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A Play by Tati B.


Character #1 is Midnight, a panther, age 20 years old and three days and one week.  Character #2 is Midnight’s Reflection, 0 days old.  He’s a male.  They’re very close.


Its green everywhere. It’s wet.  Grey rocks climb on top of each other seeing nothing.  On top water flowing off a land that goes no more.  Echoing is coming from the water that is falling in lots of amounts.  Smell of clean fresh trees and water and the mist that comes over in fresh air. Skipping rock to rock, sharp edges everywhere I touch.  When I climb there any smooth spot to put my feet.

TIME: The day is almost over.  The sun is bright reds, yellow.  The day is lonely Friday, the last weeks of the hot sun being hot.

Midnight is walking to the great water fall where he meets his reflection, thinking about the elders giving him the task towards being wise.  Tasks are long and unsuccessful with finding prey in the hot sun.


Midnight (sits):
Hey are you there?  Huh?

Reflection (laughs):
Where else would I be?

Midnight (sighs):
I’m just asking.

What do you want now?

Well I’m just kind of bored of this whole wise thing.

(Reflection pauses)

Are you there?

Reflection (he gives attitude in his tone):
I wish I wasn’t.

Midnight (strong voice):
Why are you being so negative? You have changed since you told me that I don’t pay that much attention to you and talk about the elders.  I do love you but you make me more confused with your complaints.  You’re supposed to be there for me.

Reflection (shocked):
I am the only person that been here.  It gets on my nerves to talk about them.  They don’t love you, when you become wise they still not going to love.  What is wise?  It’s nothing you need.  You need me.

Being wise isn’t being old.  It’s what you know and see.  It’s when it comes to you.  I can’t understand why they want this for me.  So much pressure to become this word of no meaning, that no one knows.  Especially you!

I know what being wise is.  It’s not what the elders say.  You already have wisdom.  You don’t need them.  I can love you.  I always have.

You don’t understand what I’m going through with the elders.  I want the love and respect of my family, make them happy but sometimes I think making them happy won’t make me happy.  That’s why I’m so confused.  And I have this deadline of my hunt, to show that I am wise.

Reflection (big smile):
When is the deadline?

It’s when the leaves turn orange.

Is that tomorrow?


Well when were you going to tell me?

I wasn’t going to.

See I told you I wasn’t that important to you.  Because those damn elders told you you have a deadline, you forget all about me. Huh Midnight?

I’m starting to think you’re lying.

Reflection (evil in his voice):
What do you mean?

That you want to be in control.  And become me.  I see you watch me all through the day.  But now it came to me.

Reflection (defensively):
I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I thought we were talking about the elders.

I am the one in control.  I just want you to know that.

Oh yeah?  So why are you talking to me, if you are in so much control. Huh Mr. Big Stuff, why are you coming to me?

Because I thought you were my friend.

Reflection (in confident voice):
Man I don’t have to listen to this.  I know you better than you know yourself.  You will always be a failure. But I am your friend.  And you need my love.  We both know that. So we should just accept the truth.

I really don’t need you here. Misery always need company.  If I leave I would feel bad, that’s why I stayed.  I did you a favor, buddy.

Like I said–you know the truth.  And I know the truth. You don’t even believe in yourself.

I know myself.

Yeah right, and I am one of the elders.

I don’t have to listen to you.  You’re just a bitter person.

You do have to listen to me. You know why?



You have nothing to say because I’m right.

Midnight, you will become nothing the elders want.  And you won’t make me disappear. You will disappear.

(Midnight thinks in silence.)

Reflection (aside):
Ha, I’m in control. It worked.

You made me think of what I want to do.  I’m going to prove you wrong. You’re just a negative part of me that I can get rid of any time. You’re nothing that I want.

You can’t get rid of me.  I’m the only one that loves you. Remember?

Midnight (with pride):
Yes I can.  Because this is the end. I know what I want to do.  To be with my family because that make me happy, because you were confusing me. Now I can get you out and become one.

(Midnight looks down)

Reflection, where did you go?

(Then he closes his eyes, then opens them with prey in his mouth.)

The End