NARRATOR:           This is based on a true story.


 CHARACTERS:      WISDOM,  the Book,  age 18

                          CRAZY,  the Bear,  age 23, Wisdom’s uncle



SETTING:             In a cave.  The cave is small and dark.  Smells like plants. Hyroglyphics on the wall.



TIME:                    4:00 AM


 AT RISE:             Crazy is trying to make a plan.  Wisdom is listening, figuring out how to tell Crazy how he                                       feels.





What’s going on with you?  I feel you’re different.





Nah, I’m just thinking about something.



About what?  Let me know.





The problem is…I’m thinking different and I don’t know if this is gonna sound good to you.





What, you have a new plan?





It’s just I don’t feel good.





You don’t feel good doing this or you sick or something?





You know what?  I’m gonna be honest with you cause I feel like this plan for getting honey is not going


no where.  This is driving me to a bad place.





What are you talking about?  We did this so many times.  You feel scared?



Probably yes, probably not.  Cause I want to be free, to be my own book and live happy.  But I need


new pages and a new writer with new stories.  And also I need your help to take out the old pages.





Why now?  We’ve gone so far.  I think it’s too late.  We need this honey as soon as possible.





Why it’s too late?  You can’t rip out the pages?  I don’t need this for my new stories.





I know you want to rip out the old pages but that’s who you are.  You can’t change what I wrote and I


need you to help to get the honey.  I feel bad.  I was thinking we was a couple and I can’t do this with


nobody else…only with you.





I know who I am but that does not mean I can’t get new stories.I want you to take the old pages with


you.  I don’t need that no more. Old stories aren’t going anywhere.





OK.  I’m gonna take the old pages with me, but we need to get the honey and I promise to you this is


the last time.



I’m sorry but I can’t because I’m going to be recycled if you don’t take the old pages.





I know it’s possible you’re going to get recycled.  But think if we get this honey I can buy more


expensive pages and the best ink.  And also we can get a new expert writer.  It’s too late to change.  


Think about it!





I can do it.  I can change my story.  I need more wisdom on my pages.  No more stories like the old  


pages.  When I get free I’ll be like a new book.  I want you to read my new pages and change your


mind.  If you don’t want to change your mind I can’t hang out with you.  I’m afraid to forget— take it


out of my story—what you wrote.  I will get recycled.  This is the moment for you to decide cause I


know the recycling truck is coming.  I’m desperate and only you can help me.





I know you want my help.  You know I need your help to find the honey.  The bees are everywhere the


honey is at.  Only you have the plan on the old pages to get the honey.





I know you need my help. You know what? I’m gonna do what you want me to do.  This is the last time. But you need to promise to me you are going to help me.





I knew you gonna do it.





(monologue)  I did what Crazy wanted me to do and the recycling truck picked me up.  In the darkness


of the truck I saw light coming to me.  The light chose me and took me out and the light changed my


pages and ripped out the old stories.  The light wrote new stories with wisdom and happiness.  I’m


waiting in a library for someone to take me.  I owe it all to light because the light believes in me.  The


light explained to me I need to be patient for the right writer.






 The End