A Play by Jessica

Performance: May, 2002
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Place: In a tree in Orange Park, SSF.  We see ducks, canals, bridge, people running, playing.  We hear birds singing.  Carla can touch leaves, dirt, trees, and air.  She smells fresh trees.
At Rise: Carla is writing a letter.


Dear Universe,
I am having a problem with my friend twister. He will not let me go live in Zacatecas. I want to spend time with my family and study the history of my ancestors. I want to learn more about what their life was like, to see if I could learn if they had a special nest which my grandparent slept in, my parents slept in and my children can sleep in. I want to learn more so I can teach my children and they can teach their children down generations. 


( twists in)
You can’t leave me.Why are you doing this to me.I thought I was your buddy.

Carla: You are my best buddy but I gotta  go to Zacatecas. To spend time with my family and look for the family nest that my mom left for me for my children.

You can’t leave me here alone. I’ll go there and destroy all the nests of your family. I would feel bad but I really want you to stay. You can’t just leave me here and leave like we’ve never been friends.Who am I going to talk to?  You’re the only one I can trust.


Are you threatening me? I thought you were my friend. Now you want to kill my family. That would really hurt me. I thought you were my buddy.

Twister: I am your buddy. I don’t want you to leave me all alone.
Carla: There is a family emergency. My mom wants me to go get the nest because somebody is living there right now and they could mess it up. Then we won’t be able to sleep in it no more and it’ll break family tradition. If I break it I’ll feel ashamed of myself and my mom will feel disappointed of me.

You told me you would always stay with me, you’d never leave me. I’ll make you a new nest. I’ll have the birds make you a better nest. The tradition one is all old, rusty, all used.

Carla: I need the old one. It’s been in my family for years.What part don’t you understand.I’ll talk to you tomorrow. (walks away hurt)
Twister: Twister steals another bird’s next and fixes it to look old and stuff.(lying)
Look Carla. Last night I went to get the nest all the way to Zacatecas. I brought you your tradition nest. So you don’t gotta leave.
Carla: How’d you go so fast. It’s all the way in Mexico and we’re all the way in the United States. You’re tricking me. I gotta go anyway cause I got to go with my family. You can come with me and live there with me. You can meet my family and we’ll still be buddies and we can travel around Mexico.
Twister: No, I want to travel to Antarctica where it’s cold but I don’t want to lose you. You’re my best, best friend. Look Carla, I got a plate full of juicy worms. I got it just for you.
Carla: Are you trying to kiss up to me so I won’t leave. It ain’t gonna work this time. First you threaten me, then you lie to me, now you spoil me by giving me a plate of juicy worms. You’re trying to not let me go to Mexico. I need to accomplish my dream. You can move there with me
Twister: No, I can’t cause I’ll die cause the sun’s real bright over there. The sun is my enemy. He doesn’t like me. He’s always pushing me away.

You can come live with me over the winter cause it’s not hot over the winter. And then I’ll live in my old house with you over the summer.

Twister: How do I know you’re not tricking me. How do I know you ain’t trying to get me back?
Carla: How could I do this to you? We’ve been buddies forever. You can trust me. You know I’ve never lied to you.
    The End.