A Play by Ricardo C.

Performance: February, 2003
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Characters: KIRK the Tasmanian Devil, age 19
PEANUT the Elephant, age 18
Kirk’s 19th birthday
Place:A hole inside a cave, near a waterfall, in a tropical forest.
At Rise: Kirk sits on a log with his elbow kissing his knee, thinking
long and hard.



Man, it’s so rough feeling lonely and miserable. I hardly ever have
the courage to go outside and be a painting in life. Man, I get
frustrated from time to time pondering if I’m worth a single fruit on
a tree. But yet again, I believe my face and voice will be at rise
when I have an audience learning about the tone in my voice. This
situation is critical. I can’t even see the daylight when I want to.
The community is discouraging me, and my friend is a part of it too.
The only thing he wants is attention, being part of something that
he’s not. We used to be those old pals like Tom & Jerry – the cat
and mouse. But now, it’s like my own shadow is refusing to stay in
the figure of my body. That’s it. I’ve had it. It is time for me
to persuade and take charge. I’m going outside.
(KIRK gets up with an intense face, looking like he’s ready for war.
He stands bravely and marches like a soldier to the creeping shade of
the sun smiling at him. He gets to the waterfall where a crowd of
animals is standing.)


Look who it is. The wildcat just arrived.
(There is laughter all around)

Peanut: What’s going on little man? Finally decide to come out? Did you get
invited or decided just to side-bust this show?

Who you trying to impress? Trying to be a comedian all of a sudden?
Look man, if you don’t want me around, just say so. I’ll see who got
your back in the long run.
(KIRK walks off)


(PEANUT runs after him, down by the river.)

Peanut: What’s wrong with you, man? All of a sudden you lost your sense of
humor? You know I was only joking.
Kirk: Man, look at you over there, trying to look like a star. Is that the
way you treat your friends? You made me feel awful. What am I
supposed to do, just stand there and have animals laughing and
discouraging me with stinging eyes?

Hey man, I’m only trying to bring happy smiles on people’s bubbles.

Kirk: You know, I’m sick and tired of you blowing me off. It’s my
birthday, and now I’m going to confront the community and yourself.
That I’m not a cock-a-roach you can step on. That I’m a Tasmanian
Devil, and this is about time I stand on my ground.
Peanut: Why are you making a scene out of this? It was only a minor joke.
Kirk: You still don’t get it. You been treating me like this for the past
months. First you treat me like I’m worth a pot of gold, then you
look at me like you never knew me. Like I was an abandoned lost
Peanut: (confused) Don’t you think you’re taking this too far? You ain’t
never said nothing about this before, and all of a sudden I’m the bad
Kirk: (With a frustrating frown) Have you ever thought once putting
yourself in my shoes? Do you ever have the feeling of stinging bees
leaving your mouth swollen? I’m speechless.
Peanut: What are you referring to? Do you have a mute button on you? If you
want me to, I’ll push it off.
Kirk: How dare you try to start up jokes again, when I’m trying to be
serious about my feelings? Hey man, have you forgotten who I am to
Peanut: Of course, man. How long we known each other, eight years? Where
are you getting at with this?
Kirk: I’m trying to tell you that you’re nibbling me off. As far as I know
you haven’t been treating me like your best pal. I try to have
myself acknowledged throughout this community, and the only thing I
see on your part is a dismissal of a left out pile of crap.
Peanut: Hey man, now you’re offending me. Are you serious? I’ve always been
there when you’ve wanted me and always had your back.
Kirk: You know what? If you don’t understand my points of view and my
feelings being hurt, I advise you to keep your distance.
(KIRK goes back to the waterfall)

You can’t just leave like that. I’m not finished.
(At the waterfall the crowd is hovering. Kirk stands on a rock.)


Hey man, what are you doing?


Silence everybody. And I don’t want to hear a word from anybody.
I’m here to say I’ve had it with all you hypocrites. What do you
think, I’m going to stay in my hole and get devoured by a bunch of

Peanut: Hey man, you don’t have to do this. I understand. I can feel….
Kirk: I said, Silence! You’re not much better than these cowards out here,
only trying to presume and be as fake as plastic. As I was saying.
All of you guys think I’m nothing but a low-life fool, and I have
took all your crap for months. I’m not going to stand here and look
like a clown. It’s my birthday. And you’re going to have to salute
me and respect me to this day. You guys have cheated me out of this
community and have stuffed me in a black hole. Today is a new
beginning, because my life is a step older than before and now my
character won’t agree with your criticizes. I am abolishing any of
your disrespectful remarks. And now I’m going to take order. I’m
going to be the new man in charge.
(The crowd is stunned.)
Peanut: All right man, all right. We understand your insides. Man, I feel
terrible. If I only knew how you felt, my good fellow. I
misunderstood you. I guess I read your feelings incorrectly. I’m
sorry I harmed you so much. I didn’t have the courage to stand up to
the crowd you just conquered in a manner of minutes. If only I could
eat up time that has passed me by, would I make you proud.
Peanut: PEANUT (continued)
to forgive me. I don’t want to lose you, man. I’ve been a total
idiot. How can I ever manage to get your respect back? I’m sorry my
good fellow. Will you still be my friend?
    The End.