A Play by Karima
(A Work in Progress)

Performance: March 9, 2001
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time: July 2, 2001 at 9:30 pm
Setting:  The Heart Hotel Room with a heart bed, heart table, heart rug, heart lamp, heart couch, heart everything.  Everything BLUE.
At Rise: Carlena the hopeful emotion is chillin in “the Heart” watching people; watching everybody.


Big sister got everything.  Brand new clothes, brand new shoes…MONEY!  A gold chain.  Rings.  I feel disappointed that I can’t have everything my big sister has.  I feel unloved; upset ‘cause I can’t get the stuff I want like my sister.  I don’t know how I could get the stuff she has.
Marlena the Happy Emotion is coming from her dude’s house.


I’m the bomb!  I got everything.  I got a man who takes care of me.  I got a job so I can buy my own clothes.  I can buy me a brand new car with my paychecks.  Dang.  Why my sister got an attitude?  And if she didn’t have no attitude I would have bought her some brand new kicks and clothes AND put some money in her pocket.
(Marlena the Happy emotion walks in.  Carlena seen her sister with some brand new kicks.

Carlena: I want them shoes you got on!

Go buy your dang shoes…if you got the money for it.


I will go buy my dang shoes…and I do got the money.

Marlena:   Well, I don’t have time to argue with you.  I got bigger things and better things to do.
Carlena:   Maurice is tearing our relationship apart.  You be going out and you come home…but you don’t be kickin’ it with me no more.

I’m grown.  I could do what I want to do.
(Marlena starts to leave.  Carlena follows her and grabs her and Marlena slaps her in the face)

Carlena:   (crying) Why’d you slap me in the face?
Marlena:   Because you grabbed me before I could leave…to go to the store!
Carlena:   (crying) Naw!  You wasn’t going to the Heart grocery store.  You was going to your mans house.
Marlena:   How you figure I was going to my man’s house?  I was going to the Heart grocery store.  I was going to the Heart grocery store to…pick up some groceries… for the house.
Carlena:   You lyin’!  You tryin’ to sneak off to your man’s house.  If you was going to the Heart grocery store…can I come with you?
Marlena:   No, I’m going to the Heart grocery store by myself.

Well go do your thing and I’ll do mine.
(Marlena’s on her way to the Hot Tubs.  Carlena stops her)
Wait hold up!  I want to tell you…we’ sisters.  Why you gonna leave me?  I want to be LOVED and I don’t know if you love me.

Marlena:   Your attitude is making me pissed off.
Carlena:   MY attitude is making you like that?  Well, you have to just deal with it!

I don’t have to deal with your attitude.  Somebody else could deal with it ‘cause I’m not having it.
(Carlena walks away and thinks)


Why am I giving big sister all these problems?  She’s a role model to me.
(Marlena goes to the heart room)


Why am I arguing with my little sister.  I’m supposed to help her.  Dang, I could be with my man at the Hot Tubs, but I choose to be here to talk to my sister.
(Carlena comes back to Marlena)

Carlena   I’m sorry for my attitude.
Marlena:   I accept your apology.  In my mind I was thinking that I wanted to be with my man.  But now I want to be with YOU.  But I can still be with my man.  I’ll spend the daytime with you and the night with my man.  O.K.  So now I can buy you some new kicks and some bling, bling!
Carlena:   (happy) Thank you sister and I love you and I’ll try not to give you any more problems.
    The End.