A Play by Ariel C.

Performance: September, 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Damn this feels great! This is my time to shine. Everything is going as planned, I’m 1st to rise and last to fall. I organize my homies positions in the sky, as well as handling a few worthy wishes coming true. Each and everyone of my stars is making our name great, putting in work to the fullest but now I feel envy when one of my fellow comrades looks upon me. Structure is strong as well as intelligent, he feels he should lead this great organization that I have built. I know he can, as a matter of fact, I’m positive he has what it takes. But I refuse to lose. Because being on top is not a part time job, but a neverending machine that keeps going and going. If I was to lose my position my shine will fade and my strength will drop. Structure is a good star but at times he shows his power trips. I feel this makes him mentally and emotionally unfit to be a shot-caller.

That’s the signal, it’s about that time for me to go to work. And I’m the 44, 000 star to hit the scene and answer back. Man, I wish I was the one to call upon my peers like Unstoppable. And to be the point of the compass in the sky. Being the point is being the leader, I want to be on top of things. I feel like Unstoppable doesn’t really got his head straight and doesn’t know the power he really has. (Getting pissed off now) I feel like a little sidekick! Who does he think he is? Trying to be 1st at everything?

Characters: Unstoppable the Star, a five point star of bright gold who is so old that his age is unknown.
Structure the Star, another bright star created by a higher power at the same time as Unstoppable, so long ago that his age is unknown.
Time: Dusk, before clock in time. Unstoppable waiting for the right time to call the stars to turn on.
Place: The sky that is now busy with the traffic of wishes. The sounds of pain and sorrow as well as laughter are echoing throughout the cosmos causing the planets to vibrate. The time for men and women of all ages to make their pleas, is at hand. Soon the sound of millions of petty wishes, desires, and hopes for something better will come flowing toward the heavens like a thunderstorm.
At rise: We see Unstoppable slowly rise and shine, music starts playing lightly (something like “Wish Upon A Star”) to summon his fellow comrades.


(Talking to himself) Wow, look at that, the electric lights that at times seem to mimic our twinkles are now at rest and the moon has just about fixed her position to block the mighty sun’s power. Chaos has come upon earth as well as my comrades and I, due to the confusion of leadership (sigh). A decision needs to be made at once. (Echoes are getting louder. Unstoppable fixes his eyes down to earth that now seems lonely and abandoned.) Structure is an outstanding star. His power is great and even better his determination is unlimited…but his determination is powered by pride and stubbornness. His decisions would be made with lack of consideration for our fellow comrades as well as for those who need us the most, the humans. (Slowly Unstoppable turns to face the now thousands of stars surrounding him. Music fades off. Making his routine check ups, Unstoppable overhears Structure’s opposing statements toward his leadership.)


Can’t you guys see? Don’t y’all realize Unstoppable’s selfishness?

Unstoppable: (interrupting) Selfishness? Can you justify that remark?

What, you think I wouldn’t notice the way you pushed me to the side? Ever since you’ve become leader I’ve been abandoned, and I can’t let you proceed in pushing me away. I feel your leadership should come to an end.


(shocked at what he’s hearing) So all this is about you now? I’m the leader and my business is to look after everybody and treat them as equals. This ain’t no one man show.

Structure: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. I see you with your head up high and your shine so bright thinking you’re superior. Who do you think you are?
Unstoppable: You want to know who I am? This is who I am! I am the mighty point of the north who the lost ships look upon for guidance through the seas. I see the hopes and dreams of everybody’s most valuable and petty desires. I hear the sobs and laughter from those big and small echo through the skies. And you know what I can taste?

What’s that?

Unstoppable: I taste the sour tears of envy from those weeping due to their realization of unrealistic dreams.
Structure: (silence, Structure is staring at him hard almost burning a hole through his face.) What, you don’t think I see that stuff too? I can taste the sweetness of joy and happiness but with the aftertaste that is sour due to pain and suffering. I also smell the powerful aroma of the lover’s passion beneath me. I know my shine is the cause of the affection that is brought upon these couples. And of course I feel the eyes of millions staring at me with amazement.
Unstoppable: You see that’s where you messed up and exactly the point why you’re unfit for leadership. You’re too busy thinking all the attention is towards you but in reality, we all taste the sweetness and sourness of the emotions, the powerful aroma of passion is the scent we all smell, and is due to each and every one of us, not just one. A star who stands alone, no matter how strong will eventually fall but those who stay united last for eternity.
(Not a word is said from Structure, he is left with the realization of his selfish and inconsiderate ways. Wish a blast that almost blinds those around him he shines with extreme power but slowly begins to fade and fall.)
Unstoppable: And now, yet another star will find out if the myth is true. The myth that says every star that falls from the sky is not forgotten or lost but will be found in the realization of hopes and dreams.
    The End.