A Play by Mason G.

Performance: May, 2002
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: 2:00 PM (2 days before the big race)
Place: An auto-repair garage
At Rise: Jack, the wrench & Arora Borealis the Lamborghini Diablo are in a stand off.


Look, we’re best friends.  Friends are supposed to help each other out.  What happened?  We used to be so close.


 Look, I can’t always be there for you.  Sometimes you’re just gonna have to help yourself out of your own situations.

Arora: It’s not my fault that you don’t get the recognition you deserve. I try to tell my fans, but they don’t listen. What else am I supposed to do? I can’t fix myself.

You You You!  Is that all you care about is You?  I’ve got a life too.  I’ve also got a dream that needs to be fulfilled.  If I don’t fix you, you’ll probably tell everybody that I’m a bad wrench, how am I supposed to succeed with my dream?


If you fix me, people will like you, and they will give you the recognition you deserve.

Jack:   But then if I fix you, you are just gonna win & be number 1 again, & the story will start all over again.
Arora:   You have to make a decision- Yes or No?
(Arora notices the sound of drops of liquid dropping on the floor beneath him.)

Do you hear that?

Jack:   Oh my gosh – You’re bleeding motor oil!
(They’re both silent)
Arora:   Are you gonna help me or not?
Jack:   Right now, the answer is no.
(Arora is enraged with anger.  He goes into reverse, hits the gas, turns in to a 180, flips it in drive & takes off)
(Jack notices the motor oil dripping from Arora.  He realizes that the faster he goes, the more oil he burns and the closer he is to dying.)
Arora:   Hey, I’m pissed.  I can’t believe this.  I have this best friend, Jack.  He is a wrench and he fixes me when I’m broken.  But he is jealous that I get all the attention, so he refuses to fix me.  On an ordinary fixing day, it usually takes him 2 days to fix me, and guess what?  I have a big race in exactly (2) Days!
What do I do?  What do I do?
Woe is me.  Woe is me.
Jack:   I feel betrayed.  My best friend took advantage of me.  I want to fix him, but he’s just so big headed, so self-centered.  He thinks everything is about him.  If I tell him I won’t fix him, he’ll tell everybody I was a bad wrench and not to use me.  How could he do that to me?  I thought we had each other’s backs.  I feel so disgusted, so offended, and so pissed off.  I can’t even finish this conversation. 
(To the audience)  I hope you can help.
(Arora realizes Jack is magnetized and is stuck to the right side of him.)
Let’s talk.  You’re only making this situation worse for yourself.

Leave me the Hell alone!  Go Away!

Jack:   Stop for a minute.  Let’s talk.
Arora:   The only way I’ll talk to you is if you Fix Me!
(A storm suddenly appears and it dramatically starts raining. 
The rain causes Jack to rust.
A bolt of lightening comes out of nowhere and electrocutes Jack, causing a chain-reaction igniting Jack and Arora.)


Arora, turn left here!




Just do it!
(Arora turns a quick left and slams into a river filled with mud.)


Quick thinking.  R U ok?

Jack:   Yah, I’m fine thanx.  What about you?
Arora:   That mud plugged up the hole that my motor oil was running out from,
So right now, I’m all right.
(Arora calls a tow-truck on his car phone)
Jack:   Look what you’ve done. Now you’ve just lost 10 minutes of fixing time.
Arora:   What are you talkin’ about? You told me you weren’t gonna fix me.
Jack:   Why do you think I came with you? And now that we’ve gone through this horrible experience, I can’t even move. I have no energy. Even if I decided to fix you, I physically can’t. I need to be fixed myself.
(The tow-truck arrives & drives them to the garage.)
Arora:   Look, Jack, I never meant for any of this to happen.  I’ve never been loved until I started racing.  And seeing the happiness in the crowd’s faces & knowing I was making them so happy was the best feeling in the world.  I understand that you don’t get the recognition you deserve & for that I apologize.  Friends are supposed to help each other out.
Wadda ya say?
Jack:   What makes you think I am entirely ready to fix you? All I wanted was an apology and you apologized, but sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” doesn’t make it better. We’ve known each other since we were kids and I’ve always been there for you, but the one time I wanted a break, you had a fit. I wouldn’t have done that to you.
(Jack sighs) I’m so confused. Whose feelings are more important, mine or Arora’s? What’s the right thing to do? 
(Arora starts to cry)
 I guess I’ll just have to show you what I’m gonna do.
(Suddenly, Jack whistles & all his little friends & family pop out of the toolbox & yell, “Surprise”.)
Arora:   What’s all this? You mean you had all of this planned out? I’m flattered.
(Suddenly Jack snaps his fingers and they all get to work.  One of the little tools says, “Tires“, another one says “Paint“, another says “Gas” and within an hour and a half, they are finished.)
(Jack and Arora look at each other and just smile and start laughing.)
(The day of the race, Arora comes out of the garage shinier than the sun, louder than a lion’s roar, & prettier than the islands of Hawaii. And with a sparkle of his headlights, he steps up to the starting line.Suddenly Arora hears
READY…SET… & Arora yells-

Arora   STOP!
Jack:   (Runs up)  What’s wrong?
Arora:   I can’t start without… (pause)  thanking you for all you did. You acted just as a friend should. You always had my back. Without saying thanx…I’ll show you.
Jack:   How are you gonna show me?
Arora:   Just watch.
(Arora steps up once again to the starting line and reeves up his engine.  Once again he hears- READY…SET…and the sound of the gunshot makes him switch into drive.  Arora’s will to succeed is so strong, he wheelies onto his back tires and takes off. Unfortunately for Arora, the car he is racing against is in front of him. Arora flips on the nitrous oxide switch and flies past the finish line.)
Arora:    That’s how I say thanx.
(Arora steps up to the microphone on the 1st place stand and starts giving his speech.)
Arora:   How’s everybody doin’ today?
I’m just gonna get down to the point.  Many people think I deserve all the credit, but actually I don’t.  I want you guys to meet a great friend of mine. 
Jack, come on up.
This is who you should be clapping for.  He’s been the one who fixes me every time and he never gave up on me.  Yesterday, we were in a life and death situation and now I’ve fulfilled my dream of being the fastest, shiniest, most popular Lamborghini Diablo on the racetrack today.  So to give our appreciation to the brains behind all this, let’s all give a round of applause to Jack, the wrench, the strongest, shiniest & most popular wrench!
(Every one starts clapping and from that day on, Arora and Jack worked side by side and they both achieved their dreams.)
    The End.