The Confrontation 

by Christian P. 


V, the 40-year-old star

AIRFORCE, the 40-year-old shoe


Interior of a tank at the top of the world


Sunset: 7:15

At Rise 

V is sitting in the tank waiting for Force to show up so they can talk about an issue between them.


Force enters the tank.


Wassup Force. Hey… Force




How’s it been?… It’s nice seeing you all put together.


Yeah, it is.


Can we talk about when you ditched us the other night?


Yeah, we should.


OK, well, we been thinking about it and we don’t want to see you like that anymore, and we don’t want you bringing shoe cleaner with you when you’re around us. We know it’s hard for you to pick, but it’s the last option. So what do you say?

Page Break

FORCE (Under pressure)

 I’m not sure what to say.


Make a choice! I don’t want you to die!

FORCE (Sure)

I won’t die. I’m going to be fine.


I need you to stop, because you are not just hurting yourself, you’re hurting your friends.

FORCE (Honest)

I’m not trying to hurt you guys.


We know you aren’t trying. It’s not all your fault. If you can get rid of shoe cleaner, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

FORCE (Remorseful)

You know I can’t leave shoe cleaner from one day to another. Why are you giving me this choice?


I’m giving you this choice because I love you and we don’t want shoe cleaner to hurt you!

FORCE (Remorseful)

I’m sorry, V, but this will take some time and I understand if you can’t be here for it. I do plan to leave shoe cleaner, but I can’t promise you something I can’t keep.

(Giving up)

You have tried before and he won’t let go. What makes you think it will be different this time?

FORCE (Confident)

I will look for help this time and spend less time with him until I don’t need him anymore.

(Pretty relieved)

You won’t be alone. I’m proud of you. When you feel yourself about to fall again, I will encourage you to keep going.