The Gardenz


Jay’Vonn M.

CHARACTERS:   Hytz the Lion, male, age 3 years old (lion years)
                             Oscar the Bear, male, age 6 years old (bear years). Uncle of Hytz

SETTING:            In a tree house in the Gardenz. Tall grasses and trees in every direction. The sound of the breeze in the 

                        nearby trees. Soothing sounds of a waterfall by the tree house.

TIME:               5:30pm, August 21st

AT RISE:           On his way to his Uncle’s tree house, Hytz is thinking about his decision and how he will break the news 

                        to his Uncle.


HYTZ THE LION:  I been thinking lately and I gotta growl at my Uncle about some real stuff. I’m trying to run with the Lion    Kings of the Gardenz, and smash on them Army Hyena suckas. This fight has been going on for ages and I want to get down with my lion cats, just like Popz used to do. 

Every animal in the Gardenz respected him back in the day, and still do. Even though he ain’t around anymore, he still is a legend to this day. The Power that he had when he used to walk around is what I want.

(HYTZ arrives at his Uncles tree house. His Uncle opens the door)

OSCAR THE BEAR:  Wazzup, young’in, what brings you around this part of town? (walks to the couch, starts looking at his newspaper)

HYTZ THE LION:  I gotta holla atchu real quick.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  Go’on ‘head, shoo’ (puts down paper)

HYTZ THE LION:  Well I been thinking about the Lion Kingz ag—

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (interrupts) Now Boy we done been through this a million times. I’m not tryna hear this nonsense right now. I been hunting for salmon all day and I’m tired.

HYTZ THE LION: Can you just hear me out Unk? Dang, this’ll be quick.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (sigh) Ok, I’m all ears

HYTZ THE LION:  Well, I’ve put some serious thought into this… & I’ve decided that I’m going to join the Lion Kingz –and I’ve made my mind up!

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (angry) What?! Are you crazy, or were you just born dumb? You could be hurt –or even worse, killed.

HYTZ THE LION:  Unk, I’m not going to get hurt or killed. I know what I’m doing.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  Oh, oh, you know whatchu doing? A three year old Cub with no responsibilities & has had it easy his whole life, wants to get in a battle he knows nothing about, and a lion pride he knows nothing about? I can’t believe this mess.

HYTZ THE LION:  What? Being a Lion King is in my blood. You and my Popz practically ran the Lion Kings of the Gardenz. Who wouldn’t want to run with them, they have all the finest lionesses (Oscar grunts looks at him with disbelief).  And everybody around here respects them to the fullest. Like it was when you and Popz ran the Kingz. 

OSCAR THE BEAR:  You think you know everything, don’tchu? Back in the day, the Lion Kingz of the Gardenz stood for more than females & battling everyday. It stood for family, and everyone makin sure every animal in the Gardenz was aright. But things have changed. Hytz, you don’t know the half of it.

HYTZ THE LION:  (standing up)  Unk, I’m sorry but I have made my mind up. Its in my blood, Unk. I’m trying to be like my Popz. He was a beast, straight up & the Lion Kingz will have my back, just like they did toward you and Him. (pause) Unk, once I’m in I’ll work my way to the top and go after them poachers that killed my Popz.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (frustrated) First off, don’t come to my tree house usin the Gardenz slang, talking about ‘straight up’, whatcha mean, ‘straight up’? (sighs)  I think you need to sit down for this Hytz, I have something to tell you.

HYTZ THE LION:  Nah, Unk, I gotta go. Tonight’s the night everything goes down (he looks out at sky) I have to be at the kick-it spot at sunset and lookin at the sky it’s almost time.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (Oscar raises his voice) Boy, sit yo’ tail down, and let me finish what I got to say! (more hesitant, almost apologetic) Hytz, the reason why I left the Lion Kingz is because I felt it wasn’t safe. Word had got around the Gardenz that Up& Coming Lions were planning on taking me and your Popz off the top, so they could lead our pride. I felt it, and got out. Your Pop was hard-headed and decided to stay. Weeks after I left, word got around that your Popz had been killed by the Army Hyenas. (Hytz looks shocked)  I don’t know for sure, but my gut tells me that he was set up.

HYTZ THE LION:  (responds with sadness & anger). What! You’re lying! You’ll say anything to keep me away from the Lion Kingz, won’t you? I can’t believe you would lie … (he starts to storm out)

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (stops him)  I wouldn’t lie to you –

HYTZ THE LION:  (interrupts)  You wouldn’t lie to me’?  You’re either lying now, or you’ve been lying to me my whole life.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  We only lied to keep you safe.

HYTZ THE LION:  How is keeping the truth from me ‘keeping me safe’? Huh? Explain that to me.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  Hytz, we didn’t want you growing up with Hate in your heart, …that’s all. (he tries to embrace his nephew, but Hytz turns around to hide his tears)

HYTZ THE LION:  So you mean to tell me that the Lion Kingz set my Popz up? That’s whatcha tell’n? Unk?

Then if that’s true, we gotta go after them snakes! (balls up his claws in anger). Now that I know the truth, I can get into the Lion Kingz like I don’t know nothing, and work my way up & make them pay.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  Nah youngster, soak this game I’m giving you up like sponge: That ain’t the way (shakes his head), that ain’t the way 

HYTZ THE LION:  Nah Unk …see, you done gone soft! That’s the only way. Forget all that Monkey Luther King non-violence crap. It’s now or never, Unk. Never ever am I nervous! (heads for door, but Oscar stops him)

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (more sad than mad) Young blood, No! I’m not trying to lose you like I did your Popz. I made a promise to him that I would keep you safe, and I won’t let him down again, Hytz, I won’t! (grabs Hytz, tries to embrace him. Hytz snatches away, tears running down his face)

HYTZ THE LION:  Nah, fa’get all that! Them suckas go’n pay, on everything they done.

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (Oscar grabs him, hugs him tight. Hitz doesn’t struggle this time)  Let it out, Hytz. Let it out

HYTZ THE LION:  (He cries, giving up) Unk, it ain’t fair, it just isn’t! Now that I know the truth, what am I supposed to do …walkin around like its all good? Nah, Unk, we gotta get ‘em, …we got to!!

OSCAR THE BEAR:  (holding him)  Nah, that ain’t go’n bring Leo back, it just won’t. Dang, Hytz… I feel like, if it wasn’t for Bad luck, I wouldn’t have NONE.