A Play by Blanca C.

Performance: May, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Act 1 Scene 1
Time: 2:00 pm in the afternoon
Place: Chevron gas station in Mission
At Rise: Tiger, a tiger, stops at chevron gas station in the mission to
drink out of the water hose. As he looks down he sees Mac, the poor
keyboard hurt on the ground.


Oh, are you ok?


Can’t you see, I’m in the ground I’m not ok, I’m hurt.

Tiger: How can I help you, or make you feel better?

What kind of help can you give me?


Well I can maybe take you to the computer repair shop.

Mac: But I don’t think they can help me.
Tiger: Why not?

Well maybe, it wouldn’t hurt to go and find out.

Tiger: Ok now I have to find a way to get there. The gas attendant may know about a computer shop near by. Should I ask?
Mac: Yes, yes please I’m in pain.
Tiger: Ok, just wait a second I’m going inside to ask him.
(Tigers inside the gas station asking the attendant about a computer repair shop near by, Mac is waiting for tiger in pain. Tiger comes back with a big ol’ smile.)

(thinking aloud) I hope it’s good news.

Tiger: Yes! We have to walk three blocks down.
Mac: Well how can I walk when I’m in pain?
Tiger: You can’t walk three blocks down? You’re in that much pain? Well I got a great idea I can carry you on my back.
Mac: Yeah, we never thought about that one. That’s a good one.
(So Tiger gets down to the floor and helps Mac get on top of him. He picks him up with his right arm and he gets up and starts walking to the repair shop. And as they walkin.)

Tiger, I want to thank you so much for going out of your way to help me when you didn’t have to.
(They get to the repair shop.)

Tiger: Mac, come right on in – straight in to the door on your left.
Mac: I can’t walk once again.
Tiger: Oohhhh- I forgot.
(Tiger walks right in to the room where they have all the tools, machines
and all that.)
Mac: Wow – this is pretty cool!
(Tiger puts Mac on the table. The repair guy starts screwing, tightening up
the screws and replaces a couple a buttons. He gets a bath.)

Ok, I’m ready to go.
Tiger: Mac, would you like to go to the park?
Mac: Sure, why not?
Tiger: Well um, I’m a little scared to.
Mac: Why? I thought you wanted to go. It was your idea.

Well, um, I haven’t told you this. Earlier today I escaped from the zoo and I’m afraid of getting caught by the animal control.

Mac: Huhhhhh…! Why were you in the zoo?
Tiger: Well ever since I was born, I was abandoned by my father. And I had nowhere to go & I was taken by animal patrol and they took me to the zoo. And I was there ever since til my escape.
Mac: Well I was taken from my family, the mouse and the table. I was stolen by a thief. I felt sad that I couldn’t do anything about it and I wasn’t taken by choice. It’s lonely out there without my family.
Tiger: Well at least you’re not the only one who feel that way. I hope one day I may be able to get in contact with him or find him. That would mean the most to me. I never really got to be with my dad.
Mac: Well maybe we could go try to find him.
Tiger: Where? The world is so big I don’t even know where to even start.
Mac: That’s the key. You don’t know where to start. Maybe you should go with your first intinct.the park. Do you believe in instincts first of all?
Tiger: Well, not really to tell you the truth. I just do as I go along.
Mac: Well, I’d really like to give back to you for helping me when I was in need of help. That meant a lot to me.
Tiger: You’re like the brother I never had & that makes me happy to know that you’re willing to help me. Some people don’t appreciate the help given to them and you’re very appreciative.
Mac: So where would you like to start?
Tiger: Well, I don’t know. Just thinking about it makes me very frustrated.
Mac: Well, frustrated ain’t gonna get you nothing.
Tiger: You just don’t know how I feel.
Mac: How are you gonna tell me I don’t know how you feel?
Tiger: Because you don’t.
Mac: Well, I was taken from my loved ones so I know how you feel. You’re just hard-headed and now I don’t know whether to even help you.
Tiger: But I helped you.
Mac: I appreciate that. But if it was that important to you, you would go to any length to find your dad. But instead you’re stuck on stupid.
Tiger: I’m stuck on stupid? What do you mean?
Mac: Well, first you want help, then you’re stubborn and show no effort & I can’t do it all for you. You have to meet me half way and I don’t think you’re there yet. I’m frustrated with you.
Tiger: But I would really like to find my dad.
Mac: I said I would help you.
Tiger: But the thing is I don’t remember my dad’s name, or how he looks.
Mac: Well we can just look out for other tigers that have features like you.
Tiger: But I’m scared too.
Mac: Why? I think, no I know you’re confused, but I don’t get why you scared.
Tiger: I don’t know how to explain exactly how I feel.
Mac: Well all my life I’ve been neglected.
Tiger: What do you mean neglected?
Mac: I mean I was always the unpopular one and the outcast.
Tiger: But I totally understand and feel where you coming from, I was neglected and unpopular at the zoo.
Mac: What! I would think you were popular cause you are beautiful and have a nice personality
Tiger: Everyone has their side to them.
Mac: I use to live in a library in a school and I would always see others get used and I would just be the one watching, sitting all alone while the others were having fun.
Tiger: I love to have fun so maybe we can play together.
Mac: Sure lets play.
Tiger: Play what?
Mac: What’s you’re favorite game?
Tiger: Whats yours?
Mac: Well I like to play hide and go seek.
Tiger: I do too, how did you read my mind?
Mac: I think is just that we have a lot of similarities and that’s the reason why we became so close.
Tiger: Yeah, I agree. So do you want to start?
Mac: Ok, but don’t you think we need a bigger place, somewhere where there’s bushes and all that?
Tiger: What about the park?
Mac: But I thought you were scared to go.
Tiger: I changed my mind. What park?
Mac: The one by the San Francisco zoo.
Tiger: Oh no not that one.
Mac: Why not?
Tiger: I don’t think that one is a good idea.
Mac: But why?
Tiger: I’m happy but scared of getting caught. That is one of my biggest fears. To go back to that misery. Being locked in a cage, seeing other people free out there not being able to do anything but eat and go in circles. It makes me want to go insane & kill others which, because of my insanity and crazy thoughts runnin’ through my mind, I decided to take my anger, and hunger, out on someone else. I ate a little kid because the rat and animal crackers weren’t enough. I was really, really hungry. And that’s what that place made me do and that’s what I don’t want to go back to.
Mac: Well now I don’t want to go.
Tiger: Fine.
Mac: I want to go to the library, do you want to come?
Tiger: Ummmmmmmm why not.
(they’re walking)
Mac: You see that computer over there?
Tiger: Yes.
Mac: Doesn’t it look like me?
Tiger: Ay Mac, I’m going over to find a book about tricks.
Mac: Ok, I’ll be right here.
(A little boy goes over and starts playing with the keyboard. And as soon as the little boy presses the letter 0/Zero, he starts to laugh, and giggle, because he’s never been used, so he didn’t know how to react and the little boy starts running away. Mac scared him with his crazy laughter.)
Tiger: Why you so happy?
Mac: Can’t I be happy for once?
Tiger: Its just weird I leave for couple of minutes and I come back and you have a big cheesy smile
Mac: This little boy came over and started playing with me and I started to laugh and giggle cause I wasn’t used to it. I’ve always been neglected and that was one of my biggest wishes, TO BE USED!
Tiger: Well that’s nice to know.
Mac: Why you say it like that, I thought you would be happy for me.
Tiger: (Loud) I , I am
Mac: I never want to forget about that moment.
Tiger: What about me, not everything is about you.
Mac: What? (pause) what do you mean?
Tiger: I said not everything is about you.
Mac: Why are you mad?
Tiger: I’m not, but I really want to find my dad.
Mac: Well instead of talking, wont you do something about it, I already told you I got you’re back.
Tiger: Ok, lets hit up the animal shelter.
Mac: That’s fine. Where ever you want to go first.
    To Be Continued.