A Play by JohnW.

Performance: March 2005
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

CHARACTER 1: Ferl, the mountain lion, 18
CHARACTER 2: Jacob, the bear, 17
SETTING: In a forest close by a waterfall in Yosemite Park. A lot of trees, a lot of animals, birds. Muddy. Fair weather. It smells fresh.
TIME: 12:30 p.m.
AT RISE: We see Ferl walking toward the waterfall to get a drink of water. He drinks the water, then lifts his head up, when he smells a funny smell. The smell of crackers, musty, damp, sweat and sandwiches. And then Ferl knows what it was right away. So he started running to his friend Jacob. When he gets to Jacob, Jacob seems surprised to see him, too.


I’m surprised to see you. Just in time for what I need you to do, my good friend.


Do what for you? I have some news to tell you.

Jacob: Of course. I need you to come with me, not too far, but to a mountain where they have this great big honeycomb. I need you to come to help me because the honeycomb is located on a mountain and I need a mountain lion to get it for me faster than I would get it.

Honeycomb? You want me to help you get a honeycomb for you? Look, man, my family’s in danger and I need your help right away.


What kind of danger?

Ferl: Does it matter?
Jacob: (Aside) Yeah, it matters when it comes down to my honeycomb. ‘Cause that’s my dream to collect that honeycomb and it’s my wish to get that gold honeycomb so I can become famous. Everyone will notice me when I become famous. Ferl must help me, before I help him first. Who knows what will happen to the honeycomb if I don’t get there first. That’s why I must get that honeycomb. (To Ferl) I’ll help you – whatever it is, I’ll help you, but you have to help me first.

I can help you get that honeycomb any day.

Jacob: Any day? There are bears that live around my honeycomb, and if I don’t get there in time, they will steal it. And if they steal it, I won’t be able to sell the big honeycomb to help buy my gold honeycomb. So I can have all the publicity to be the top bear.
Ferl: But you cannot help me save my family any day, can you? The only way that I’m going to stop them people from hurting my family is to become human so that I can have the ability to fight them off.
Jacob: What people?
Jacob: (Aside) There’s gotta be some kinda way that we can get that honeycomb and save Ferl’s family from the poachers. (To Ferl) How do you know they’re comin’?
Ferl: Their scent – their scent is getting stronger.

Do you think they will be here before sundown?

Ferl: Yes, they probably will be here before sundown. Jacob, I feel harrassed and enraged about me knowin’ that they probably will be here before sundown. Just the fact of knowing that my family is in danger within hours!
Jacob: Good! Then we can get to the honeycomb in time to get back and save your family.

No! And we’re not gonna have enough time to get the honeycomb. We’re not going to find your stupid honeycomb. I need to be human, Jacob, don’t you realize that?


Why do you really have to be human to fight off poachers?


Because I will have the same abilities as them to fight them off. And they won’t kill me if I become human. When I get to become human, my family will become human.


Hey man, I talked to the chief of the Buku tribe, and he told me a story about a magical chief who had powers and he can do almost anything. And you know what? The chief is ten minutes away from where my honeycomb is. But we need to get my honeycomb first. That’s the first priority if you want to become human in time.

Ferl: You’re a liar! Because if you were telling the truth, you would’ve told me instead of keeping everything behind the bush. I’m so pissed off at you. I don’t know what to do Jacob. What is this comin’ to between our friendship and everything we stand for?
Jacob: You know what, man? We always been friends and why would I want to lie to you about something that has to do with your family being in danger? And if I would’ve told you before, do you think you would’ve wanted to help me get my honeycomb? Or would you have argued me down about saving your family? Really, you tell me – what is this coming to?
Ferl: You know what? You owe me this. For all the years we been friends and this is how you act? Towards greed and fame? What kind of friend is you?
(FERL pounces on top of Jacob, and then Jacob with his strong bear claws scratches deeply into Ferl’s chest. And they’re biting and scratching and biting and scratching and then all of a sudden there is a huge gunshot. Suddenly, Jacob and Ferl stops fighting. And then all of a sudden, Jacob falls to the ground because he’s been shot by the poachers. Ferl turns and looks at Jacob.)

You know what, friend? I apologize for not telling you ahead of time about the chief. And I really care about you saving your family. But you don’t know how it felt to be the average bear and not to be famous. If this is the price for greed and fame – I deserve it. I don’t think you have to become human to fight of the poachers. You have the ability to do anything you want, Ferl. From your best friend Jacob.

(JACOB dies)

Ferl: (To JACOB) It’s all my fault! We shouldn’t have fought. It’s all my fault! What have I done? I shouldn’t have pounced at him. I feel heartbroken. I feel ashamed. I feel confused because all of this is coming down on me. My family, my friend, me. I’m sick of this. I’m sick and tired of this. Of running, of being afraid, of being scared. Maybe I do have the ability to fight them off myself.
(Another gunshot goes off – FERL dashes away quickly and then he strikes for the first poacher he sees with a gun in their hand. And then he attacks in rage, fear and love. And he attacks another poacher, but this poacher is kind of different. He is a boy, very young and scared. And FERL lets out a big roar to show his strength and the boy runs away into the forest as fast as he can. FERL turns to the first poacher he attacked, but he wasn’t so lucky. And suddenly, FERL sees another bear, a big brown bear and it kind of reminds him of Jacob. And the bear comes and picks up Jacob and walks away).
Ferl: Who was that? Was that Jacob’s brother? He told me he had a brother, but I’ve never seen him.
(Then FERL runs into the forest back home ‘cause he is traumatized of everything that happened that day.)
Ferl: Man, that wasn’t no ordinary day. I wish that day would’ve never happened because it was nothing but heartbreak for me. And this day will stay in my memory forever.
    The End.