by Edrid

CHARACTERS: Pain, the thorn, age 17
Rose, the rose, Pain’s mother

SETTING: A well taken care of garden, a lot of roses and different
color plants, healthy environment.

TIME: An afternoon when the gardener picks the roses to sell
and picking plants that are dying.

AT RISE: The mother, Rose, and the son, Thorn, are having a
conversation. Their time is running out, and a petal falls.


Hey son, how do you like being a thorn? I really don’t like you being a
thorn because you’re hurting animals in the garden.

I like it good because I keep harm from coming your way and I don’t have
to worry about you being picked. I know I’m hurting animals but it’s a way
of protecting you.

I thank you for that. I know I don’t have to worry about harm coming my
way, but I want you to realize that my time is coming, and you can stop
hurting animals in the garden,…and blossom.

What do you mean, your time is coming? Where are you going?

I’m not going anywhere. There’s only two petals left. You don’t have to be
a thorn no more. You don’t have to worry about harm coming my way.
Either way, harm’s coming my way.

What do you mean, not protect you from harm’s way. That’s what I’ve
learned to do. What does it mean with two petals left? What happens?

I don’t want you to keep protecting me from harm’s way. I want you to
change. What does it mean, two petals left? I’m gonna die. I’m gonna be
cut. If I get cut it means you’re gonna die with me. I don’t want you to die.
I want you to go and blossom and keep our tradition going.

I can protect you from being cut, protect you from dying.

No, you can’t. The gardener is more powerful than you. Just accept the
fact. Let me shoot you to the other side of the plant so you can blossom
and keep our tradition going.

I’d rather be with you and I’d rather die with you than being transferred to
the other side of the plant. I’m afraid of losing you. I’ve been with you
eighteen petals.

I understand that but it’s part of life. You got to accept the change. I was
once in your place and it was hard for me but I made the change and now
it’s your turn to keep the tradition going.

It’s really hard to make this decision. I need time to think about the
sacrifice I’m about to make. I’m gonna lose you if I make the sacrifice.
Losing you will be with me for the rest of my life.

We don’t have much time. I’m running out of petals. I want to send you to
the other side of the plant so you can have a chance to live your own life,
to have your own ups and downs and achievements. I want to do this
because I love you. I want you to live a long life. For example, I want to
see you accomplish things and know that by making this sacrifice you will
be capable of accepting life and the challenges.

I love you, too. But how do you know I’ll be capable of facing all my
challenges? I’m afraid of everything I have to do. That’s too much
responsibility for a thorn that’s been the same for eighteen petals. I don’t
have to worry about anything because I’m a thorn and things fear me
because I’m long and strong and pointy to cut things.

I understand that and I know you’re feared. But I don’t fear you, you young
thorn. I don’t want you to die with me. I need you to keep this family
blossoming. I want you to go on your own and keep accomplishing
things, and start another life of your own. I’m running out of time…a petal
just fell. Why can’t you be like your sisters. They accepted life and their
challenges and they blossomed. You can’t protect me. My life is gone
either way.

I am a tough thorn and I am feared.

Are you talking back to me?

No, mother, I’m not.

It sounded like it.

I want to accept to be sent to the other side of the plant to blossom. But I
fear a lot of things. I fear that I’m not capable of doing what you think I’m
capable of. I’m afraid I might not be able to blossom. I’d feel worthless
and I’m afraid I won’t keep the tradition going. I fear I won’t be like my

You could start a family of your own, just like your sisters. You’ll see why
it’s important. I know you don’t want to do it but please, do it for me. I love
you and I don’t want you to die. I want you to do more things than just
being a thorn. Please do it for me, and your sisters. We don’t have enough
time so I’m sending you to the other side of the plant whether you like it or
not. I’m sorry. I tried to make you realize how important it is for you, and
the tradition of re blossoming. If you die with me your sisters won’t have
nobody to be with and they need you just as much as I need you.

OK, Mom. I’ll go to the other side of the plant, blossom and accept life and
all the challenges that are there for me. I’ll stay with my sisters. I know
and I realize that they’re gonna need me once you’re gone. We’re really
gonna miss you. I love you, Mom. I’ll do this for you and my sisters and all
my ancestors.