able to take only one day off. Because you know how it goes – you take one, then another, then another…. I don’t even like thinking about it!


That’s the thing. I only need one. Just to recuperate, to recharge.

Storm: You’re not pushing yourself.
Wind: That’s the problem. I’ve been pushing myself too hard trying to keep up with you. I don’t see why you haven’t got tired yet. I love my job and I want to honor my family, but taking one day off isn’t going to make me a disgrace.
Storm: Okay, you take a day off. So what are you going to do?
Wind: Besides just resting and recuperating most of the day, and enjoying freedom, which means everything to me? Probably nothing else.
Storm: Freedom?!? What do you think would happen if everybody took a day off just for Freedom? This whole world of nature would be a mess. The Sun wouldn’t come out, Time would go backwards with the day and nighttime setting. And you wouldn’t be there to do your job of blowing.
Wind: Well by the end of tonight, the wind looks like it’s going to get pretty bad. And I don’t think I can hold on any longer. And that little glance of freedom that I want may be the only hope for me, and doing my job.
Storm: You taking a break can affect me on being the best and looking the best toward my family. And you turning into a hurricane is one thing; but if you leave, me turning into a rebellious storm is another. You leaving will have me caught up in my own mess, that will likely hurt those people too.
Wind: I know. I know. That’s why I want you and me to both take the day off. You’ve deserved it way more than me. And imagine, if you recuperate, how much stronger you’ll be when you get back into your job. Being the greatest, you’ll be the best.
Storm: Stop right there. You know how that is the last thing I will want to do.
Wind: That’s why this opportunity for the both of us – well, for you mainly – will become a big help to us. Don’t you want to be the greatest in your family? And make them proud? Just one day. That’s all I need, and I know for sure that’s all you need. I can see it now: Your name – known out of all the other storms.
Storm: How are you so sure? How do you even know if one day will equal two more? Tell me. Tell me.
Wind: I just know. You have to believe in me. I have been thinking about this for a long, long time.
Storm: What if you die? What if we both die?
Wind: I would rather die knowing that I had a plan for doing good, than to die knowing that I killed innocent people for no reason. But I’m positively sure taking a day off wouldn’t kill us.
Storm: Let me think about it.
Wind: What is there to think about? Would you rather one person die or a hundred thousand?
Storm: You’re right. I would want anybody to get hurt because of you and me. And lately I’ve been keeping it inside, but I have been reacting slowly. It’s nothing big, but I can tell by the end of this month it would probably get worse.
Wind: That’s great. So a break is what you need too.
Storm: It’s not a break. It’s a recuperation. Deal?
Wind: Deal.
    The End.