A Play by Teo B.

Performance: September, 2001
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Characters: Dot the Cheetah (23 years old) Camile the Cheetah (22 years old)
At Rise: The sun is going down, a cool breeze is blowing through the air and the air is getting tense. The special spot is one of the better views around camp. Surrounded by tall green grass, on a hill stands an oak tree and to the right is bright blue pond. The branches are known to support birds during the night, little baby birds are heard chirping throughout the early day. An owl can be seen during night watching over his area with glooming yellow eyes waiting for day to come.

Camile is seen pacing back and forward down by the pond. She seems irritated, mad, and on the verge of loosing her composure if Dot does not arrive soon. And Dot walking on late from the time he was expected tired, frustrated, and he has no idea what is about to hit him.



Well, I’m glad you decided to come being that it took you so long. (sarcastic)


Huh? (unfocused)

Camile: I don’t know what’s been bothering you lately but if it has something to do with us why don’t you come out and tell me now? I mean you been so secretive lately. I’m beginning to feel I don’t know you anymore. What happened to us sharing our thoughts? I thought we agreed on this, that we were going to have rough times but that we were going to both work through this to make the relationship work. (pretty fast flow-like she’s been thinking about what she’s going to say).

(looks at her baffled, caught off guard once again) What’s botherin’ you? First of all I been keepin’ my part in this relationship. And second, why you been so focused on yourself lately?


(that lights the fuse) I haven’t been thinkin’ about myself! I been thinkin’ about us, about the family we’re supposed to be having now. And I haven’t been the one comin’ here 2 hours late, fur matted, claws lookin’ like you just got through rippin’ something and smellin’ like you been rollin’ around with wild boars in contaminated waste!

Dot:   (comes on harsh) Well, if you put it that way- what’s been going on with you and Clyde? It seems like you got what’s between you and me twisted and why don’t you tell me what’s goin’ on between you and Clyde anyway? I been kinda curious about that.
Camile:   But maybe if you were around more-Clyde wouldn’t be a factor in this. I never knew that you were so concerned about my friend until now.

Well from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard he seems like more than just a friend.

Camile:   (gets serious with her heart) Right now, I need you more than before-we’ve been talkin’ about family long enough. I think it’s time we put our words into action and really get serious about getting our own little space together, and build a strong family that we planned on from the beginning.
Dot:   (this is the moment, now nervous, seems like a nightmare, starts stuttering) Uh, OK, since you got that off your chest- I think it’s time I come clean with whats been on my mind. The reason why I been so focused on what I been doin’ is because I want to become the leader of the pack. I want to be the one who know what’s goin’ on- when and why. What I need from you is for you to stand by decisions, to support me. (cowards out) Maybe- you should think about what you and Clyde have, if you think he understands you better than me.
Camile:   (In a low sad tone) Maybe I should. (Camile walks off slow, and betrayed form what she has heard.)
Dot:   (Monologue) What am I doing? ( in a frustrated tone) (getting loud) Camile means the world to me I shouldn’t have blown her off like that. I do want to have a family with her why can’t she wait? She doesn’t understand if I stop now I may not get another chance at this. Malaseus is becoming a threat to my throne. I can’t allow myself to fail. (walking back and forth) This is something that will not wait for me, I am too far to turn back now. How can I put in words to tell her, now how can I find the courage to tell her that my love for her has no limits. That I would gladly defend her but I can’t let her get the best of me, she might take me for a coward. I need advice more than anything I need to be led down the right path not astray. What will it take to make the right decision? What will it take?
Camile:   (with tears in her eyes) I don’t know what else to say to him, I feel like he’s a lost cause sometimes. What’s he so afraid of anyways, huh? He seems to be running from me, running from what all we been through. Maybe he’s right for a change, I think I should ask more of Clyde. (in a disrespecting voice) Maybe he has what it takes, just because Dot is trying to become the leader don’t mean nothing when it comes to taking care of REAL responsibilities. No I don’t mean that, I do care about Dot, sincerely I do. It’s just aw heck I don’t know. (and she goes back in thought)
    Scene 2
It’s mid-day down by the river a small group of cheetah are gathered drinking water and enjoying the time. Amongst the group Camile is spotted talking with Clyde, about what happened last night with Dot. It seems Clyde is pretty close to Camile, if you didn’t know them you would think they were together. Dot going on feelings and emotion comes up with enough courage to approach Camile. He plans to tell her he was a fool for not agreeing with her and is prepared to settle down. Dot took half the day off from his busy schedule to tell her but he sure is in for a surprise.
Dot:   Okay Dot ol’ boy this is where it all comes out no more avoiding the destiny God has given me. Look at Camile she sure looks happy damb this is precious. (the cheetah that is in the way of Clyde moves along and he is clear view of Dot. Dot comes to his senses and his attitude changes.)
Aside: Camile takes a glance around her from her happiness and spots Dot walking away at once she realizes he saw everything. What is this I see, okay Camile seems you have been doing some thinking. I knew I shouldn’t have wasted my time in coming down here look all happy and acting like children in a crush full of hormones. No he didn’t just splash water in her face I can’t take no more I’m out of here.
  Scene 3
Later on that night back at Dot’s cave where Dot is constantly thinking about what to do next. Camile comes to apologize for everything she feels that she doesn’t want to lose Dot. (But the real question is will Dot accept her forgiveness.)

Dot please come out, I really need to talk to you… what you saw was nothing but friendship being expressed in a friendly way. I know you’re in there, please Dot stop acting like a child and talk to me. (As she’s caught in mid-sentence Dot walks out right pass her without a glance in her direction)

Dot:   Did I hear someone calling for me (he looks around ignoring her) oh I guess not.
Camile:   Come on Dot, you told me you wanted me to take what myself and Clyde have to him. But you were upset and I realize that and I’m sorry, can you find it in your heart to forgive me? What will it take to get you to look at me. (jumping in front of him)

You seem to be awfully excited about something, or maybe you got me confused for Clyde? Could that be it?


Listen I came to ask for forgiveness and accept your apology for…(he stops her right there)


You came to forgive me!! Oh so now I’m the one sneaking around with other female cheetahs. I’m the one acting all giddy and betraying and deceiving the other. You have nerve especially after that devious scheme you pulled off.

Camile:   So now I’m loose? Baby I need you and whether you like or not, you will take me back, accept my apology, and forget this ever happened.
Dot:   That easy? With the snap of my finger all is forgotten (now smiling at her). It all depends?
Camile:   Depends on what? Depends on how well I treat you? On what I am willing to do to please you? (looking him in the eyes)
Dot:   Your crazy!!
Camile:   I must be if I am willing to stick it out with you… so since that’s settled, how is training or your little leader thing coming?
Dot:   (with a long sigh he explains) It’s not coming the way I planned it, it’s all falling apart at the seams. I mean I’m not sure where I messed up at, Malayseus is getting a lot of help from wise cheetahs. And they’re starting to look at me like a mistake, like I never should have tried in the first place.
Camile:   What you think is causing that?
Dot:   I don’t know, it’s it’s I can’t say.
Camile:   Well if we are going to work this out we have to start talking to each other. Tell me what’s wrong?
Dot:   It’s been us, I been wasting all my time worrying about our relationship. And you and Clyde it made me lose focus it cost me dearly today with the elders. They don’t think my abilities are good enough to fill the leader role.
Camile:   So what are you saying?
Dot:   I’m saying that you caused me to lose my focus, I can’t afford another mistake as such again. You have to choose now either you stick by me until I become leader or move on. Because it’s not in me, I don’t plan to fail I have only one way to go and that’s to become leader. Whether you’re with me or not.
Camile:   Whoa, whoa, whoa you have to slow down and think about what you are saying. I can’t be to blame, your focus has nothing to do with me when you are out doing your thang.
Dot:   You don’t understand when you were messing with Clyde what that did to me. I know it was nothing but friendly but I never seen you so happy like that by someone other than me. Let’s say I do stop my training and start this family with you, it will never leave me knowing that I quit. Do you understand me I am not going to be like my father who amounted to nothing.
Camile:   Well you know what, I had enough if you don’t make up your mind on what you want. Then I’m gone it’s over so choose, you tell me now.
Dot:   You know what you want me to stop my goal my only goal something I been wanting since I was a cub. You must be out of your mind to think I will stop now I can’t stop and I won’t stop now. If you can’t understand that then do what you have to. (She shocked, she can’t move paralyzed by love knowing it’s over she’s lost in thought on what could have been. But it’s over now.)
    The End.