A Play by Antoine D.

Performance: July, 2002
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time: 12 noon
Place: In the rain forest in Arkansas, near a stream, near a high mountain. There are acres of flowers & gorgeous red roses, bundles of trees & you can hear the slow beating of the rain on the ground & the frightening roars of other animals.
At Rise: Sir Lion the lion is pacing back & forth. Celie, his second mind is there.

Sir Lion:

What am I gonna say when I finally see my mom? Where do I start first?


Man, I keep sayin’ you don’t need this woman. Before you act on this, take a few days before you actually go try to find her. If you keep tryin’, all I’m gonna do is keep tryin’ to hold you back.

Sir Lion:

Why? Why do you keep holdin’ me back? Why don’t you want me to find my mom? If you were a true friend, you wouldn’t try to hold me back.


I try to hold you back cause I don’t want you to find your mom. I’m not ready to give up all your love & attention.

Sir Lion: Do you understand that I’m suffering from depression & if I don’t do this right now, I could die? I mean it’s just like sayin’ you want me to die.
Celie: That’s not true because deep down inside I really care about you. I just haven’t found the guts to tell you how I really feel.
Sir Lion:

So, why don’t you just explain to me how you really feel instead of holding off so long, so I can see from your point of view why you’re holdin’ me back?

Celie: Right now I don’t think this is the right place or the right time to fill you in on my feelings about you, cause they’re just so deep.
Sir Lion: I really feel you should tell me how you feel because I really want to get the understanding of why you are tryin’ to hold me back.
Celie: Sir Lion, don’t get me wrong, I do want you to find your mom & find out why she abandoned you, but I just feel it’s too soon.
Sir Lion: Do you really understand the urgency of why I would have had to have done it yesterday?
Celie: I do. I don’t want you to die, cause if you die, I die. Okay, give me a second to collect my thoughts & I will tell you how I really feel about you.
Sir Lion : Okay, I see what you’re doin’. You’re tryin’ to stall time & you are still tryin’ to hold me back. How about if I just go find my mom & you figure out what you need to say to me.
Celie: No- No- Don’t do that. How about I tell you how I feel, but I won’t make it that long. I’ll just sum it up for you.
            Love flows from your mind to your heart to your soul.
            Love is like a petal from a rose that you inhale through your nose.
            And the more you receive it, the more your mind blows.
            Love flows from your mind to your toes. Love flows.
            Your love enters my heart, & flows though my soul-
            Through my veins, through my vessels & it drives me insane.
            At the sound of your name, it runs through my mane.
            Like the sound of the rain in my strongest pain.
            But yet I still cream your name.
            You make me feel the same, but yet so different.
Sir Lion:

That’s sweet & on the under, I feel the same, but if you continue to try to hold me back, nothing can happen between us.

Celie: Why don’t you give me a chance? I’m obsessed with you. All I can think about is you. At times I think I know I can’t have you. I try to stop thinkin’ about you, but you’re always there.
Sir Lion:

If I give this a chance, will you continue to try to hold me back? I mean, I really do deeply care about you, but this just can’t go on any longer. You should just give up, because I’m not gonna allow you to hold me back from tryin’ to find my momma.

Celie: Maybe if you explain it to me a little more, I’ll understand it.
Sir Lion: Alright, I’ll do just that. I’m gonna explain to you what’s been goin’ on in my life. As I’m explaining, put yourself in my paws.

Okay, explain.

Sir Lion:

Okay, here we go. 
When I was a cub, my mom left me floatin’ down the stream. I was found by a family of bears & since I was a cub, I’ve been raised by that family of bears. Don’t get me wrong, they did a good job raising me, but I’ve grown to be a misguided lion. And for years, I went through sleepless nights wondering who my mom was, where she was at, & why she left me. Growin’ up, I didn’t quite have that motherly love that a normal animal has. And I’ve gone through terrible ordeals in my life. Like in & out of the slumps tryin’ to commit suicide & goin’ through depression. And it’s hard. I feel I would’ve been a different animal if I had the motherly love like I was supposed to. 
Now everything that I just said, does it make you feel any different about tryin’ to hold me back from findin’ my mommy?


Yeah, I understand, but it’s kinda hard. I don’t want to lose you.

Sir Lion:

I understand your feelings towards me, but don’t you think by you tryin’ to hold me back from tryin’ to find my mom is just pushing me further & further away?

Celie: Obviously, if she left you as a young cub, then she’s not gonna want you now. I’m only looking out for your best interest. What if you do find her & she rejects you? I know that would crush you & I don’t want to see you go through that.
Sir Lion: Okay, I understand this too, & I appreciate you looking out for my best interest. And if this is true, maybe this is something I need to go through in life. Maybe if I go through this, it would make me a stronger animal.

Sir Lion, you are the strongest animal I’ve ever known. Maybe you should try accomplishing a different goal.

Sir Lion: How ’bout this? How ’bout if I write a letter addressed to my mom & have someone look for her & give her the letter & wait for her response?
(He writes the letter & sends it with the dove & waits for a response.)
Scene II: It’s been two months now. The dove found the giraffe who knew Sir Lion’s mom & gave her the letter. She read the letter & wrote a note to him. Two days later, the dove returned to Sir Lion with the note & the letter.
(He reads the note)
Sir Lion: I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but your mom has been dead for 9 months. Sorry I didn’t contact you sooner, but I wasn’t sure about how to contact you. But she did write a letter addressed to you, but she didn’t send it off, but I’ll be happy to turn it over to your possession.
(Sir Lion faints. He’s awakened by Celie calling his name.)
Celie: Are you okay? What happened?
Sir Lion: I received a note from one of my mom’s friends & she informed me that my mom’s been dead for 9 months. She’s been dead for 9 months & this whole time you’ve been holdin’ me back! You know if you weren’t holdin’ me back, I could’ve been there for her & I feel like I could’ve prevented her from dyin’.
(He opens the letter & reads it.)

   Dear Son,
I realize I made a big mistake by leaving you floatin’ down that stream. A year after I left you I spent two years looking for you, but couldn’t locate you. I stayed up sleepless nights crying, missing you, wanting to hold you, wanting to be the mom that I should’ve been. I feel I’ve betrayed you. All these years I’ve been praying hoping that you would forgive me. I probably won’t be around when you receive this letter, but I want you to know I do love you & there’s not a day that went by that I didn’t think about you. Son, stay strong & know that I always care.
                                                                                                -Your Mom
(Sir Lion closes his eyes & lets the tears flow & after the tears cease, he glows all day. He’s happy with joy.)

Celie: Sir Lion, I’m happy that you kinda found out the truth about your mom. I’m sorry to hear she’s deceased. You handled the situation great & I’m sorry for holding you back for so long. I’m just happy to say we both got what we wanted. You found out about your mom & I don’t have to give up your love & attention. I don’t want you to ever forget that I did this out of love for you.
Sir Lion: Okay, the more I think about it, the more I understand that you didn’t want to see me hurting. Now that we both got what we wanted, you have to promise me that in the future this won’t happen again. No matter how bad the idea may seem. When I put my mind to it, just let me do what I have to do, no matter if I get hurt or not. 
You’ve made me a really strong lion because of this situation.
    The End.