A Play by Chris


Once upon a time there was two young fires. These fire’s names were Burn It the big hot fire and Sparks. Both Burn It and Sparks were best friends. Burn It had a father named Flames. Sparks didn’t have a father. Sparks always wanted one and he always seen how his best friend Burn It used to have fun with his Father.

          Flames was a great father towards Burn It and his other son Burnin. Sparks was always sad when he seen that. So one day Burn It asked Sparks if he wanted to go to the park with his father and Burnin. Sparks said sure I would love to go. So they went to the park.

When Flames seen Burn It and Burnin using the swings he seen that Sparks wasn’t playing with Burn It And Burnin so he sat next to Sparks and started talking to him. Flames asked him about his family and when is he gonna get a chance to meet with his parents? Sparks got real sad and replied “I don’t have any parents. My mom died after she gave birth to me and I have never seen my father before so I guess you would never have the chance to meet them.”

Flames felt sorry for him and told Sparks that. Sparks said “You know you look like a good father and I wish I had one.” Flames felt really sorry at this point and told Sparks that he can be part of their family. Sparks got so happy that he jumped up and gave Flames a big hug.

Since that day forward Sparks and his new father talked about everything. At first Burn It was happy that his best friend Sparks was part of their family. After a couple of years Burn It didn’t feel the same way anymore. He felt that his best friend Sparks was taking his father away from him.

It looked like it too because Flames was always with him and not with his own son. Burn It felt frustrated and told his friend that if was not a good idea for him to be in their family. Sparks didn’t even trip about what Burn It had to say.

A couple of more years later Flames had eventually forgot about his own son’s because he had spent all these years with Sparks and helping him grow older. When Sparks grew older he started working with his ‘dad’ and both had a tough job. Their job was to carry big buckets of water and pour it out on the lava so the top can harden up and they would be able to walk across the volcano. A few months into their job it was pretty easy for them to carry water up and down. Both didn’t even worry about what could of happened if the water had spilled on them.

So one day Sparks was carrying a huge bucket of water. It was heavier than him so he asked his ‘dad’ if he could help him. Flames poured out the water he had in his hands and walked over to where Sparks was. When Flames was gonna grab the bucket from Sparks hands, Sparks tripped and accidentally poured the water on his ‘dad’ Flames. Flames turned off immediately. Sparks got scared and said “Noooo!”

He really couldn’t do anything else after that but feel sorry for himself. He was also scared to tell Burn It about what had just happened. Sparks decided not to tell Burn It and that just made it worse for him.

Burn It eventually heard what had happened from his neighbor. Burn It got so mad because it was his father after all. Burn It went out looking for Sparks but Sparks was nowhere to be found.

Sparks was dodging Burn It for a couple of months because he already knew that Burn It was after him. Burn It could not find Sparks anywhere. He went to Sparks  house but he didn’t live there anymore. Burn It went to Sparks work but the manager told him that he had quit.

Burn It was frustrated. He was so frustrated that you can see the heat waves coming out from the top of his head. After a couple days he was still mad but not as much. Burn It thought about the plans he could use if he did ever see Sparks again. At the end of the day he had many ideas. Burn It then just kept it to his self.

 Burn It had a son named Flames. Flames was like a couple of feet tall. Burnin was like the same height but was a couple of years older. Burnin and Flames were close, close like brothers they did everything together.

Burn It then thought about how his plan to assassinate Sparks will affect his li’l bro and li’l son relationship. Burn It thought about it very closely. He didn’t want to break then up that way. So little by little his plan really went away.

One day Burn It went to the store with his li’l bro and li’l son. They went to the store because they were gonna have a picnic. When they went inside the store Burn It got a stranger feeling. He seen a guy that looked just like Sparks. He then screamed out, “Sparks is that you over there?”

The guy turned around and it was Sparks after all. (INSERT Pg.4 & 5) Sparks got so scared that he immediately walked over to him and started crying and telling him that he was sorry for his father’s death. He was also telling him to not kill him because he wanted to have his own family.

Burn It looked at him strangely, he didn’t know how he felt. Burn It said, You know I been looking for you for so long and now that I have finally seen you I just don’t feel like turning you off. At first I did, but since it took me so long to find you I just don’t feel like that anymore.

Characters:  Burn It and Sparks, two fires
Setting: Inside a Grocery Store
Time:  Hot Sunny Day; 20,000 years ago
At Rise:  Inside the Grocery Store. Sparks is on Aisle 4, which has gas, matches, charcoal. Burn It is on Aisle 5 with son and li’l bro getting chips, dip, snacks.

ACT I sc.1

Sparks in on aisle 4 and is about to walk to aisle 5, Burn It is on aisle 5 and about to walk to aisle 4. Both walk up the aisles and when they’re gonna make that turn to walk to the other aisles, the y both walk in to each other, Both are surprised to see each other.

Sparks is that you?
(scared to see him but doesn’t want him to know it)
Burn It. How have you been, where have you been hiding at?

Me, just been trying to locate you everywhere and find out where you stay at.

O. At a friend’s house.
Really, which friend’s house?
One of my friends from work.

So why have been dodgin’ your own friend?

Friend… what friend?

Me… why have you been hidin’ from me?

I haven’t been hiding from no—anyone.

Really, so why haven’t I seen you for the past 5 years?

Maybe because I moved…. Haven’t you ever heard of that?

Don’t get smart with me Sparks!